26/4/06 03:00
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I think I should go to sleep now. XDXD I replied to the remaining three RPs in my inbox... one of them twice, since she emailed me her reply shortly after I finished replying to the last two. And then I got sucked into the Ansem Retort. Which is freaking hilarious.

Ew, my computer was doing craziness. 'Restart Now?' for updates. I'm about to turn it off. Hold your horses. I'm updating. x_X;

Tomorrow I need to start a short story. I'm thinking of putting up a roleplay at TUL, but I'm resisting the urge. I've got enough RPs by email to work with right now without adding forum-based RPs. Hell, I don't sign on AIM anymore to avoid RPs there o_O; I mean, I only rarely get people popping up there asking to continue, but then there's Xen. And ordinarily I love RPing with him, but lately I just haven't been in the mood. So I use MSN messenger for chatting and leave AIM alone.

...I kinda miss Selph. o_O;

Aha. I'm so tired my brain's turning into a scrambled egg.

Oh, I watched Vanilla Sky again to see if it makes any better sense years later. It did, actually. It wasn't all that bad. o_O; Plus, it had Peter Pettigrew in it, and Gabriel from Constantine -- AKA the White Witch. I was like. Whoa. I know those freaks.

Yeah, that's all.
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House is the best show EVAR. I recognized Wilson's shirt and tie in her closet. Lmfao. I'm sorry, House/Wilson shippers. I was just beginning to see that ship's charms, too.

I'm craving some sort of something. Cookies didn't cut it. Wah.

I replied to one of the four roleplays in my inbox. I'm so lame. I really don't feel like RPing right now, but I feel bad for not replying. x_x;


20/4/06 23:12
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I've been on the forums at the Ansem Report a lot in the last couple days theorizing about KHII. It's fun, but majority of my opinions don't seem to be the majority. I've only gotten one, "Hey, I buy that theory" haha.

I thought anyone who became a heartless also created a nobody? Just strong-hearted people can create Nobodies that retain human form, though. That was my impression. o.O?


-- One fantasy RP: I sent the intro, haven't gotten a response. She emailed me to say she's at someone's house and may not be able to respond for a while, but I don't know how long 'a while' is.
-- Two Sirius/Remus: BMW hasn't responded. I understand she's busy with actually having a life. =/ And there's a new one, but it only just started. I introed, she replied, I replied, that's it so far.
-- Three KH: one is AU, and dying. One is new, I've only just sent out the intro; Axel/Roxas, me playing Roxas. The other hasn't started yet. We're chatting by neomail until she feels better. She sick.
-- One Zelda: aha. Very good. I'm Link, she's Sheik. And she's excellent. =o

Yup. Then there's the RP with Xenom, but it's by AIM, and I just haven't... felt like it. I haven't been on AIM a lot lately anyway.

I finally blocked Nathan on MSN x_x; Now I can feel free to sign on MSN without fear. Booya.

-listens to Sanctuary- CJ sent it to me. Aha. CJ is god. Sometimes.

I was going to say something else, but I seriously forgot. Oh well.


18/4/06 21:59
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House is amazing. The Mandarin and the birth control pills totally made my night.

And Foreman is mean.

And that girl who donated her liver was crafty and manipulative. Such an atypical Slytherin. Slytherpuff? Oooh.

I found a Zelda roleplayer who makes me happy. And I made the Roleplaying Clinic. Yay for me!



And... Um. I think that's it. Must reply to my sexy Zelda RPer.
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I had... an odd dream last night. I got to see Devon again in it, and since we both had cell phones, we were exchanging numbers. I asked Cris to hand me the cell phone, but he threw it and broke it... it still worked, but it looked broken, you know.

We went to a football game or reunion of some sort at Devon's old high school. There were a bunch of old popular girls from his time at school up in a little meeting, and he went to talk to them, and he was going to spray them with this white powdery stuff... lmfao, I think it was supposed to be asbestos (don't even know what it looks like, but that's what I woke up thinking) or Anthrax. I jumped in and protected one of the girls (not even the girl I meant to protect -- apparently I knew one of them), but... yeah. It was... weird.

So when I woke up, I went to look him up online and see if there was anything about him anywhere, but I couldn't find anything. No Devon Stricklin, no Sethaeus even. And when I search for myself as Kherezae, hundreds of results come up, and at least the majority of them are actually me. Nothing for Devon's Sethaeus. I suppose I might have spelled it wrong, but I'm pretty damn sure I didn't. Maybe I should look up his yahoo email. It's still on my yahoo messenger list.

For those of you who don't know, Devon is my cousin. My favorite cousin, but I hardly ever see him anymore. Apparently his mom doesn't know where he is anymore. I tried mailing him a letter, but he had been living at his mom's house, and he's not anymore... so she got it and couldn't give it to him. =/ Such a weird dream. I hadn't even thought of Devon in weeks.

I don't believe in dreams as prophesy though. Or anything like that. I never have. It just seemed weird to suddenly dream of him. I've never dreamed of him at all before that.

Anyway. I haven't done much of anything this weekend. Today we went out to Bolling so mom could give Linda the Home Interiors stuff she ordered, and we dropped Cris off at his friend Patrick's house. Patrick has grown taller, I think. But he still has those thick glasses. He should get contacts. Haha. Anyway, she called Dad to see if he would pick Cris up on his way home from work.

Well, he agreed, but then he forgot (even though mom called to remind him). So when he got home, she'd already eaten, and she told him to eat while she went to get Cris. While she was gone, Dad was prattling on to me about how he totally forgot, but to be fair it wasn't his idea in the first place, blah blah. And then he said, "I wish she hadn't asked me to pick him up." Out of the blue. Not "I wish I hadn't forgotten to pick him up" -- no. He wished she hadn't ask. I asked him why, and he gave me a look. Mom called at some point and he asked if she was going to make him feel guilty when she got back. Apparently she said no, because when he hung up he said, "She said she wasn't going to make me feel guilty, but if she does, I just won't agree to pick up Cris next time. I'll just say, 'No, because I'll forget.' If she's stuck somewhere, too bad."

It struck me as incredibly immature. I can understand if he had said he wouldn't pick him up in the first place. But he agreed to do it, and mom didn't even have to ask him twice to do it. He just agreed. Patrick's house is like two seconds from his work, it's no big deal to go pick Cris up, he just forgot. And mom didn't say anything about it, she just went to get Cris. So I don't get what Dad's problem was.

Well, I guess that's it. I'm supposed to be writing a roleplay introduction, but I'm still numb after finishing KH2, so I'm having difficulty thinking how to start. Huh.


4/4/06 22:13
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House was so good tonight. I love that show. I love House. I love Wilson. XD I'm trying to convert Bia to House-dom. Eeee.

I'm still trolling for RPs. It's a little pathetic, really, but I really feel like roleplaying lately... by email... and I only have two good ones (one REALLY good -- I unfiltered the Remus/Sirius one because I wanted to show someone off LJ, but it's a few posts down now, so...). But yeah. One HP, one KH (both R/S, ironically enough), and I'm looking for two or three more. One good Zelda, one good fantasy, and maybe a KH crossover with something else (Zelda or Avatar or something).

I'm watching SVU. Because Olivia's supposed to get cut down tonight. =o

Yeah, I guess that's it.
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Okay. Read the post below this first! Obviously. Since this is part 2.

Lie Low at Lupin's: Part II )
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S'what we've got so far. I may add more as we go along. Explicit!

...Holy hell, it's too large. Splitting the post up...

Lie Low at Lupin's: Part I )


2/4/06 22:24
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Kherezae: I was mad at Cris and CJ
raine in london: why?
Kherezae: CJ brought over KH2 to play at MY house. And they wanted to play it in MY room. I was like OH HELLZ NO GET THE FUCK OUT YOU SPOILERERS.
raine in london: aw
Kherezae: XP I'm so OCD about that game.
Kherezae: Mom thought Silent Hill 2 was your game and she was saying something about 'her game' and I was like OMG MY GAME CAME IN?!
Kherezae: -dies-
raine in london: haha

I'll leave my KH2 spazz at that.

I drove today. Which was as nerve-wracking as ever, but okay. As per usual. I went into Barnes & Noble and talked to the woman at the Customer Service desk. I said, "Do you know where I can find the... I think it's a graphic novel that the movie V for Ve --" I didn't even finish, she just went, "This way," and led me to it. I laughed and said, "Sounds like you get this request a lot." So yeah, I bought it, and I'm reading it, and it amuses me mildly that Evey is a 16-year-old thinking of being a hooker in it. I haven't gotten far enough yet to really know what I think, though, so I'll update about that later on.

So in my ASoIaF roleplay (which just started today), I'm Gerold Dayne and my partner is Oberyn Martell. So far, so good; I still feel pathetic compared to GRRM, but that's hardly surprising. He's amazing. So jealous.

I've been thinking a little about my books. I've been doing more roleplaying lately than I ought to, hence the reason I've only been thinking a little on Eysuria... but yeah. It's been cool. I'm trying to form a timeline for the world, and figure out some of the fundamentals of magic and races and things. So far I'm really just reaffirming vague ideas I've had floating around, though I did come up with one good new idea.

My Remus/Sirius roleplay is getting interesting. Well, it always has been; I adore my roleplaying partner for that RP. Haha. Aze, you'll like it, I think, when I assemble it all for you to read. You always wanted me to get to the smut. ;]

I suppose that's all.


1/4/06 23:51
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Happy belated April Fool's Day. I'd love to hear any good pranks you saw/pulled/suffered XP

Found an ASoIaF roleplayer. I'm scared of brutally murdering GRRM's characters... but should I manage not to, I think it'd be great fun. I think one of us is going to play Oberyn Martell and the other the Darkstar. He's a slash-only RPer, which is awesome, but it was difficult to find a couple of guys we might be able to pull off a relationship between without canon slaughter XP I'm not sure about their ages comparatively, but I think Oberyn and Gerold are a good match elsewise. Hum.

Right, well. G'night, all.


31/3/06 23:13
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Great April Fool's prank, neopets.

It amuses me how people are still freaking out over it. When I first saw it I went, "Wait... what?", clicked the more information link, then went, "Oh hellz no." Promptly moved to the RPing boards to see what people were posting, saw someone mention April Fool's, and went... "Duh." Didn't require a single outraged post.


Though it'd be funny to see me make an idiot out of myself.

Like I am now. Posting about this.

Also: I'm learning explicit roleplaying from a twelve year old. Lol. She's done it before, I haven't. Just never got that far. It amuses me greatly that she's five years younger and has more experience in that particular area than me. Anyway, it's not that explicit, but it incorporates the word penis, which is saying something.

Boi-love, Riku, Sora... just to show you where the RP went. )


30/3/06 19:38
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I had my reservations entering in to this RP, and now I'm beginning to wish I gone with that feeling. My intro, including OoC because I rawk like that:

My intro: future Kingdom Hearts )

And hers:

Her intro: future Kingdom Hearts )

Um. How do I respond to that? -sigh-


28/3/06 22:45
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Okay, um, so, for some inexplicable reason my 'online' friends filter isn't working for me right now. Odd.

Cris says I've been expecting KH2 all day. I corrected: "I've been hoping for it. In about three days I'll expect it. Until then, hope."

My lovely Aramil has not replied to our KH RP. I imagine it's because she has a copy of KH2 by now and is feverishly playing it. Oh, the jealousy.

But I have a good Sirius/Remus RP now, and I'm just looking for a good Zelda roleplay. Then my RPing life shall be complete. I think I've found a good Zelda RPer, though time will tell if the roleplay will be good -- if it starts at all; I may have scared her off. And I may have myself a KH RP on the side, but I'm not sure if I've scared her off either. She wants to play a made-up. I'm like... "Describe your made-up please." I don't want any nasty surprises x__.

Hum. I watched House tonight. The end was hilarious. House being mean to Wilson the whole episode for not moving out fast enough, and then when he gets the chance to aid Wilson in his quest for an apartment, he deletes the message from the answering machine. I see the Wilson/House vibe now. Lmfao. Very much. And he was very House-ish this episode, as per usual. -purr-

Off to see if my 'online' filter has finished imploding.
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Plztonote: I’m posting these here because I’m trying to find roleplayers for this idea, and I need a place to direct them to if they want to read my intros before deciding whether to roleplay. So, my flist lovelies, this isn’t directed toward you. But if it interests you and you want to roleplay it, well, let me know and I’ll most likely love you forever.

The two possible intros. )


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