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Title: For Want of Magic
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,160

Written for a member battle with Kat on Stories!  The challenge was to write an urban fantasy piece concerning thievery and involving a character who is afraid of confrontation.

“No magic?” she asked. Her voice hinted at sweetness and light, but it was flavored sharply with sarcasm. “You can’t begin to fathom what magic can do when properly harnessed.” )
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Title: Trickster
Genre: Modern, hint of fantasy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,241

I wrote this for a Stories challenge. I wanted to do more with it, but I also didn't want it to get too long, so perhaps I'll expand on it later. It concerns the idea of the trickster god prevalent in so many cultures.

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Title: Warnings
Genre: Modern
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 713

I wrote this for an RCR challenge (one I submitted) to write 13 paragraphs concerning superstition.

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Title: Scheherezade
Genre: Fanfiction
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~ 2,000

For the Fifty Sentences challenge at RCR--this time I actually finished. I found a subject that worked. :) So it's the story of Scheherezade, with what may be a slightly different spin.

Scheherezade is a woman--she needs love like any other, especially when surrounded by a constant sense of fear. )
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Title: History
Genre: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,045

Written for another RCR challenge--a character gets a chance to change a mistake they made in the past. I chose Dumbledore. The story is set just as Voldemort is beginning to gain real power. It is before Harry was born.

Ariana’s crumpled body lies on the floor of his mind, but the Time Turner in his hands could change her fate. )
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Title: Eternity In His Touch
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,400

This was intended to be for another RCR challenge, which was based off of a fifty sentences challenge on some LJ community. Basically you are given fifty one-word prompts and you write a sentence response to each which embodies the meaning of the word. I got to 35 sentences and realized the story was done, so I didn’t enter the challenge with it, but I did like the result. Be warned: long, convoluted sentences (like I used to write regularly!).

If I let go, if I allow the force ignited by our touch to guide my soul through its course--well, I’m not sure where I’ll end, but I know I’ll begin in rewalking all the steps that got us to this place: mine and his. )
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Title: Lydon's Decision
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,300

Written for a challenge at RCR, yet again. Getting some good writing inspired there! The idea was to have a character reflecting on a traumatic event and how it changed them. I interpreted this loosely. He is remembering a traumatic event and it has changed him, but the main point of the memories is to help him make an important decision.

He’d always been the better fighter when we were Whips, but I had practiced since then, and I did well. Still, it ended with my back against a wall and his knife sharp against my neck. )
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Title: Through Agony and Ages
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,150

This is the would-be climax of my main Eysuria story arc between Aerlun, Daemien, and all their incarnations. It was written for a challenge for RCR; the challenge was to write about the one marriage in ten that doesn't end in divorce, that lasts forever (figuratively speaking). This is a slash story, first-person present-tense.

It hurts to see the blood on his skin, even now. I ache from my own wounds, from my own exhaustion, but despite the hatred I try to feel for him... I can’t. It hurts to see him so near to broken. I have to stop. )
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Title: Fate
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG
Word Count: 450

Written for a writing challenge for RCR called "Stranger Than Fiction" in which someone finds out that he is only a character in a book. Mine's kinda depressing. Written in second person.

You can picture the life mapped out for you by your cosmic author. You will know hunger and disease. You will find great happiness for a short time, but then you will die young, killed by a drunk driver. )
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Finally decided to post this. I don't know when I'll add to it, so for now it's just the prelude and first chapter. Maybe once I beat KH2 again. We'll see.

For this one I'll just post one summary thing.

Post-KH2, this story assumes that Axel is Riku's Nobody. This story concerns Wraiths, the beings that arise when a Nobody is defeated but still has an existing Heartless. Zexion, or rather Ienzo, is one such. His experimenting in an attempt to understand Keyblades leads to a new set of problems, causing a ripple through the worlds that, among other things, separates Sora from Roxas and Kairi from Namine again.

Title: Horizon / Prelude
Genre: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 829(ish)

Suddenly he was Ienzo, but with Zexion present inside him, in memories and in a cold voice curling at the back of his mind. )

Title: Horizon / One : Rupture
Genre: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,353

Sometimes, watching Sora like this, Riku wished he’d been braver back in the beginning, when he still had a chance. )
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Freewriting for class... )

I liked this unit of my HONR267 class. It was dance, so it was very artistic and not as rigidly or traditionally structured as the others. For the paper, we could perform in class and then write a reflection on it instead of the 4-6 page formal paper required in other units. Since we only have to write papers on two units, the first and one of our choice, I chose this unit. Writing isn't exactly a performance art, though, so I hope what I'm turning in is satisfactory. I also hope it isn't late; I heard her in class saying that we could turn it in by Monday since she wouldn't be checking her email this weekend anyway, but the syllabus says it was due Friday at 5pm.

Whatever, I'm done now. I hope I get an A. I got a B on the last one. I tried to incorporate all aspects of the question/prompt on the dance page, so hopefully it'll be good.

So I'm waiting for Danny to get home. He had to work today; usually he's off on Sundays, but today was the release of Mario Kart. Speaking of which, I should play that until he gets home. And I need to remember to print out my lab for tomorrow morning. At least Thursday I get to pick out my schedule for next semester. That'll be a relief to have set out.

Work today pretty much sucked. Lydia elected not to show up -- again, apparently. Yesterday she called ten minutes before she was supposed to come in (Bre reported to me, since I wasn't there) to ask when she was supposed to work, and when Bre told her, she huffed and hung up... and never showed up, never called back, nothing. Today she didn't call at all. She's so fired. Anyway, somebody from Langley Park came to cover her shift, but she didn't get there for almost three hours after Lydia was due to start... and then I was supposed to skip my lunch and leave a half hour early, but I ended up skipping my lunch and staying fifteen minutes late. I guess it's okay. It's more hours.

So I'll go. I need to brush my teeth.
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Title: Poison
Genre: Fantasy - Eysuria
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100

Written for... I don't even remember. Maybe Ash. It's a quickie set at the end of Aerlun's first incarnation, but the circumstances may be subject to change should I ever write the damn books.

My hands won’t stop trembling. But I’m doing the right thing, aren’t I? )


10/4/08 23:09
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Title: Flop
Genre: Fantasy (Eysuria)
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

Drabble written based on a prompt from Ash; she gave me 'flop' and I chose to interpret that as 'failure'. Starring Aerlun.

It’s not over til his sword’s at your neck. )
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I wrote for a challenge in [livejournal.com profile] the_dead_muse. The idea was to take a fairy tale and twist it all up. Mine is below. It feels good to finally have written something that doesn't get backspaced and redone until I just give up for a while. It's a pretty short little piece, but I like it well enough. It may be pretty rough, but I just wrote it between classes and posted it, no editing or anything like that.

Challenge Name: Twisted Tales

Title: For a Soul
Rating/Warnings: R for semi-explicit sexual content
Fairy Tale Used: The Little Mermaid
Word Count: 1,395

Note: I used Hans Christian Anderson's tale for most of the basis, but I did use the names Eric and Ariel because they're recognizable from the Disney film.

“Will you marry me?” he asked her, taking both her hands in his own. She kept nodding, and the light glow to her made him almost believe she might rise off the deck for joy. )