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3/3/10 20:25
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Day 2 : How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I have a bazillion characters. No really. I make them up as I go along. I'm not the sort of person who keeps character profiles for a set assortment of characters and reuses them all the time. The characters that I have had for a while are attached permanently to stories, so I've had them a while because I've had the stories for a while.

Now, if I'm going to count the major characters I have at the moment for stories--characters that mean something to me--then there are 7 very major ones (Aerlun and Daemien from Eysuria, Grey and Kayden from Somnion, Kale and Naizhen who are my originals from my Zelda fanfic, and the newest and still underdeveloped Roren) and 3 less major ones (Aura and Kai from Somnion, Raddek from the Plague in Thrace roleplay). But I guess that's really it in terms of characters that matter to me at the moment. I have had others in the past, though. And, to be honest, Aerlun and Daemien are three characters each, but for the purposes of this I chose not to include their counterparts. I also didn't include fandom canons that I adore.

Um, is there an end to the rambling in sight? Yes. Males make up the majority of my characters, and that is all.

I would like to stab school with a spork though.


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