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I am in such a slump. I just have no desire to write. Or at least zero motivation. Or, well, I'm not sure how you describe it--all I mean is that no writing is getting done, and I'm super stuck.

I took my final yesterday in MATH111. I skipped SO MUCH class--honestly, out of 28 days I only went for around seven or eight, including exam days. I took two quizzes (got a 10/10 on each) and got some form of participation points for one day, so I'm optimistically hoping that I have 25 quiz/participation points. I got a 95 on the first exam, and I'm not sure about the second exam but I know I got one question set wrong so I'm estimating an 85. IF that is correct, given that I need 360 points to get a B in the class and the final is worth 150... oh crap. Okay, so I'm pretty much guaranteed a C. Bah. That'll be my first C... ever. D: I mean, it's possible I got higher on the second exam, but even still I'd have to ace the final and I know for a fact that I made a silly little rounding mistake that will probably lose me at least some credit on a couple questions.

Blah. Oh well, I guess.

Back to writing... I'm changing Blood and Heat around, putting more focus on Grey and changing the locale to Duos instead of the west. But that involves, well, a lot of change. And development of Duos that I hadn't gotten around to yet. And my phobia: making a realistic kingdom. It's hard for me to figure out how to make a king evil when he still has enough respect to BE king. -headdesk- Plus, I'm thinking about starting earlier, maybe even back when Grey was accepted into the king's guard, but I'm afraid of putting that much of a gap between the beginning of the book and introducing Kayden. Grey's becoming more of the main character, which is cool, but Kayden is still supposed to share the spotlight.

And then there's how in the hell to introduce Kella. I want Grey to meet Kayden first, and Kella could complicate things. Unless I did something really out there, like making Kella a friend of Grey's to start with--which would introduce its own problems but could be a lot of fun if I worked it out right... It would make Kella even less trustworthy. It would be very difficult to do well though. -headdeskheaddesk-

Danny and I are going to Ocean City tonight. It keeps getting shorter; bad timing all around, and as mad as I am at his work, it would have been easier to work out if I didn't have summer classes to limit my own time. But at least my limitations were solid, they didn't move around or appear out of nowhere. We originally scheduled a vacation for this Tuesday-Thursday and paid for a hotel by the beach, which would have been amazing, until his work decided to announce that his inventory would be on Thursday. So we moved it to this weekend, but then his FIFA tournament was moved to this weekend. It was supposed to be Sunday, so we were going to leave yesterday after my final. Leaving around noon, we would have gotten there with PLENTY of time yesterday and then all day today. But then he realized, no, his FIFA thing was today, so we have to wait for him to get home so we can go to Ocean City, so we'll be lucky if we get there while it's still light out... We can stay tomorrow, but it's still less time, and it pisses me off. D:

Eh. We're watching True Blood, and I'm really enjoying it. I really like Eric now and I'm basically rooting for Bill to disappear or die and for Sookie and Eric to end up together... lol.
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So as the last three entries attest, I've been doing some writing! RCR has been really good for inspiring me. I also added... I think only one old piece to my writing index here, and I revamped the index to include the month and year each piece was written.

Unfortunately RCR hasn't been very responsive to me since I put up my introductory post. No one has commented on any of my writing, responded to my suggestion to the staff, or replied to my critique of a member's piece. The only replies I've gotten have been from welcoming other new members and once when I commented on someone else's writing portfolio. It's only been a couple days so I'm giving it time, but if I don't feel like part of the community soon then I know myself. I'll get bored.

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I've been watching the Biggest Loser. I know some people don't do reality TV at all on principle, but it's the only one that I feel isn't retarded. It's a good message and a good goal. And it's inspiring too. You can't watch an episode and then feel right about pigging out or skipping out on the gym. It helps keep you going. I'm going to the gym today with John. Yesterday we were supposed to but I ended up not being able to, so instead I worked on my Carmen Electra DVDs and used the rower at home. Plus a couple other things.

Today I was supposed to work but I called out... mostly because I was feeling very sick, in and out of the bathroom, but also because I hardly slept because I was so upset with Danny. He actually let me leave the room to go sleep in the game room. He didn't come get me. The only reason I came back was because when Justin started moving around getting ready for work, I'd barely gotten to sleep and it woke me, and it was too hot to try to get back to sleep in the game room.

Just a lot of little things added up to make me feel down, and when I tried to talk to him about it he got upset with me. I can't stand that. He wants me to express myself better but he won't freaking listen and doesn't even care. I was so pissed. He made fun of the fact that I don't have as many friends who could be bridesmaids now as he does friends who would be groomsmen, he got angry at me for saying I hadn't seen Gladiator recently enough to recognize one of the actors from it (said I was being "condescending" to him because he had seen it recently), got angry at me for, I don't know, not having the appropriate response to his comment of he's not sure who he'd make best man at the moment in time, he'd just go with me.... what's the appropriate response to that, anyway?


Sex TMI )

Obviously he didn't want to talk about it in the morning. But he was more... I don't know, gentle, he pet my back without me having to ask, stuff like that, so I took it as something of an apology and let it go. For now at least. But it's not fair that he be angry with me for trying to tell him I'm upset. I know I'm not that articulate when I'm upset and I know he may not understand why I'm upset but he's supposed to fucking give a damn.

And the one night when he was upset with me and he stayed up all night, couldn't sleep, because he was upset and wanted an apology, argh it makes me so mad because it's exactly how I feel all the freaking time but he just doesn't fucking get it.

I do love him. It's just, it's just... not fair.
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Took my last final today. Despite the fact that I was missing notes, spent less time studying, and the test included short answers and fill in the blanks, I felt that it was quite a bit easier than my Scantron-ready comm test. I truly disagree with the focus of the testing in that comm course. To get an A in Theater, I need to make 165 out of 200 on the final. That's a low B. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine there. Probably get a high B/low A on the final.

Comm. Probably a B on the final, no idea whether low or high, I dunno. And in stat I have no idea. Will probably make a B in that class, maybe even B-, but I doubt I could do lower than that considering my three other exams were graded pretty high and I only missed one homework and one group activity.

I went to the gym, did 20 minutes of rowing and 20 minutes on the Crosstrack thing, plus my stretching and sit-ups and such. Got a Marie Callender pot pie for dinner and then found out that it's just about the unhealthiest pot pie you can buy, so I won't be buying it anymore. It actually measures 'servings' instead of just the contents of the entire pie, which is like, what? I'm going to microwave it, eat half, and put the rest in the freezer for later? Don't think so. I hate moronic stuff like that.

Bought a planner today and filled in a little bit. I didn't go ahead too far in case I drop/add any classes next semester or anything like that. But I got highlighters to highlight when I miss school or exercise.

I'm watching "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" and I keep yelling at the TV. Can I go on the show? Some of the questions these people don't know are ridiculous. Like the point a lever balances on -- that would be a fulcrum, stupid, they even gave you multiple choice. He guessed right, but he had to guess. Ugh. -headdesk-
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,033 / 50,000

I hate that it's tomorrow because it's after midnight even though it's totally still the 6th for me. Whatever. Need sleep, long day tomorrow. Blah.

Also, watched Smallville without Danny tonight. Feel bad about it, but I knew we wouldn't have time to watch it for a while, and I wanted something good to watch. And man, was it good. This is bad because it makes me more guilty, but good because it's beyond worth watching again. It was awesome. Lots of plot development. Eeee!

Okay so. Bedtime.
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Watching the new Chris Rock HBO special and..

I'm a little drunk so forgive me if this sounds at all racist...

But the only difference to me between black and white is the hair. I love white, asian, whatever hair... how it's soft and doesn't require grease. That's the only thing that would attract me to a white man more than a black man.

Is that weird?

Also, just rewatched Iron Man. ♥
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Still getting over the last of my cold. God it's a long lasting bugger. I don't feel like crap anymore, I just occasionally cough uncontrollably and sometimes still have a bit of congestion.

We're about to watch How I Met Your Mother, which we had to download because the DVR flipped out and decided not to record it. Which is weird; it's ranked first in priority, so it should never have a problem. Oh well.

Had my stat exam tonight. I feel like I did fine, only one problem that kind of stumped me at the end. I had to use my iPhone sneaky-like because it was the only calculator I had.

Posted some pictures of Bear and of squirrels on campus. I'm too lazy to do my normal preview thing.

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I picked up a shift tomorrow morning (technically today?) and I have to wake up at 8:30 now (so why am I still awake?). I'm pulling my first double on Saturday by picking up Stephanie's shift, and there are no other doubles scheduled so I should get to go home first Saturday night. Probably around ten or so. Which is good since I work the AM shift Sunday (if you can call it that, it starts at 11am).

So I'm going to watch My Boys with Danny, it's the season finale, and then I'm going to sleep. I don't have to be at work until 10, but I try to give myself time to eat breakfast and get dressed and such, plus time to make the drive with room to spare. This is a job where you need breakfast, after all.

We went to Hooters after Danny got off work with Arty and Andy. Our waitress was really off. No coasters, no set ups (plates, wet naps, forks), little attention. I don't know her that well but I've worked with her before... I hope she was just having an off night. We tipped her 20% anyway but I thought that was a little generous.

Meh. On the way back Danny and I were in the back seat of Arty's car and he 'reenacted' the night he first told me he loved me... not that he really remembers it, haha. It was sweet though. Fond memories.
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I'm making mac'n'cheese. Velveeta, the only good kind. It's not a real meal, but there's not much else to choose from in the house right now, and even if I was less lazy I don't feel like spending money. Had The Conversation with Justin (Dennis' proxy, I guess?) about me paying rent. I always thought rent was by the room and then split cable/utilities evenly, but then I've never actually done the renting thing before now, and Justin kept emphasizing that we're paying to live in this house and we should each pay. Danny talked him down to a 250/250/250/150 split since I'm not taking up any of their personal space, just using the bathroom/kitchen.

This means at the beginning of next semester I'll have to spend not just some nights at my dorm, but the majority of them if I don't want to pay rent. I'm sure I'll stay two nights a week with Danny, maybe three sometimes to regularly. We'll see. I hope I get the College Park Starbucks; that would make it easier.

...Just ate the mac'n'cheese.

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I'm watching an episode of Avatar on demand. "The Beach." So far it's pretty fucking ridiculous and just makes me go, "Why did they have to have this episode? It's retarded." Angsty!Zuko with girlfriend-romance-insecurity issues (is it wrong that it makes me sick that she's not Katara)? (But I guess it's better, if he did that "You like him, don't you" shit with Katara I'd have to say "Grow up and get a life, wangstmobile.")

They all look so different. Zuko's emo-boy hair, Sokka's loose covers-entire-head hair, Aang's... hair... Jeez.

LOL. Iron Rock Man Aang.

Well anyway. I've got 1,500 words so far on Names. Which is better than nothing. Keth just sold Aerlun. Which ends at a break, which may not technically be a good idea in my case, but it's when the main story starts to pick up. I'll begin next time with meeting Silk.

And I spent so much time procrastinating on h_e and poking around ws to see if it was updated =D Gotta love/hate the internet.

Anyway I have a strong urge to fanfic except I'm either not up-to-date enough or have been away too long from my favorite fandoms. Except Zelda, I could always do Zelda, but I have zero plot bunnies there. It would be easy to come up with one but I'm not going to try to get ideas for fanfic.
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So last night I had the first ever dream that I would actually consider a nightmare. It wasn't scary in the sense of a horror movie, but it was still pretty terrifying and damn realistic... as in I really thought it was happening until Danny turned on the lights and I woke up.

Since it was totally and ridiculously based on both the House and How I Met Your Mother finales, I'll be cutting it for anyone who didn't want them spoiled.

Nightmare... )

So yeah. Scary stuff.

I finally got fed up with the telemarketers constantly calling the house and put it on the do not call registry. I put mine and Danny's cells, too, although I don't think either of us has been bothered on there by telemarketers yet. I've heard that soon it will be allowed, though, for cells... Have to wait thirty days for the full effect to kick in though. After thirty days we can file a complaint if a telemarketer calls.

Okay so I'm starving. I need to shower, go get some food, and then study for my final tonight.

Although after my final I'll be able to really worry about the [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite contests and stuff! I really want to enter. Even if I don't win a single one, it's participation points... and fun, of course. Looks like all the deadlines are June 1st so I have some time.
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DUDE. The new male American Gladiator they revealed today, stage name Zen, is Urban Ninja. Like, no shit, Urban Ninja who's famous on youtube. His name is a mouthful: Xin Sarith Azuma Phan Wuku. Ha. Danny and I totally called it when he made his appearance, too. They were about to do the men's rock climbing event and I said, "I bet it's Rocket and Zen." (Rocket being the winning contestant from last season, a speed rock climber.) And Danny said, "Zen's thing is going to be flips." I wasn't convinced since most gladiators are muscly, flipping around just doesn't look practical for them, but sure enough he comes out and does about seven backflips XD

The event was awesome, too. Rocket straight passed his contender on the wall and was looking down at him gesturing like, "Come on, what? You can do it, come on!" And then when he came up some more yanked him the fuck down. Zen, on the other hand, came up next to his contender, slipped in between his body and the wall, and then grabbed his handholds and just pushed him off the wall. It looked slightly gay and freaking awesome.

Season finale of How I Met Your Mother tonight. And House! I'm excited =D

Also, I finished my take-home final. The teachers said to prepare as much as we want, but when we actually sit down to write it to time ourselves and not go over two hours. So I put my start time (6:30) and then started writing, and at 7:40 I was done. I was like, "Eh. I can't think of anything more to add." So I read through it... 7:45. I was like, "Oh well." I put the end time as 8:17 so it wouldn't look like I rushed or anything and then emailed it. (Hopefully she doesn't pay attention to the time I emailed it because I realized afterward that I emailed it before I said I'd finished it.) I mean, when I'm done, I'm done, and I write quickly. It would have taken longer on paper, which is probably the major difference.

Oh, and I started my LJ scrapbook with the pictures I took around the house today. There are some others I had stored on my computer already, too.

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I am so annoyed x_x; The honors seminar on the solar system I signed up for next semester got moved from 11 to 12:30, which made it conflict with my French class. Stupid fuckers! Make sure the schedule is final before you allow us to add shit! Now I'm going to have to take a "current issues in biology" honors seminar from 3:30 to 4:45, later than I wanted to stay in school. But I guess seeing as that makes my Tuesday start at 1 and my Thursday at 3:30 it isn't all that bad. I would have time to work before or after school if College Park takes me.

Still, it's frustrating to have your nice, beautiful schedule screwed around with because some idiot went, "Ooops, that time's not so good for me, let's move it an hour and a half." I. Shoot. You. In your foot.

I collected a crapload of ASOIAF icons yesterday when I should have been doing homework. They're awesome. Someone in my lovely common room directed me to [livejournal.com profile] fanmoot, which looks amazing so far. Too bad I have to do a crapload of homework now instead of exploring it and [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite fully. I'll have a little time this weekend, probably, but before then I won't be able to play with them without feeling at least a little guilty.

Anyway. I still have to read The Ruined Map, go see two Japan-related events/exhibits and write reflections on them, write the 8-page paper on the two weird books, study for/take my geo final Thursday morning, do my take-home HONR267 final, and take my HONR219V final next Tuesday. And I close tomorrow night. It's only four hours, but the time is really inconvenient because those would have been pretty ideal studying hours. And if I stay with Danny tomorrow night then I have to get up at 6:30 Thursday morning to make it to my final... but if I stay at the dorm, I have to go there after closing at 9 Wednesday night. And I'd probably have to go home and shower first. Basically it sucks.

ETA I FORGOT TO SAY. House last night was amazing. Weird and amazing. I've missed crazy ass episodes like that. ♥ Like, so good that I can't bring to mind what How I Met Your Mother was about last night, and lately I've been liking that more.

Note to self: assistant undersecretary of only okay
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As title states, I want a project. I guess I don't really have time to start one right now with the end of the semester threatening. Exams are coming up, papers are coming due, I still have two books to read and two exhibits to see for the class with the retarded teacher...

But I really want a project. A writing community. I guess it's good that I can't afford to start one now since I should really get on top of my own writing before trying to inspire others, right? I like the look of the contest for [livejournal.com profile] the_dead_muse this week. It's about writing from a villain's perspective. There's not much I could do in Aerlun's world without coming up with a 'bad guy' on the spot... and anyway it might be more fun (or at least more entertaining for others) to write from a known villain's eyes. Like Scar! Or Maleficent! Chee =D Or maybe not a Disney villain. We'll see. I have to write it by Sunday though, that's the close on this one. I didn't enter the last one -- it was basing a fic on a song, using the lyrics in some way, and nothing ended up working for me.

I think I'll plan a project anyway. On paper. I can't really start it until I get a good image manipulation program for Mac anyway. Danny's downloading one for me, but it could take a few days. Or weeks. Or whatever. You might wonder why photoshop or some equivalent is necessary for a writing community... but there have to be prizes of some sort. And while I'm willing to spend actual money once in a while for big contests, I'm more willing to create image awards. Besides, I'm thinking that, should my project ever get big enough, cafepress could offer something interesting to add to the community... but to design clothes etc. there you need to upload images, and I'd need to make them somewhere.

I wish TV would go back to normal. The writer's guild strike really messed up my entertainment. I miss House and How I Met Your Mother and Smallville updating regularly. They have been showing new episodes sporadically... but still. And House hasn't been new in ages. Since what, the week after the Superbowl?
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I had a great weekend, absolutely terrific. Danny's so sweet, such a traditionalist, not like me at all. Tradition can be great (it was this weekend), but I also like (and sometimes prefer) spontaneous stuff, I guess making new traditions.

He cooked for me. Did a whole meal thing. Served salad in martini glasses, lol, and then the main course -- chicken cacciatore, which was delicious... Danny was proud, haha, and I definitely enjoyed it. And last dessert, a piece of this heart-shaped cake I saw him and his mom making earlier (and that I rescued from the oven when I was the only one in the house when the timer went off). It was all very beautiful, on china with wine in wine glasses and candle light... I hate wine, but it was certainly a nice picture.

And of course we were both dressed up nice. We'd each seen each other's outfits before, but it was still very nice. We'd never dressed up at the same time before, and he'd just had a haircut and a shave, which was very fucking hot. Haha. I wore lotion with glitter in it and jewelry I hadn't worn before (except his Batman necklace, I always wear that). I even changed my earrings, shock and amazement -- I never do that. Speaking of which, I need to put those back in... Anyway, I also did up my hair... not especially nice, but different from what I usually do, which was a change. And I wore skyscraper heels, lol. But only for a little bit, they came off as soon as we sat down to eat and got left upstairs.

I loved it. I love that he'd do that for me. And the traditionalism is adorable. I'm a girl at heart -- I love the candle light and the dressing up, and him telling me I'm beautiful.

Before we left Friday night, while I was waiting for him to get home from work, I was talking to mom... how did we get on the subject? Oh, because I was being impatient, and mom said something like it's just because I love him more than anyone else right now... and then she said, "No, let's call it what it is: lust."

I was kind of surprised. My parents have been so supportive -- in contrast with Tim, they've shown they actually like Danny, and I didn't recognize the difference until it happened. They never said anything bad about Tim, they just never said anything good. It was a kind of feeling of resigned acceptance with Tim.

Except since they decided Danny's front tires are too bald and unsafe but he refused to change them because we looked it up and they're still safe according to everything we read on the internet, there have been little comments. Like when I lost my keys and Danny insisted they weren't at his place, he looked all over for a missing Wiimote and would have seen them along the way if they'd been there... I said, "You weren't looking for them, though, so you might have missed them," but he was insistent he would have seen them. (He was right. They'd fallen behind my desk at home.) Dad, though, said sarcastically, "It's good to know he cares enough to actually look for them." Stuff like that. Oh, and the thing that actually really bothered me, when my dad compared Danny to Uncle Matt for not changing his tires... I know how highly my parents regard Uncle Matt (/sarcasm), and it kind of pissed me off to have Danny compared to him.

I'm completely in love with him. I wasn't even too bothered by mom saying that. I didn't genuinely argue, I just said offhandedly, "No, it's love." She disagreed, but I left it alone. I dunno. My parents tend to have pretty good instincts, but they're also very harsh when it comes to judging whether someone's being good to me. The thing with Yuka, they were making comments, like my dad saying she wasn't being a good friend when she ignored my comfort and smoked in the car on the way to Baltimore, even when I said something about it. Which is true, but one thing by itself doesn't necessarily mean a friendship is sour. It was everything added up that led to the breakdown of mine and Yuka's friendship.

Besides, his tires may not be in the best condition, but we looked it up... 1/16th of an inch of tread is bald, and when that happens, there are tread wear indicator bars that show in the tires. I figure tire companies would have the most to gain from having you replace your tires more often by saying the tread is unsafe sooner, so... whatever. My parents are just overcautious sometimes. And they aren't there to see most of what occurs between me and Danny, so they have very little perspective on the situation.

I know how much I care about him, and I can see how much he cares about me. He's so good to me. He's fucking beautiful. I've been thinking too far ahead. I almost said that I get to plan the next Valentine's Day before I realized that's a whole year from now.

This is the longest relationship I've been in. I guess I knew, but it struck me last night. It's been nearly three months and it still feels as exhilarating and perfect as at the beginning, if not moreso. No... definitely moreso. I love him so much.

Thoughts... )

The cat's so cute. Did I ever say we got a new kitten? It's been almost a month, I think. I doubt I mentioned him here. But he's so adorable. They gave him a bath and Cris brought him in here all damp, and he laid out on my bed like "OMGSAFETY." He's got the most beautiful fucking eyes. Haha. He's just starting to get really lively as opposed to sleeping most of the time.

Hm. I'm hungry.
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Oh joy, I love House. I want House season 3 though. Bah. Such a long wait. Maybe I'll catch it when they start replaying it. I hope so.

Work is killing me, I'm gonna deal with it... by a) confronting Brandy, b) calling a Starbucks hotline-type-deal for issues with your boss, and/or c) emailing Rick. Danny told me about the hotline thing and said it's the proper don't-lose-your-job way of going about things. I dunno how long it would take to get anything accomplished that way, if it works at all.

(Nano died. It's depressing, actually. I'll start again at school, but there's no telling if I'll catch up.)

Yuka and I are working out college plans in Japan. We'll get it figured out.
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Win for VG Cats XD I like... laughed out loud at that comic. It's H! My favorite ever, even better than the KH ones. Lol.

I watched House last night against my better judgment. I don't really wanna come in on the middle of the season, but I chose the perfect episode. It had PHIL OF THE FUTURE with FACIAL HAIR. Ahahahaha. I spasmed and ran around the house going "It's PHIL!" because everyone was watching House in a different room. And then it turned out so sad! And House was such an ass for getting Cuddy's hopes up!

Okay, first day of nano. I've got like... 500 words maybe, lol. I'm on a roll /sarcasm.

I'm about to take a shower and then turn off distractions and get to serious writing.

There's other stuff but I'm far too lazy to post it. Suffice to say life is good.
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Getting sick of work. Brandy's really getting on my last nerve. Michelle's leaving to be assistant manager at some other store. Ron's thinking of leaving if he can line up a better job. (So am I.)

I never set up an appointment at the clinic, haha, so I'm not sure what to do now. I guess I'll just have to stay off birth control for a month before I get my next set. Clinic's stupid, though. They never even contacted me with the results of my blood and urine tests. Whatever.

Watching the last episode of the USA House marathon, and god I miss that show, but I don't wanna come in on the middle of season three when I missed the beginning. I'm too impatient to wait for it to come out on DVD! Blah.

I wanna see The Prestige again.

I need to write. Maaaan, nano's two days away. And then I can check my SAT scores the day after it starts. Woohoo! I wanna know, I'm impatient. Really impatient lately.

I have homework. Normally I would have done it by now, but it's not due until Tuesday, so I could do it tomorrow night. Now I'll have to since I haven't done it yet. An essay for Speech (on Forrest Gump) and bring in a newspaper article for LSN and answer four questions about it. The article though, I'm not sure exactly what she's looking for. She gives these weirdass assignments that I'm never sure what she wants from us, haha. A "polling" news article. I'm thinking, obviously, elections, voting. But the questions are a little weird. I dunno.

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I work tonight at five. I'm sleepy but I'm not gonna nap; I'm gonna write some, and probably eat 'dinner'. I. Am. Bored. Lol.

Flirted a lot today. Was fun. Meh.

Just me or was this post entirely pointless?

Oh yeah! My pay is ridiculously miniscule this week. It doesn't look like the raise is on this check either, but maybe 30 hours just doesn't stretch far for $8.80 an hour either. I won't know until I look at my pay stub tomorrow. But god, not even $200. Wtf.

Tips today, should be, and they're supposed to be decent, two weeks' worth instead of one. But so few hours, no telling.


edit : I didn't want to post another entry, so I'm just editing this one. But I'm getting so, so fucking sick of Starbucks, I'm gonna quit if I can get a job at the youth center or Borders. I'm not getting a raise. Turns out Brandy neglected to tell us that you have to have been in your position for six months to get the raise. Convenient. I've only been there four.

The youth center would be ideal if it's really ten dollars an hour and I can get good hours.

I accidentally skipped two nights of birth control (getting sick fucked my schedule up) and I like... spotted rather heavily today, twas gross. I should probably just throw the pack out since I've only got two pills left, but I haven't set up an appointment to get more and it's my last one.

Dude the lady from Medium cut her hair o_o; I haven't been keeping up with my shows at all. I miss House a ton but I don't want to catch odd episodes -- I want to see them all in order. I've been missing Avatar too. Billy-Erin gave me the link to where I can catch up on those, though, now I just have to actually do it.

My throat hurts. I finally broke down and took more medicine. The cough drops I took at work didn't help.

I'm watching ER. I'm about to start writing again, I think, but I know the TV will distract me. Lol.
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Yuka's indecision with Danny is driving me a little bit up the wall.

Maybe it's not so bad. Maybe she's being crafty and making him think of us both as friends by having him feel my boobs. I'm sure that sounds very, very odd. But Yuka and I feel up each other's boobs all the time. We're that comfy with each other... and admittedly, part of it is show. We have fun making jaws drop. It isn't just that -- we're just as comfy playing around together like that when we're just walking home from metro alone or whatever -- but it is fun.

And I'll harrass anybody who's open to it, though, not just Yuka. Haha.

Anyway, she's so on and off with Danny, she likes Andy better, Danny can't kiss, Danny can't grope... yet everytime they hang out together she shows up with new hickeys and new stories, and suddenly he's groping her boobs and then we're arguing over whose boobs are bigger and she's having him grope mine. I don't mind that, actually, I just wish she'd make up her mind. She's worried that since he's coming to work with us it'd be awkward... ha.

She has a way of making me doubt. I guess because she grew up with her brother, so she should know him right? But my insincts have been right, by and far. Not about everything, of course. That would just fill my head with hot air. (I almost said hair.) But enough.

And oh I feel bad. The knives I got him, Seth (his roommate) hurt himself really badly on them. Like he needs surgery badly. Like he needs surgery or his middle finger won't bend anymore badly.


They're struggling enough, now paying for surgery? That's the worst part. It sounded scary.

Two entries in one day. Oh joy.

I'm watching Nip/Tuck, and wtf, Sean's going fucking crazy. This show is the most insane show on tv. And the reviews are absolutely right -- the best made guilty pleasure on TV. Haha.

I'm going to keep writing. I can already see revisions that need to be made, a lot of them major, but I'm just going to write them in my travel-sized black book... ahaha. Didn't realize I'd picked out such a perfect pair.

I suppose that's it.


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