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Maybe I should make resolutions?
  • Write 200,000 words on various projects (for that one community)
  • Finish Blood and Heat
  • Write something every week. (I won't say every day.  It won't happen.)
  • Don't mutilate my liver. (Drink less, or rather get drunk less, since I don't drink that often but when I do I usually get drunk.)
  • Keep Stories growing.
  • Stay on track in school -- dean's list definitely, and try for 4.0
  • Submit real writing to something, especially if WotF is a bust this time around.
I think I'll leave it at that.

TO DO LIST for today:
  • Demitri's story
  • Find a story of the month nomination
  • laundry
  • reply to princess round robin
Erm, I guess that's all.  I started rereading Ella Enchanted. Finally bought myself a copy while I was Christmas shopping.  I love that book.  It's weird how it's in like... the early readers section.  I always thought it was a young adult book.  Whatever though.  And I really want an eBook reader now.  After research, I want the Nook.  I'll have to wait for my birthday though.
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Well two days off actually. Not that work has been terribly strenuous the last couple days with my four hour shifts, but it's nice to know I don't have to be somewhere by 5. I've got a lot to do on Stories. And I foolishly signed up to co-Admin a Hunger Games RP on proboards. If it was InvisionFree or IPBFree I'd probably already have a layout made, but for proboards I have to figure out the coding all over again. Blah. But I do love the Hunger Games, and an RP could be cool. (Was I drunk when I agreed to this, though? Really?)

Here's my To Do list for the day:

* er, laundry, at some point. No really.
* nano banner for Kat (forgot!)
* layout for Hunger Games RP (rawr) (sort of)
* reply to princess round robin (& start new one?)
* look into january of the month possibilities
* Demitri's story (Perspectives challenge)
* Genre tournament - Lincoln assassination / Booth death!
* choose a weekly portfolio - Blitzen :3

Not in that order, since I'll probably be choosing a weekly portfolio first.

I emailed my dad. He said he has an eBook reader so he didn't bring the books I got him, though he downloaded them to it to read when he's done with what he's reading currently. I've been thinking about getting an eBook reader too, so Danny and I just researched them, and I think I'll be going with the Nook. The only real advantage I've seen for the Kindle over the Nook is slightly faster page turning, but that's cool. The Nook has a ton of better features that outweigh that. I'm going to ask that people get me money toward it for my birthday instead of gifts. Although that's 5 months away. Wow. Maybe I'll buy it early and ask for after-the-fact money :/ Or Barnes and Noble gift cards for books. Or something. Probably not though. I can't afford a $260 gadget right now.
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I spent more money on Danny for Christmas :/ Naughty me. But it'll be worth it, he'll love it all. I can't wait for Christmas. After getting the presents, the waiting is the worst part.

I don't work until Saturday, and while that's nice, it also sucks because it'll be less money. As soon as I unbury my car from the snow drift at the bottom of our driveway I'll head to Hooters and talk to them. For real this time. I mean it. (Lectures self.)

Stories is doing well, but I'm starting to worry that maybe I'm always suggesting too many changes, haha. I'm just an idea machine. But anyway, we're getting new members. Our tournaments/battles are far more popular than our normal challenges, it seems. But that's cool. We've got some new things in the works. Like featuring a member portfolio every week for all the members to read through and offer concrit on. Stuff like that.

Ehm. There was a huge snowstorm. All very exciting. My car is stuck, Danny's car is stuck.

The semester's over. I got a B in a class that should have been a retarded easy A, but I think the rest will be As so it's okay. Erm. I think I had more to say but it's all gone now. Woohoo.
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Okay so. I decided I haven't lost steam on Blood and Heat now that I'm done rereading Twilight. But when I tried to write today it was actually a little busy at work. Meh. I want to continue and I plan to. I'll bring my notebook again tomorrow. It's an 8 hour shift. Even on a Saturday there might be a little slow time for it.

Twilight. I'd begun to let other opinions sway me on it. After rereading the whole series I have to say I love it. It's not my top ten of books ever but it's good. And I did get annoyed by both Edward and Bella at parts but still. I like the series. So there.

I'm back to working on Stories. I made a new layout and rearranged the forums. Some other things. I find it hard to do a lot at once these days but I got a lot of it out of the way today so hopefully the small bits that are left won't be hard. Down to 15 active members though. That's okay, we'll swing back into activity. I trust it.

Also thinking of trying hooters again. Argh.

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Title: For Want of Magic
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,160

Written for a member battle with Kat on Stories!  The challenge was to write an urban fantasy piece concerning thievery and involving a character who is afraid of confrontation.

“No magic?” she asked. Her voice hinted at sweetness and light, but it was flavored sharply with sarcasm. “You can’t begin to fathom what magic can do when properly harnessed.” )
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Okay so. I'll try to make this a long update post. I'll also try to separate it into sections of, you know, interest. So if you feel like reading something in particular, you know where to go. Lol.

Outside the cut: bigger events. Such as.

Job Interview: I have a casual interview on Monday at noon (on campus) for a tutoring position that starts at $12/hour. I'm excited about it. They got back to me right away after I submitted my info. I figured I was a ringer for the position; it required a 3.5 or higher, and I have a 3.633, plus I'm an Elementary Education major. Despite that, I wasn't really expecting to hear back. I am always suspicious of online applications. Continuing this, plus other work crap. )

Writers of the Future: No big news. I submitted, though, to the quarter ending September 30th. I submitted an edited version of Unjoined. I'm having all these doubts about it now, but I'm also very hopeful. I think in a lot of ways it's better than Moonfall, and that one got Honorable Mention. To be honest, I'd be pleased with semi-finalist or finalist (whichever one gets their manuscripts edited by the judges), though of course I'm really hoping to win overall. Who isn't? I just found out that in addition to the prize money, they pay you a pro rate for being published in the anthology! How nice is that? Even being a published finalist would be nice. No prize money, but you get paid the pro rate and they fly you out to the weeklong workshop in August. more writing hullabaloo )

school )

I think that's it, and good thing because Dennis and Heather are here to get their party on. Lol.
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So work, school, Danny, and Stories have kept me too busy to think about posting. This summer session is almost over, and thank god because my junior english teacher is the worst teacher I've had in my entire life. At first I thought she was just annoying, but not the worst; recently I've decided that she is, in fact, the absolute worst, no doubts about it.

Ranting about the evil teacher )

So that's incredibly frustrating. Enraging, really.

My other summer class is much nicer. More appropriate, I think. There's an appropriate amount of work--we've had two projects that require out-of-class work, plus normal class stuff (keep in mind these are only 6 week courses)--and she grades more normally, if not more relaxed than normal.

Stories has slowed down considerably but I haven't lost hope. I do wish I had more methods for speeding things up there, but it's difficult. I don't know what else I can add. I need to send out an activity check. I think I'll go do that.

And work stuff. I think I'll skip that for now.
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I've been neglecting this, eh?

Mm so. Stories is still going very well, better than I would have hoped. I have about 15 active members (active enough to have posted a portfolio, at least), and there are tons of stories posted already. One completed challenge, one soon to be complete. I've just finished renovating the site to expand on certain areas and better organize everything, as well.

I'm very excited about it. I'm seriously considering the vague floating idea I've had in the past since it actually seems like a possibility now: once the site gets big and popular, expanding it onto a paid website. There would be a lot of things to look into first, but I would totally go for it if it looked plausible. I would add a Paypal button for (completely optional) donations, and/or perhaps have certain extra features on accounts that you can pay for if you want to, but normal accounts would be free. Maybe even a store with logo'ed out stuff! Any donations/money received would go toward maintaining/expanding the site and, if possible, providing paid prizes for certain contests.

I think it would be awesome. If I could manage it. Try not to hope so much right now! -headdesk- But ah, the ideas. Maybe I'll compile them at some point. Mm.

Anyhoo. Working, schooling, Danny got a new TV. He's been very irate with me for how much time I spend on Stories. I understand it, but that doesn't make it easier to stop in the middle of something I'm really excited about. There's just always something going on there. But meh.
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So Stories is going well. There are nine active members right now (including me). 16 total members. One is my staff testing account. The other six nonactives are just... well, one is John. One posted a welcome but is still listed as Validating and hasn't done her application. The others, dunno.

I'm not sure where else I should advertise. I've done lots of forums. I'm thinking of neopets, but I'm not sure the quality of the members there anymore, haha.

Lots of general activity, not as much as I'd like in actual craft-related activity. Few stories posted, but very little development discussion or reviewing or anything. I'm sure it'll pick up.

I found a cool critique website for fantasy/scifi/horror. Critters. Looks very well put together. I joined there but I'm not submitting a manuscript right away. I did, however, send a preliminary email to a beta on PI for Unjoined.

All this other stuff I've been doing means I haven't written in the last few days though. I've gotta get back into it. I think I'll focus on that in any freetime at Andy and Jenn's wedding this weekend. I'm not sure I can count on having the internet. I hope Stories doesn't suffer. It can probably survive as long as I review/accept any applications, and if push comes to shove I can do that on my phone.

Yes! Two day wedding starting tomorrow! The crazy. Should be fun.
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Stuff to remember to do. Figure out about my license plates; they only gave me a temp sticker but they didn't say when/how I'd get permanent ones. Buy books for my next set of summer classes, which start Monday. Mail mom's license plate back to her. Figure out car insurance. Get a new nipple piercing; one fell out and I shoved a tongue barbell through to hold it open.

I think that's it.

I put together Stories. Now I'm trying to advertise it. I want to put up an ad on RPG-D but you have to have at least 15 "meaningful" posts there before you can submit an ad, and of course I'm following the rule to the letter. It's hard to respond with meaningful posts, though, on a site centered around roleplaying when I haven't been on the roleplaying scene in over a year.

I am, however, thinking of starting up my own RPG. Perhaps not wise since I'm not "in the know" anymore about these things, but someone threw out an idea for anyone else to pick up--a nittier, grittier retelling of Kingdom Hearts--and I absolutely adore it. I was going to try joining an RPG that interests me to get a feel for it again first, but I can't find one that I'm really drawn to.

I'm considering it. I think I'll set it up just on my computer first to see how it would work, and then decide.

The lies we live will always be confessed in the stories that we tell.
- Orson Scott Card

A story may be crafted out of lies, but it can tell deep truths about human nature. Throughout history mankind has been a race of story-tellers, and this is a fact that hasn't changed, though many people tell stories now in different media. But there is something beautiful about crafting a story simply out of words and yet creating a scene that the reader or listener can see. We at Stories are of the opinion that there are too few refuges on the internet these days for story-tellers who still prefer the medium of words.

Stories is a home for writers. We welcome poets, roleplayers, and authors of fanfiction and original fiction--anyone with a passion for exercising their imagination through writing. With your help, we hope to create a community in which writers can find support, encouragement, advice, and (perhaps especially) other writers who share their tastes. We want members to be able to form lasting relationships with other story-tellers. We also hope to add more features as we grow, developing in areas where members show more interest.
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Overslept today, woke up two minutes before my class starts--yeah, wasn't gonna make it in time. At least it wasn't tomorrow; that's when the quiz is. I'll get there a little early and ask what I missed. The funny thing is it was genuinely an accident and I was disappointed in myself for not waking up in time. I think that I just forgot to set my alarm. Danny had me set a recurring one, so that should fix it.

Stories is coming along. I'm still just playing, not committed, because what can that hurt? I might pull a couple of writers and ask their advice on it. Would they join? What would they have me add to make it better, or more unique? It's not finished. I haven't had the heart to mess with the layout yet. Ha.

Excited about my story worldbuilding. It's really going places. Soon I'll have to take the next step and actually start writing. Then we'll see how worthwhile the effort was. I'm skeptical. I've been... not even really a writer in quite some time. Blah.

I applied to be a beta reader at Perfect Imagination, which is set up very professionally. I didn't pass the test the first time. Amusingly enough it's because I didn't follow my gut instinct. They had a lot of dialogue like this: 'I'm going to the market.' said Bill. Since the test is in British English, I thought maybe ending with a period rather than a comma was a quirk of their style of grammar. Same with lists like this: Sue, Billy, Graham and Bob went to market. Actually, I know that in some places it's accepted to not include a comma before the final item in the list. But it's okay. It actually makes me feel a lot better because it means my grammar's good as usual, I just should have gone with my instincts. Better safe than sorry. I can retake the test in July.

Um, so yeah. I changed my journal layout? Hum. And I'm thinking of starting a challenge something like NaNo? Especially if I can get other participants. Something like 1,000 words a day for a set period, or maybe 5,000 words a week to make it easier. I don't know. I could use the motivation.
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Okay few things I wanna cover, better list them first because when I get into one I might forget the others.

* Summer class
* Extreme work suckage
* How writing goes
* Another urge to make a website

School is easy. Basically I had my first summer class this morning. It's small. The teacher has the craziest chalk board writing--by that I mean that she writes fast as hell, but it's all very neat and straight, the letters bold and easy to read. The class is going to be easy--it's like geometric concepts up through 8th grade with an emphasis on ways of teaching them. Which is nice. I'm only concerned about getting bored or deciding I can afford to miss too many classes.

Also, since I'm in summer classes, I can go to the gym! I'll have to make use of that. I've been seriously slacking lately.

And Hooters dumps another load of crap on my head. )

Writing, or more accurately, worldbuilding. )

Writing community idea. )

Um so yeah. Danny's nearly done listening to Mistborn. The first one, that is. It's exciting. He didn't like it much at first, and he still thinks it's kind of slow I think, but he really likes the characters now. He said if we can find the other two to download, he'll listen to them too.

He came to visit me on my crap work night. I really appreciated it. He can be so sweet. And he brought Dennis and Heather, and Dennis tipped me $20 on a $30 bill, which was also really sweet and made me so appreciative of our roommates. We have our issues at times but we're all really great people.


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