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Okay, so, life. I had my meeting with Suzanne... was both worse than and not as bad as I expected. Tracy thinks I'm behind on school work and I've been taking off days/being late to try to play catch up, and not talking to her about it. Which is far from the case. So, not quite what I expected, but at least she doesn't (exactly) think I'm a huge slacker. On the other hand, Suzanne warned me to expect Tracy to look in on me. Didn't happen this week between MSAs and Tracy having jury duty, but apparently I can expect her to pop in and see if I'm doing everything properly. I mean, I don't have the lesson plan book I'm supposed to, but aside from that... I do what I'm supposed to, so it should be okay.

I gained a ton of respect for Tracy at the seminar today. She let the class rant for an hour about how unreasonable and condescending our reading assessment professor is at the university and gave us advice on how to handle it. Very frank, helpful advice. And she demonstrated yet again how knowledgeable she is about classroom management. She has a treasure trove of random examples/experiences I never in a million years would have imagined. I'll be honest; I let my view of her as a supervisor color my view of her as a teacher. She's a fantastic teacher. She's not even a bad supervisor, she just has certain ways about her that don't mesh with my style, for lack of a better description.

Life is hectic. Danny is amazing through all of it, as I was practically bragging to Katie today. He drove to Whetstone during rush hour yesterday to fix my random flat tire, and drove my car for me today to get it fixed while I was at my internship. The thing with Morgan was hard, but I really think it made our relationship even stronger in the end. I think we both appreciate what we have more. I love the hell out of that man, and he's always showing the ways he cares about me.

My classmates are in a panic over our reading assessment class with Brie; I've had her before and she's crazy and condescending, but I'm making a high A in her class (I've only lost half a participation point overall so far, everything else has perfect marks) and although the upcoming workload seems overwhelming, I know I'll get through it like I always do. I did volunteer to speak to her with a couple other students about our concerns though--based on the advice Tracy gave. Some really great ideas. Approach it as the needs we have in order to get out of her course what we know she wants us to get out of it, like better clarification of expectations on assignments, examples of assignments before they're due instead of after people have fucked them up, and less of a workload. I told Lauren, who's ring-leading this confrontation, that I don't want her to feel we're ganging up on her, so I don't have to come, but if they want the support I'm there.

I also told Katie I'd look over her papers before she submits them if she likes. She's not a writer the way I am, which makes it hard for her. Brie, from what we can tell, is super-biased against imperfect grammar and writing mechanics, so I'm thinking if I can fine-tune Katie's papers she can get better marks.

I have some great behavior incentive stuff to try when I get the chance. I'm thinking I'll order the mailbox thing I want for the classroom, too, even though it's really more expensive than I want to pay for right now.

Big plans for SynTru--another example of money I shouldn't spend but really want to. Assirra has offered to add IP.Blog, and I want IP.Content too. Each is $50. I think they could really work wonders on the site... meh. We'll see how that pans out. Right now we're kind of surveying member opinions to see how popular they'd be if added. Assirra and Zap have worked wonders with SynTru since I haven't had time for it anymore. I'm constantly amazed by their dedication.

Speaking of, I have a piece of feedback due today. I think I'll go do that now.
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Finished rereading the Hunger Games series last night. God, but it's epic. For all that I think the author's something of a bitch, she's still a genius. Spent a while looking for good quote icons from the books and found some really cute ones.

But I really miss having friends to talk to who have read and adored the same books I have. I don't think it's really happened since Harry Potter. I mean, Danny read the first two Hunger Games books and I'm trying to pressure him into getting around to the third. But it's not even close to the same. He doesn't like to really, deeply think about stories the way I do, and he gets annoyed when I "overanalyze."

I'll put up a thread at SynTru basically begging for discussion of some of my favorite books, see how that goes.

I need to write. -sigh- I determined that, at the moment, I don't really care about Grey and Kayden the way I do about Peeta and Katniss and some other characters I've truly loved from my favorite stories, which may contribute to why I've been feeling so uninspired about them. I think I need to get to know them better.

And my Secret Santa present is due soon. Blah.
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I kicked the Praxis II's ass. 198 out of 200 on Content Knowledge (Recognition of Excellence notation on that one) and 172 out of 200 on Content Exercises (only needed 150 to pass). I'm done with all my semester work, except I need to send Tracy a resume, and now that I know for sure that I passed the Praxis I need to sign up for the January Middle School Math and Middle School Language Arts versions of the test so I can be certified there too.

I already know I have an A in Reading Methods. I need one more A (assuming the rest are Bs and there are no Cs to worry about) to maintain my 3.2 for my partial scholarship. Now, I've had no trouble maintaining at least a 3.2 so far; in fact, I've made Dean's List every semester but my first. But I slacked a lot this year, so we'll see.

SynTru is taking off again now that I've put it into the loving, dedicated hands of Assirra and Zap. I'm still nosing around quite a bit, but officially my only duty is running the Ezine, which I'm hoping to get out by the last day of January. I reactivated my portfolio on Red Carpet & Rebellion and entered a challenge. I'm hoping I can attract more people to check out SynTru that way; I have the ad banner for the site in my signature.

Ummers. Christmas is coming up and I haven't bought any presents. Well, except the one Danny and I split for his mom. I'm not sure how I'm doing on money since I haven't paid rent for this month yet. I have the money sitting in my wallet, though.


6/7/10 17:58
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I am full of epic fail. I haven't been writing much. I skipped my third class of a summer class with only 12 meetings and I have the final on Thursday and haven't been paying attention in class anyway. I should have gone if only so I could get my midterm and paper grades back. I guess I don't really care that much. I mean, I hope I get at least a B since I've never gotten a C before. And I seriously doubt I could get less than a C, so I'm not worried about that. It wasn't a very interesting class. Unless I bomb the final, I guess. I should find some way to study. Blah.

It's very hot in this stupid room. Stupid summer.

I'm failing at SynTru. It's not really that much work, but I just haven't felt like pulling the points together for last week, and tomorrow I'm supposed to pull the points together for THIS week... and stuff... blah.

Work's been okay. I've been making good money. I'm still a little slow at side work but I'm doing fine. Occasionally have a dream about being super weeded and not being able to help all my tables. Hate those.

I've been talking to Devon, my cousin, about writing. It's a lot of fun. His writing style is way different from mine, not what I'd ordinarily read. Very rough right now, but with editing could be something someone else would really like to read--it's very descriptive though, where I like writing that keeps moving.

Gotta go meet Danny to eat.


25/5/10 01:11
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Working on the Summer of Writing at SynTru. We have some great ideas and it's starting to come together... I just hope we can pull it together by Friday-ish so I can open the forum up a few days early. I want our members to have time to plan before the month actually takes off so they don't feel overwhelmed on that first day.

We'll have lots of different challenges to participate in, though personally I think I'll be working on the Completion Challenge to finish Blood and Heat almost exclusively.

Was going to write more, but it's time to watch our shows...

ETA: The other thing I was going to say is that I came up with an idea for the second leg of the Writing Triathlon, so I may not be dropping out despite my hectic work schedule. It's supposed to be a genre I'm not used to writing, and I'm thinking a femmeslash tragedy might do the trick. I've only written one story with lesbians in it--Moonfall--and it was very mild to the point that less observant readers might even miss it. And I'll do mean things to my characters, but never before a real tragedy. I even have an idea for the third part of the triathlon--a stepping stone between this idea and the first one I already wrote. The whole thing deals with the concept of my mirrorkin picking up "tattoos" to represent the loved ones in their lives, so this would have to cement that idea in some way. But I have an inkling of an idea....
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Long work week. Not even over yet, although today was considerably shorter than any of the other days I've worked since I started on Wednesday. I've been having trouble keeping up with SynTru as well as usual because of it. I let an application sit for three days, and the applicant was not pleased. I'm not sure how I feel about this--I mean, it's a little presumptuous to comment in the chatbox about how unfortunate it is to not be able to post in some forums without being accepted yet--but I do feel bad for letting it sit. It's been rough though. Yesterday and Friday I worked long doubles. Thursday I worked 4-11:30. Wednesday I worked a double, but a shorter one. Tomorrow I work in the morning, probably a long shift, but I'm fine with that. I've had a rest, and it's not a double. Tuesday is another double, but probably not bad--no graduation ceremonies to slam-pack the restaurant to the point that we're running out of clean dishes to serve with. And then Wednesday, finally, a day off! Two, in fact!

On the plus side, I've made some great money during this work week, and I've got more to look forward to this week before my schedule (hopefully) turns more normal when summer classes start the following week. This coming week is nearly as many shifts as this one--7 instead of 8--but no doubles in a row and with a break in the middle, so not so bad. I'm even considering taking a shift on Thursday... maybe... It would be 8 shifts again, and only one day off in the middle, but like I said, no doubles in a row, which is manageable. I know one of my coworkers is looking to have her Thursday night taken. She almost asked me until she saw my schedule. So yeah, maybe.

Now I just need to write. Argh. I'm planning to use our anniversary festivities at SynTru (it's been nearly a year already!) to actually finish Blood and Heat. One of our challenges is a Completion Challenge for the whole summer. For me it will be like NaNoWriMo times 3, but if I can do it... so worth it. God.
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I have totally been slacking. I have some projects due soon... several. Three of them group work. Haven't really worked on them much so far. I went to PSYC221 yesterday and got handed a Scantron sheet and was like "...Whuh?" Exam 2. Good job paying attention, Jessica. I'm not sure how much studying would have helped though, so... we'll see. Oh well. This is the class I got a C on the first exam for. I'm doing really well on the assignments though, should balance out, especially if I actually pay attention to when the next exam is... blah.

I need to write down my schedule x_x; Bleargh.

Need to write. I've been doing fanfic lately, but it's getting meh. I really miss having people like Lisa and Ash and Alicia when they used to read my stuff at school/on the bus (and I'd read theirs when they had any). But for What Would Your Character Do on SynTru today I answered my characters' biggest regrets, which was fun, and finally something I had quick answers for. Thinking of making another sort of character template. Important things like major flaws, most important people in their lives, biggest regrets, biggest fears, motivation, and the like. No trivial little things; just the big ones.


oh gods

16/3/10 16:14
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Okay so I didn't exactly stop doing the meme. I skipped a few days, but continued on ST. Oh well.

Moving along.

I just finished the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, and I have to say, I liked it way more than I even thought I would. I loved the way it escalated throughout, until the final book was practically one big battle with little breaks in the middle. And I learned a ton about Greek mythology. I mean, not all of it is 100% accurate, but most of it's on the level. Finishing this series has me interested in Labyrinth and that new move Clash of the Titans (well, new remake). Though why it's called Clash of the Titans when there are no Titans in it is beyond me.

In other news. Brandon Sanderson's LJ ([livejournal.com profile] mistborn) now has the artwork for The Way of Kings up. I'll admit I saw this the other day and it completely went over my head what that meant. I thought it was part of the Wheel of Time series he's finishing for the late Robert Jordan. But no--it's for his own new series, starting in August, and I am beyond excited. I mean, really.

I should really read the Wheel of Time books. I mean, if he loves them, strong chance I will too. But anyway.

I think my next stop will be reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I got it a while ago--just before NaNoWriMo--and Cashore was actually one of the NaNo peptalk authors, yet I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I mean, technically I should read The Book Thief since it's assigned for class, but er, not if I can avoid it. Blah. I've read half, and I like the writing style, but the topic just isn't my thing.

Guess that's it for now.
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Day 6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

Erm, it really depends. The only thing I really require is some sort of background noise, be that a TV show, music, or a school lecture I should be listening to but am not. Haha. Generally I prefer typing to writing, but not always. Lately I've been working on a short story in a notebook in classes or if I get to work way early. And there's not a time of day I prefer, but it does really depend on mood and inspiration... and what I've been reading/watching lately... eh.

-- I'm doing this on ST now too. So copy&paste.

I'm hoping to try writing an entry for the Major Arcana challenge at ST today, but I only have a little more than an hour and I'm feeling nap-like anyway, so who knows how that'll go. I guess I'll have time after work probably. But eh.

Enough rambling here. That's not earning me any more time.
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Kitty is meowing.


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