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I'm thinking I should rewrite "Unjoined" and try submitting it to WotF again. I believe I've heard of revised entries winning in subsequent years... but it would have to be notably different, I'm sure. Well, of course I can't find anything about it now. But it's worth trying. The worst they can do is reject it, and then I can try it elsewhere.

I'm really excited about Rebel Tales, Holly Lisle's new writing ezine project. It sounds really great--she's building it from the ground up on her own money so it'll be debt-free once it opens for submissions. It'll have six-month "seasons," of which the first issue will be free and subsequent issues will cost money. There will be a regular pass and a Back Stage Pass, the latter allowing access to just about everything you could ever want to know about the process that goes into writing, submitting, and accepting the stories in the zine--great for aspiring writers to see. Seasons stay "in print" until they stop being profitable, and writers keep making money as long as their season is "in print." There's no advance, just a percentage of sales the whole way through. It goes based on the six-month season; there are 60 "credits" in a season, and submitting one story for one issue earns you one point, but that's 1/60th of the total gross profit of the ezine over the six-month season. If you write a six-episode serial for the season, that's 1/10th of the gross profit. Even the editors and publisher (Lisle herself) only make 1/10th of the profit each starting out, although Lisle has admitted that she will increase it if she needs to because her share goes toward funding things like author interviews and cover art, and she has to meet costs.

Anyway, it sounds like a truly worthwhile project, and I'll definitely be subscribing when it opens and spreading it by word of mouth. And if a revised Unjoined doesn't place in WotF, then I'll try it at Rebel Tales once it opens its doors to submissions. Waiting on a response from WotF would give plenty of time for RT to open up and maybe even get some steam behind it before I try submitting.

Umm. Uni classes are annoying as ever. But tomorrow is the internship, so yay. ALSO. Danny got approved for a home loan with zero down. Well, technically closing costs aren't covered, but apparently it's not uncommon practice to make an agreement with the seller that they increase the cost of the home by the amount of the closing costs so that your loan covers the costs over time, but the seller pays the immediate costs knowing that they'll be paid back for it. So. We're looking at a home in Columbia. There was a nice one pretty nearby, but it went into contract very recently, and anyway apparently it turned out as having some sort of mold problem. (Yes, we will check out any house and have it inspected before we buy.) Cousin Justin and his girlfriend are down for moving in and paying rent (which is the only way we'll be able to afford the place this early since I don't have a full-time job yet).

Erm, I guess that's it for now.


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Danny made me mad last night. I slept in the other room. He didn't comment on it this morning. I don't have time to go into it further.

Made Honorable Mention again in Writers of the Future, this time for Unjoined. Which is great of course; the email said I made top 5% of entries. But not what I was hoping for. Now to think of a new idea. I'm not sure I can get more creative than Unjoined, lol.

Work is screwed all to hell. I'm going in early today. Whoever's making the schedule must be a moron because there's all these gaps in coverage or one person comes in as the last person leaves so we can't stock because there's no overlap. I'm trying to apply at Hard Times Cafe in College Park; I ate there for the first time the other day and it looks pretty awesome, plus it's close to school. The owner isn't there today or I would have gone to poke around. Maybe tomorrow.

Made a doctor's appointment to have this rash I've had for months (I think from the Starbucks water) looked at. I don't see what they're going to say. There's a zillion things that can start a rash and I can't imagine how they'd figure out what's the right cause. But Danny insisted that I go to the hospital for it so I'm going on Friday.

Got to go to work.
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Okay so. I'll try to make this a long update post. I'll also try to separate it into sections of, you know, interest. So if you feel like reading something in particular, you know where to go. Lol.

Outside the cut: bigger events. Such as.

Job Interview: I have a casual interview on Monday at noon (on campus) for a tutoring position that starts at $12/hour. I'm excited about it. They got back to me right away after I submitted my info. I figured I was a ringer for the position; it required a 3.5 or higher, and I have a 3.633, plus I'm an Elementary Education major. Despite that, I wasn't really expecting to hear back. I am always suspicious of online applications. Continuing this, plus other work crap. )

Writers of the Future: No big news. I submitted, though, to the quarter ending September 30th. I submitted an edited version of Unjoined. I'm having all these doubts about it now, but I'm also very hopeful. I think in a lot of ways it's better than Moonfall, and that one got Honorable Mention. To be honest, I'd be pleased with semi-finalist or finalist (whichever one gets their manuscripts edited by the judges), though of course I'm really hoping to win overall. Who isn't? I just found out that in addition to the prize money, they pay you a pro rate for being published in the anthology! How nice is that? Even being a published finalist would be nice. No prize money, but you get paid the pro rate and they fly you out to the weeklong workshop in August. more writing hullabaloo )

school )

I think that's it, and good thing because Dennis and Heather are here to get their party on. Lol.
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First of all, I admit to my shame: I am watching High School Musical 3 right now. What? What? (Dude it's already seriously corny and it just started.)

Right, so John and I decided to challenge each other to write a short story worthy (after revisal) of being submitted to Writers of the Future. Tonight we're posting a selection of ideas from which we'll help each other pick which story to actually write, and by Saturday night (midnight) we're supposed to write the story in 3,000 - 5,000 words. After that we'll help revise each other's stories.

Um yeah. So here are my ideas: )

So those are the ideas, albeit in need of paring down and being stated more concisely.

This guy I knew in middle school contacted me on Facebook and he's really pestering me to meet up some time, it's annoying. He's into writing some too, and mentioned he hadn't written much lately, so I mentioned to him what John and I are doing in case he wanted to set a similar challenge for himself, or kind of piggyback on ours. And his reponse (after lots of questions about what I thought was a very simple idea) was that maybe the three of us should meet and discuss it. I don't know, it wouldn't bother me except he seems pretty pushy about it. I wouldn't recognize him if I saw him (his facebook picture is like... some knight's armor), and I completely remembered his name wrong up until he reminded me of who he was... I mean it's not that big a deal, what the hell?

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I got an idea for a story that might stand a real chance in Writers of the Future... if I could just work out the details. It's very scifi, but with fantasy themes as well. The trouble would be finding a short story plot that works without just dumping concepts etc on top of the reader. More below the cut...

Very infodump friendly, unfortunately... )

Right well. I'll be working a double tomorrow, and then going to Danny's parents house, where hopefully the Redskins game won't be completely over... though I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll be happy if I make it before eleven. But yeah, we're house-sitting while his parents go somewhere. They don't want Hobbes to be lonely. Danny's taking advantage of that fact to have a 'party'. I think it will be more like a get together, but still fun I'm sure.
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Sooo I'm doing the golf promo for Hooters tonight. I have to be there in an hour. The girls say it's really fun. You make about thirty bucks for hanging out on a golf course for three hours, and when you get back you get free food. It sounds awesome, really. Plus I bet those guys from last Monday will be there, I can say hi to them. They were very nice.

I got a call about a week ago from Writers of the Future saying I made Honorable Mention and asking if I want a certificate and my name featured in the book. They didn't do that last year even though I made honorable mention; they just sent me the certificate automatically, and I doubt my name was in the book. Maybe it was a higher level honorable mention this time? I don't know. Anyway, she called last night (and Danny ignored it because it was an unknown number) and left a voicemail asking how I want my name listed since I put my pen name as Kherezae. I left a voicemail this morning saying I'd love it as Jessica 'Kherezae' Wilson, but just Jessica Wilson is fine if that's not workable. So we'll see. I don't know if she needed an answer last night... thanks a lot Danny.

But anyway, it got me thinking. I need a pen name; the common reasons for having one are having a name too hard to pronounce/spell or having a name to close to another author's name, among others. Well, my name is really common. If I can go to highschool with a girl with my exact name - first middle and last - then my name is too common to go on a book cover. That's why I made the name Kherezae.

But then there's the pronunciation thing. No one knows how to pronounce Kherezae until I tell them, so obviously it's a bad choice for a pen name, too.

So I thought about it... and decided that maybe Jessica Kher would work. Those who do know me as Kherezae or Kher would see the logical step. I could still use Kherezae as my online sort of pen name and just use Jessica Kher for official publishing type stuff.

I mean, I do plan on taking Danny's last name, but there's no telling how long from now that will be. If I don't get published until then, that's a possibility, but I'm not sure how the last name Titman would look on a book. One reason listed for a pen name was if your real name is 'obscene' or 'absurd'. They won't even let him get his last name on a license plate :D So yes, in the long run... Maybe Jessica Kher would be my ideal pen name.

I'll definitely give it some thought.

ETA I just searched Jessica Wilson on facebook and the second result (after mine) was a fanlisting for writer Jessica Wilson, some little 14-year-old teeny bopper with a fanfic.net account. Case in point. Third result was a Maryland alum. Lol. Mission pen name is a go.


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