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Title: Warnings
Genre: Modern
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 713

I wrote this for an RCR challenge (one I submitted) to write 13 paragraphs concerning superstition.

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Title: Scheherezade
Genre: Fanfiction
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~ 2,000

For the Fifty Sentences challenge at RCR--this time I actually finished. I found a subject that worked. :) So it's the story of Scheherezade, with what may be a slightly different spin.

Scheherezade is a woman--she needs love like any other, especially when surrounded by a constant sense of fear. )
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Title: History
Genre: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,045

Written for another RCR challenge--a character gets a chance to change a mistake they made in the past. I chose Dumbledore. The story is set just as Voldemort is beginning to gain real power. It is before Harry was born.

Ariana’s crumpled body lies on the floor of his mind, but the Time Turner in his hands could change her fate. )
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Title: Eternity In His Touch
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,400

This was intended to be for another RCR challenge, which was based off of a fifty sentences challenge on some LJ community. Basically you are given fifty one-word prompts and you write a sentence response to each which embodies the meaning of the word. I got to 35 sentences and realized the story was done, so I didn’t enter the challenge with it, but I did like the result. Be warned: long, convoluted sentences (like I used to write regularly!).

If I let go, if I allow the force ignited by our touch to guide my soul through its course--well, I’m not sure where I’ll end, but I know I’ll begin in rewalking all the steps that got us to this place: mine and his. )
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So Dennis, Heather, Danny and I went to Ocean City this weekend. Danny and I drove separate; we left Friday night at 7 or so, and followed Dennis and Heather. We all made it there around 11 and had time to go down to the Boardwalk before everything closed down at midnight. Heather and I rode the Zipper, but Danny refused. He might not have fit anyway. When we got back to the beach house we drank some, played Sorry, hung out on the beach, and Heather and I saved a horseshoe crab from a pool he'd gotten stuck in (much to the boys' annoyance).

Just in fairly brief summary... )

So that was the weekend. Today I had my first day at my new job, little mom&pop-type grocery store called Country Boy. I'm just ringing... it's pretty simple, although it's an old timey machine where you enter each price rather than scanning items, and you have to memorize what a lot of the produce is and how much it costs. It'll be boring but easy, and everyone's nice. The boss is willing to work with my school hours. We haven't talked pay yet, but the woman who trained me today said she started three months ago at $9.50/hr, which would be perfectly fine with me.

Uh yeah. I guess that's mostly it for now. I want to write some today. There are some new challenges at RCR, so I think I'll enter. Still not much in the way of response to my stuff, but my entries to two of the challenges have gotten a vote or two since they were posted, so that's something.
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Okay so. First of all I got a Mr Clean Magic Eraser because the mac guys told me it's the best way to clean my computer, and oh my god it's beautiful now, almost like new. I'm so happy with my beautiful clean mac.

I'm also excited for the iPhone update. I was talking to a girl in my class this morning who just got an iPhone on Saturday; the guy at the AT&T store screwed her over by saying "There won't be a new phone, just the update, so you might as well buy one now." Now she's mad because she found out there will be a new phone. I totally see where she's coming from. The asshole AT&T guy clearly just wanted a sale, probably needed to boost his numbers that day. But she said she's going to try to return it under the 30-day policy so she can get the new one next week. As for myself, I'm fine with the iPhone 2.0. I won't be missing much, mostly just the ability to record video.

Still not much response on RCR. No comments on my stuff, just occasional replies to my comments on others' stuff. It's annoying. I shouldn't let it discourage me though. At worst I should let it push me into making my own writing community and sticking to it.

I've been revamping the backstory for my Somnion world. I decided to add in more of a realistic history of conflict between humans and dragons. I made the dragons originate from another continent; humans lived on this continent as well, and while they had no magic of their own, they had learned to harness natural magic into amulets, staffs, and other tools. They recognized that dragons empowered these magical tools when they were near, and they enslaved the dragons for their own purposes and wars. Some dragons fled to the main continent of the story, as well as some of the people of Hallia (the dragon continent) who were tired of wars and fighting. These are the people who populated Sunrise Valley, and the ancestors of Kayden. Dragon 'slayers' are descended from Hallia, and in most cases are actually trying to re-enslave the dragons, though the dragons now would rather die in most cases than be enslaved. The dragon keepers were Northerners who befriended the dragons.
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So as the last three entries attest, I've been doing some writing! RCR has been really good for inspiring me. I also added... I think only one old piece to my writing index here, and I revamped the index to include the month and year each piece was written.

Unfortunately RCR hasn't been very responsive to me since I put up my introductory post. No one has commented on any of my writing, responded to my suggestion to the staff, or replied to my critique of a member's piece. The only replies I've gotten have been from welcoming other new members and once when I commented on someone else's writing portfolio. It's only been a couple days so I'm giving it time, but if I don't feel like part of the community soon then I know myself. I'll get bored.

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Title: Lydon's Decision
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,300

Written for a challenge at RCR, yet again. Getting some good writing inspired there! The idea was to have a character reflecting on a traumatic event and how it changed them. I interpreted this loosely. He is remembering a traumatic event and it has changed him, but the main point of the memories is to help him make an important decision.

He’d always been the better fighter when we were Whips, but I had practiced since then, and I did well. Still, it ended with my back against a wall and his knife sharp against my neck. )
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Title: Through Agony and Ages
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,150

This is the would-be climax of my main Eysuria story arc between Aerlun, Daemien, and all their incarnations. It was written for a challenge for RCR; the challenge was to write about the one marriage in ten that doesn't end in divorce, that lasts forever (figuratively speaking). This is a slash story, first-person present-tense.

It hurts to see the blood on his skin, even now. I ache from my own wounds, from my own exhaustion, but despite the hatred I try to feel for him... I can’t. It hurts to see him so near to broken. I have to stop. )
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Title: Fate
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 450

Written for a writing challenge for RCR called "Stranger Than Fiction" in which someone finds out that he is only a character in a book. Mine's kinda depressing. Written in second person.

You can picture the life mapped out for you by your cosmic author. You will know hunger and disease. You will find great happiness for a short time, but then you will die young, killed by a drunk driver. )
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I finally gave up on Stories. I found a website with a decently active, well-organized writing section, so I set up shop there. Unfortunately, I haven't been getting any feedback on my stuff so far, but I'm still very new. I figure as I participate in challenges and discussion and such more people might take interest in my crap. I also have to review other people's stuff, of course! Oh right, that website is here. It's mostly a graphics site, so it's actually surprising that it has the best writing section I've seen so far. I've already participated in one challenge, though it's not over yet so I don't know how I did. I imagine the deadline will end up extended since it's over in two days and only two people have entered. There's also a new challenge up that I plan to try writing something Eysuria-based for. I figure if I can, I should always make my challenge entries from Eysuria.

Um right so. I got wasted out of my head Saturday night. Justin had a bunch of his friends over and I just drank way too much. I don't remember most of it. I'm pretty embarrassed, but luckily they're all a very understanding group. What gets me about it is that Danny got annoyed and frustrated by the way I was acting, and when I ended up throwing up in bed (ew, by the way, you know it's a bad night when not only do you throw up but it's not in a toilet/trash can/sink) he just left me there, went and blamed other people for letting me get so drunk, and then went to sleep in the game room. Heather came in an took care of me. She stripped the bed, set me up with a pillow with a towel over it in case I threw up again (I did), and even slept in there with me. I ended up waking up at 7:30 or so and wandering into the game room to fall asleep with Danny, though I don't remember that part.

So yes, I was very upset with Danny. I mean, of course it was really my fault for getting so wasted, but if anyone's supposed to look out for me, it's him. He can't blame other people for letting me drink so much. And I can't believe he didn't take care of me, he just let Heather do it. What an asshole. I understand that he was tired and I was irritating in my drunkenness, but at that point I had no control over any of it, and he should have understood that. I talked to him about it. He was not at all apologetic. He told me he didn't deserve to get thrown up on, and when he was at this age and getting wasted out of his head, there was no one to take care of him. He cleaned up all his own messes and sometimes, yes, slept in blood or vomit. I told him that it's different now, we do have each other, and I would always be there for him no matter how frustratingly drunk he got. The closest thing I got to an apology from him was, "Well from now on let's make sure we always take care of each other. Let's not let either one of us drink that much again. Especially me. I'm old now. I'd still be passed out now if it had been me." Or something like that.

But yeah. Once again proving that our roommates are such genuinely good people. I couldn't thank Heather enough.

I desperately need a nap; I got like five hours of sleep last night, and the sleep I got while fucked out of my brain the night before didn't really do anything for me. So I'm probably going to be falling asleep here in a few minutes. And when I wake up I have to go to a Starbucks I found that's actually hiring and hit up the manager.


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