25/5/10 01:11
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Working on the Summer of Writing at SynTru. We have some great ideas and it's starting to come together... I just hope we can pull it together by Friday-ish so I can open the forum up a few days early. I want our members to have time to plan before the month actually takes off so they don't feel overwhelmed on that first day.

We'll have lots of different challenges to participate in, though personally I think I'll be working on the Completion Challenge to finish Blood and Heat almost exclusively.

Was going to write more, but it's time to watch our shows...

ETA: The other thing I was going to say is that I came up with an idea for the second leg of the Writing Triathlon, so I may not be dropping out despite my hectic work schedule. It's supposed to be a genre I'm not used to writing, and I'm thinking a femmeslash tragedy might do the trick. I've only written one story with lesbians in it--Moonfall--and it was very mild to the point that less observant readers might even miss it. And I'll do mean things to my characters, but never before a real tragedy. I even have an idea for the third part of the triathlon--a stepping stone between this idea and the first one I already wrote. The whole thing deals with the concept of my mirrorkin picking up "tattoos" to represent the loved ones in their lives, so this would have to cement that idea in some way. But I have an inkling of an idea....


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