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So I swear half of all Danny's Facebook comments are on Morgan's statuses. Still. And he refuses to put her number back in his phone but they still text, it just shows the full number. He has no confidence in himself and said the reason he doesn't put her number back in is so he doesn't drunk dial her. He says he wants to distance himself from her and go incommunicado unless she texts him first, but that doesn't apply to Facebook apparently. And he can't be friends with girls (...or else what...?) but it sure seems like he's still trying with her.

This annoys the HELL out of me but I don't want to bother with bringing it up because it causes such a commotion and I always end up feeling bad for feeling bad, and he never wants to tell me what he's feeling anyway.

I wouldn't feel so paranoid if he wasn't so closed off and self-contradictory about it all. Like... if he honestly thought he could be friends with girls, okay. But he doesn't. So what the fuck is he doing?

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2/11/10 03:19 (UTC)
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Aw, babycakes. I finally looked at LJ again and I have to say, I would have slapped Danny if I was in your shoes by now. I totally know how you feel though, not wanting to bring shit up so it doesn't end up getting blown way out of proportion or make you look super needy or whatever. It blows, but you really need to get it out or you'll just end up blowing up at something else, anyways. So don't worry about what it'll look/sound like to him and say what you need to say.

Distractions always help too, go have some fun. Hope it gets better. <333

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2/11/10 03:19 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] misadventure.livejournal.com
Blow is the word of the day, it seems. xD

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2/11/10 18:08 (UTC)
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Oooh a peacock. :) And I haven't seen you on here in forever and ever.

I did talk to him finally. Twice actually. Apparently all the things that bother me are coming to the surface. With the Morgan thing, he told me I'm right and he wasn't being fair, and he hasn't been posting on her Facebook or anything since.

Last night I talked to him about the way he doesn't like physical affection and he pushes me away all the time, and how even if I ask him to do something little I like (playing with my hair or whatever), he won't do it and he doesn't put in any effort to try for things like that. I'm still not 100% on this because it sucks being pushed away all the time and I just get this feeling that these things that annoy him would be a turn on for most guys (like, you know, wanting sex more than two or three times a week or just wanting him in general).

But I'm trying to hold back. I told him, "I need those sorts of things from time to time. If you don't want me to push them on you, then you need to offer them sometimes." And he said he would. So I'm going to try to just leave him the hell alone and see how much he comes to me. He did kiss me this morning without me bothering him, so maybe it'll work out fine.

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2/11/10 18:15 (UTC)
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I should also note that although he makes me feel like I'm too clingy or something, I don't think that I actually am. It's very weird to me, but he genuinely likes being together, but not CLOSE together. Like he told me I could never join the military because he'd rather break up than be apart even for the time of boot camp, much less if I was deployed. No reserve or guard either because the chance of deployment is there. But he doesn't want to touch me, he just wants to be in the same room.


3/11/10 23:02 (UTC)
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I hate to say it, but you've got to consider over the life of the relationship how needs are being met and where compromises are being made. You can't compromise all the time. Also, after the honeymoon period (which I assume you're over), a relationship has got to be a source of security and comfort without extra effort from one person beyond which they are willing to give for the rest of their life.

It seems like you're really trying, and that it is your dissatisfaction that's really present, and not so much his. Seems very hard problem. It's possible he has a crush on Morgan, which would make him temporarily less interested in you, but I don't know enough.


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