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Quick post from should-be-sleeping land:

So the other day I was talking about how often I miss class and yet I never missed an exam. Erm, tempting fate much? Had an exam this morning. Set my alarm an hour late. God but I panicked. Luckily my teacher was very understanding and let me take it after class. I'm not so confident about how I did despite studying though. Arglebargle.

Fortunately my PSYC exam went much better. I needed an A and I think I got one (ETA: Aced that sucker! -fist pump-). Should hopefully balance out my first two Cs as long as I get a high B or so on the final. My assignments have been good. Wish they would grade the second paper already, though.

Wrote something Saturday night! Highly exciting. And I have an idea for the next challenge, too. Unfortunately it's not on what I really should be writing. But who knows? Maybe doing these 100 Eysuria prompts will get me another Moonfall or Unjoined type of idea to submit to WotF.

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I've been trying to think of a way to describe this semester. It's not like drowning. Quite. It's like... lazily floating along on my back, barely afloat... but then occasionally a wave comes in, splashes over me, and I have to doggy paddle like the wind to stay above water for a while, until it calms down again. That's right, doggy paddle. Meh.

Real life problems... )

Now... some brighter stuff. First the TMI. Don't read if you're squeamish about sexual type stuff. I got a new piercing: a VCH (vertical clitoral hood). I got it last Thursday. It's still healing and I've barely messed with it, but so far I'm pleased. My piercer said to wait a week or two to have sex afterward, but that she only waited five days... I only waited three, and had no problems, although we were very careful about it. /TMI

On to more casual topics. I read Fire, the other book by Kristin Cashore--a companion to Graceling. I still like Graceling a tad more, but Fire was excellent too. I really liked the world presented and how it tied into the seven kingdoms we already knew about in Graceling. It fit together very nicely. It looks like I'll be starting a roleplay in the next couple days set in the world of Fire, actually.

Annndd I haven't started my 100 stories challenge yet, even though it's practically been a week. Fail. But I have gone through a lot of my world building notes, and I've already found stuff I'd nearly forgotten about that will be really fun to play with. The problem for me will mostly be choosing what to write first, I think, haha. That and keeping it short. 100 stories of about 1,000 words each in six months might be manageable, but probably not 100 3,000+ word stories, which has so far been my tendency when it comes to world building in Eysuria.

Finally... I'm really considering making a new character worksheet type deal. I feel like I've mentioned this before... but yes. One that deals in fundamental aspects of character, not the little things like what color their eyes are. Hm.
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Okie so.

I took back on the 100 stories challenge. Eysuria once again. I won't be using the stories I already wrote for prompts on there, obviously. That would be cheating. I'm going to start fresh and explore the world. I've been brainstorming, and looking over old brainstorming records, and I'm really liking it. Need to actually write and not just plan, though, because there's so much that I don't know. But I also know from experience that exploring it through writing is awesome fun when I just let myself do it.

Erm. I'm rereading the Legend of the Seeker books. Er, rather, the Sword of Truth books. TV series got me all fuddled. I tried rereading Holly Lisle's stuff but I just wasn't in the mood I guess, because I couldn't really get into it. And I'm finding that I don't like Terry Goodkind's writing as much anymore. It amazes me that an adult man can write another adult man who sounds like a teenager half the time... bwuh?

Eh, I dunno. I'm tired, so I'm not really making sense.
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Title: Eternity In His Touch
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,400

This was intended to be for another RCR challenge, which was based off of a fifty sentences challenge on some LJ community. Basically you are given fifty one-word prompts and you write a sentence response to each which embodies the meaning of the word. I got to 35 sentences and realized the story was done, so I didn’t enter the challenge with it, but I did like the result. Be warned: long, convoluted sentences (like I used to write regularly!).

If I let go, if I allow the force ignited by our touch to guide my soul through its course--well, I’m not sure where I’ll end, but I know I’ll begin in rewalking all the steps that got us to this place: mine and his. )
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Title: Lydon's Decision
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,300

Written for a challenge at RCR, yet again. Getting some good writing inspired there! The idea was to have a character reflecting on a traumatic event and how it changed them. I interpreted this loosely. He is remembering a traumatic event and it has changed him, but the main point of the memories is to help him make an important decision.

He’d always been the better fighter when we were Whips, but I had practiced since then, and I did well. Still, it ended with my back against a wall and his knife sharp against my neck. )
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Title: Through Agony and Ages
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,150

This is the would-be climax of my main Eysuria story arc between Aerlun, Daemien, and all their incarnations. It was written for a challenge for RCR; the challenge was to write about the one marriage in ten that doesn't end in divorce, that lasts forever (figuratively speaking). This is a slash story, first-person present-tense.

It hurts to see the blood on his skin, even now. I ache from my own wounds, from my own exhaustion, but despite the hatred I try to feel for him... I can’t. It hurts to see him so near to broken. I have to stop. )
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It's a frickin miracle that there's just so much usable stuff in my original (unfinished!) draft of Blood and Heat. I did almost zero preplanning for it. What planning I did was quick jotting things -- the five gods from Grey's homeland, the fact that his homeland is two kingdoms that used to be one, a brief geography type deal. 90% of the world, plot, etc. was just born from the writing process itself. It's so exciting to think about, to know that I'm capable of that, because I did it before. So yes, I'm getting super excited about it. I think this could be a very productive nano. Even Danny approved of the plot when I outlined it to him (omitting, of course, the fact that there's a little bit of gay tossed in).

Although he tried to start lecturing me on the necessary structure and archetypes of books and such. I find it hilarious since I read way more than him. He's basing it mostly on movies, which only goes so far in usefulness. He said something about starting the story off with the bad guy so you know what you're rooting against, then pan to the hero doing something... good and heroish. Haha. And he was doing the equivalent of disapproving finger-wagging at the fact that I write limited third person, only in one character's head. He said we need to know what's going on in other corners of the universe. Which I believe is a very useful tactic -- panning to Voldemort to see what he's up to and such -- but not always strictly necessary. In this book, for some reason, Grey came to me as the lead, and he's the only perspective I needed. It's funny since you'd think Kayden is the main character since he's the one with the duty and ability to awaken the extinct dragons, but... no. And I'm glad I did it that way because it brought to life the later plot of the story, with the war in Duos. That was all in Grey's past, but it becomes the future of the story. It's certainly not something I planned at the beginning of the story. It just sprang into being. It's almost like... JK Rowling saying that Harry sprang fully formed into her mind. Grey is something like that. This story almost has a life of its own. Not like Eysuria. That one's a constant struggle, a constant evolution, and I can see my hand in it anywhere. I much prefer the other method. Letting it happen as it does. It's not so much of a fight then.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever write Aerlun's story. What's missing that it won't resolve itself properly in my head? Maybe there are just other stories to write first. But no other story is like it. Fanfiction, Blood and Heat... it may not spring to life fully formed, but once the story begins to form, the changes to it as it develops are very minor. It is still always, in essence, the same story.

Blah. Enough dwelling on that. I've got promising writing ahead of me. Almost don't want to wait for November 1st! In fact, really don't! Haha. We'll see how I handle it.
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Found Avatar icons since I was suspiciously lacking.

Also, more picspam.

The picture in the middle? Yeah. That's a bottle of pee. Danny and I do weird things at night. x) Also, I finally got a couple halfway decent pictures of the deer in the neighborhood. A bunch of pictures were added to Photography, a couple to Oddments, and a subgallery with a couple pictures was added to Around the House.

Names is at 2,674 words. Like I said before, slow going, but at least it is going. I add at least a little every day, so far. I'll probably still add more today. I just finished Silk and Aerlun's meeting and Aerlun's near-enslavement... next will be a true introduction and an intro to the Whips, I think. As in, as of now Aerlun doesn't even know Silk's name, Silk just kept him from being collared.

Yeah, that's enough babbling about stuff no one gets but me. I was trying to find this Sora/Riku fanfiction I read a long time ago on adultfanfiction.net, before it was redesigned. I don't think I'll ever find the story again, to be honest, which is a shame since I liked it a lot. I can't remember the name, which is the biggest problem. I just remember it was after the original KH (KH2 hadn't come out yet, I don't think even CoM had come out yet), and upon leaving Kingdom Hearts Sora was caught and enslaved... and Riku finds him, and the only way to save him from his current master is to buy him away. Something like that, only much less lame than my explanation. It was definitely yaoi, fairly explicit boy-on-boy sex.

Uh yeah.

Oh! I saw a picture recently of these tattoos... this guy got the Triforce on one arm and the Deathly Hallows symbol on the other. I thought it was really cool. I wouldn't get the Deathly Hallows tattooed on me; I'm not into that particular Potter concept enough to make it a permanent part of my body. But it makes me really anxious to get my Triforce tattoo. For our two year anniversary, assuming we still want it, Danny and I are supposed to each get a Triforce tattoo... simple, but still managing to highlight courage for him and wisdom for me. We haven't decided yet, though, how to highlight our pieces or where his should go. We've got until November for that. Aside from that, I may someday get one other tattoo... perhaps involving turtles, since they're cute and my college mascot.
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I'm watching an episode of Avatar on demand. "The Beach." So far it's pretty fucking ridiculous and just makes me go, "Why did they have to have this episode? It's retarded." Angsty!Zuko with girlfriend-romance-insecurity issues (is it wrong that it makes me sick that she's not Katara)? (But I guess it's better, if he did that "You like him, don't you" shit with Katara I'd have to say "Grow up and get a life, wangstmobile.")

They all look so different. Zuko's emo-boy hair, Sokka's loose covers-entire-head hair, Aang's... hair... Jeez.

LOL. Iron Rock Man Aang.

Well anyway. I've got 1,500 words so far on Names. Which is better than nothing. Keth just sold Aerlun. Which ends at a break, which may not technically be a good idea in my case, but it's when the main story starts to pick up. I'll begin next time with meeting Silk.

And I spent so much time procrastinating on h_e and poking around ws to see if it was updated =D Gotta love/hate the internet.

Anyway I have a strong urge to fanfic except I'm either not up-to-date enough or have been away too long from my favorite fandoms. Except Zelda, I could always do Zelda, but I have zero plot bunnies there. It would be easy to come up with one but I'm not going to try to get ideas for fanfic.
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Title: Poison
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100

Written for... I don't even remember. Maybe Ash. It's a quickie set at the end of Aerlun's first incarnation, but the circumstances may be subject to change should I ever write the damn books.

My hands won’t stop trembling. But I’m doing the right thing, aren’t I? )


10/4/08 23:09
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Title: Flop
Genre: Fantasy (Eysuria)
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

Drabble written based on a prompt from Ash; she gave me 'flop' and I chose to interpret that as 'failure'. Starring Aerlun.

It’s not over til his sword’s at your neck. )
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Sooo. I had my second GEOG midterm today. I think I did well, but I mean, I thought I did well on the first one too. I studied better for the diagrams... but there are still one or two of them that I don't know if I'll get full credit on. I also got my midterm grade back in HONR267, though, and I got an A on that, so that's good news.

I was thinking about Aerlun today and how I haven't been able to start his story. And I thought maybe the beginning was wrong. I've been revising the idea a lot lately. I didn't want the typical street thief backstory since I don't think that's all that realistic when you really think about it. He'd be scavenging more often, or running an errand in exchange for some bread, something like that. Stealing sometimes, but not that much. So when I thought about it, it wasn't like he'd have that many skills beneficial to a Whip -- not like the ones Silk's supposed to see in him. He wouldn't be awesome with knives or anything like that.

So I decided... Why make him street rot at all? What if he actually stays with Keth longer and when he pisses Keth off, Keth takes him to the docks to sell him off onto a slave ship. There are no slaves in World's End (except some novelty slaves for the wealthy of Marble District), but they've been taking to selling their criminals and such off to ships headed toward the Black Coast. So he takes him to the docks to sell, and Silk stops by to pick through the slaves getting ready to be taken out of World's End, as per the usual agreement with the Whips. They aren't allowed to collar slaves until the Whips have taken their pick, but often they start anyway on adults since Whips never take in people past a certain age. The Whips let it slide usually, but this time they're trying to collar Aerlun. Silk stops them and asks about it, and they say the boy has healing experience... so he takes Aerlun, mostly out of irritation that the slavers would try to collar a child before Whip selection, but also because the boy is interesting and healing could be useful.

This would take away a few character points I really liked about Aerlun, like having explored World's End pretty thoroughly. But I suppose Keth wouldn't want him around all the time anyway. Sometimes he'd tell him to just leave, and Aerlun could use those times to explore. Not as far, of course, but pretty well. And he would have learned to scavenge and beg food for favors, even. Plus it would be really ironic later; Silk saved him from the collar, and then causes him to find his way into another later.

Aerlun will still have to be a little old for usual selection. Thirteen probably. Most kids are nine-ish. Which is another reason Silk wouldn't have taken him if not just to spite the slavers. Anyway, this is mostly because I don't want the story to span six years or something. Three or four years is a little better.

Still need to tinker with Daemien's story. Needs more of a plot. More stuff happening up until he joins that caravan.

Right well, I should try to sleep until Danny gets home.
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I actually think Danny being in Vegas is harder than when I was in Florida just because there's not really any time to talk, and when we do have a minute or two, there's really not much time for me to talk because not much of what goes on around here really compares to being in Vegas... and it's loud there and quiet here, so he talks up and I can hear him well, but I can't yell into the phone because my dorm hall is so weirdly quiet. I really hope it livens up eventually.

So I got a job at the Coffee Bar in the student union. It looks like it'll be very few hours and I doubt the pay'll be great, but it's better than nothing and a stepping stone to whatever job comes next. I'm hoping Starbucks hurries the fuck up. Maybe at the latest at the end of winter semester when some students are moving out.

I'm really loving the Black Belt Club. The people there are great, I always feel really welcome and happy when I go (exhausted, but happy), and I learn great new things... It's a more rounded workout than twenty minutes on the elliptical, stretches, sit-ups, and the rock climbing wall.

Tomorrow is my light day since I tested out of JOUR181 and only have one class at nine in the morning, but I still have a shitload of stuff to do. I have to go to the First Look Fair and support the Black Belt Club (and check other stuff out); I have to go to McKeldin (library) and print out a bunch of school-related stuff (and possibly the story I need to submit to Writers of the Future); I need to go to the gym; I need to pick some stuff up from the Book Exchange; I need to go to the student union at 1:30 for the paperwork/etc for my new job; and I need to get a massive head start on my homework because I have a shitload of stuff to do this weekend, not least of which will probably be my new job.

I'm so tired... I can't wait for Danny to get back... but I don't know when I'll get to see him yet...

edit I also reread my 2005 nano novel today... and while the beginning is relative crap and typos abound, there were definitely parts I really fell in love with again. It made me want to rewrite it, which is hard since I've reset it into Eysuria and if I write it again it'll probably be completely different. Post Moonfall, I'm betting, to explain the legends around the loss of magic (and the 'loss' of magic itself)... now that I'm thinking about it, it could actually work, dammit. I'm always getting sidetracked from Aerlun.

edit two the First Look Fair isn't today, thank god! Our agendas are wrong, it's next week. That makes my life so much ridiculously easier today -headdeskheaddesk- I have stuff to do, but it isn't that bad!
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Aerlun and Daemien’s stories, at least at the beginning, run parallel. Each story has four parts. They live worlds apart, but their lives echo each other in many ways. (It is important to note that neither of them have names for the entire first part of the story. Aerlun has many names he calls himself, from Sharp-Eyes to Fingers to Thief, but no birth name. Daemien is known in his ‘home’ as Ilek, but he hates it. Casella started calling him Ilek because he was repeating it over and over when she found him, but he learns later that it means spirit wraith, and he was screaming it because spirit wraiths just killed his family.)

So I have a problem. Aerlun and Daemien not having true names for all of the first and much of the second parts of the story isn’t so bad, I think, since it’s in first person. The trouble is that I intend to write their stories in one book, staggering their chapters. So the chapters will need to start with a designator of who the chapter is about… but I don’t know what to use for the beginning. For Daemien, I could probably use ‘Ilek’ since that’s what people call him, even if he doesn’t feel it’s his name. Aerlun, however… I could start chapters with whatever name he feels fits at the time, such as Sharp-Eyes or Adder, but I feel like it’s a bad idea so early on in the book. Readers could easily get confused as to whether it’s one character or several they’re reading about. Perhaps I could start his with ‘Fledgling Whip’ or something. Thoughts?

As another note, if I write the chapters staggered the way I want to, since there will only be four parts, the part names would be changed to fit both Aerlun and Daemien well. In other words, there wouldn’t be a Capture and a Captivity; these would be the same part, but I would choose a name that suits both characters.

Their plots )
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Did some more worldbuilding for Eysuria today. I worked on it on and off for a few hours. It really helped clarify some key details. Tomorrow I'll work on refining the plot for Names. If it's necessary, I'll worldbuild for Crossings, the place where Daemien grew up. I'm still not sure how I'll put Aerlun and Daemien's stories together.

Eysuria: World's End )
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Okay, so I typed out some of my world building for Eysuria. I got all the basics (I think) out tonight, and I'll move on to other stuff tomorrow. So this post addresses the three Eysurian eras, the magic system, and minor talk of geography and races.

Eysuria: The Basics )

That's about it for Eysuria's basics. It's late, so I'll go into individual areas tomorrow. I'll work on World's End, and from there probably Aerlun's plot. Hopefully start writing.


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