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I kicked the Praxis II's ass. 198 out of 200 on Content Knowledge (Recognition of Excellence notation on that one) and 172 out of 200 on Content Exercises (only needed 150 to pass). I'm done with all my semester work, except I need to send Tracy a resume, and now that I know for sure that I passed the Praxis I need to sign up for the January Middle School Math and Middle School Language Arts versions of the test so I can be certified there too.

I already know I have an A in Reading Methods. I need one more A (assuming the rest are Bs and there are no Cs to worry about) to maintain my 3.2 for my partial scholarship. Now, I've had no trouble maintaining at least a 3.2 so far; in fact, I've made Dean's List every semester but my first. But I slacked a lot this year, so we'll see.

SynTru is taking off again now that I've put it into the loving, dedicated hands of Assirra and Zap. I'm still nosing around quite a bit, but officially my only duty is running the Ezine, which I'm hoping to get out by the last day of January. I reactivated my portfolio on Red Carpet & Rebellion and entered a challenge. I'm hoping I can attract more people to check out SynTru that way; I have the ad banner for the site in my signature.

Ummers. Christmas is coming up and I haven't bought any presents. Well, except the one Danny and I split for his mom. I'm not sure how I'm doing on money since I haven't paid rent for this month yet. I have the money sitting in my wallet, though.
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I realized yesterday that Danny and my four-year anniversary is in less than two weeks. So we talked about what we wanted to do. It's too cold for anything major like sky diving, which we've mentioned wanting to do for a long time. And hot air ballooning is, um, stupid expensive. Of course I try to go overboard :)

So Danny suggested that we just have a nice night out and stay in a hotel. And we decided to stay at the hotel closest to Fur nightclub in DC. I booked the night already last night on Expedia. Wasn't even that expensive! $99 at the Courtyard Marriot. If we want to park there it'll be $30, but it's also close to Metro--that'll be a game day decision.

I'm super behind on NaNo. I don't want to give up, but being this behind with my crazy schedule doesn't look good. Especially with all the homework I have to do. I'm not even sure what's due this week. I haven't looked, which is bad considering my internship days are already through so if I had to do anything there, that ship has sailed. OH, plus, my story idea for Mirage Games is due... I think next Friday, and that's 5,000 words minimum by itself. Need to start on that one soon.

Went to the zoo yesterday morning for math methods. It was kind of lame. I thought we'd be basically imitating some sort of math project you can get kids to do as they explore the zoo, but we spent the whole time pent up in a classroom in the visitor's center getting a presentation on educational aids the zoo has to offer teachers and schools. A woman from Bridging the Americas showed us a bunch of dead stuffed birds. Blah.

So I have this idea... )
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Okie so.

I took back on the 100 stories challenge. Eysuria once again. I won't be using the stories I already wrote for prompts on there, obviously. That would be cheating. I'm going to start fresh and explore the world. I've been brainstorming, and looking over old brainstorming records, and I'm really liking it. Need to actually write and not just plan, though, because there's so much that I don't know. But I also know from experience that exploring it through writing is awesome fun when I just let myself do it.

Erm. I'm rereading the Legend of the Seeker books. Er, rather, the Sword of Truth books. TV series got me all fuddled. I tried rereading Holly Lisle's stuff but I just wasn't in the mood I guess, because I couldn't really get into it. And I'm finding that I don't like Terry Goodkind's writing as much anymore. It amazes me that an adult man can write another adult man who sounds like a teenager half the time... bwuh?

Eh, I dunno. I'm tired, so I'm not really making sense.
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Maybe I should make resolutions?
  • Write 200,000 words on various projects (for that one community)
  • Finish Blood and Heat
  • Write something every week. (I won't say every day.  It won't happen.)
  • Don't mutilate my liver. (Drink less, or rather get drunk less, since I don't drink that often but when I do I usually get drunk.)
  • Keep Stories growing.
  • Stay on track in school -- dean's list definitely, and try for 4.0
  • Submit real writing to something, especially if WotF is a bust this time around.
I think I'll leave it at that.

TO DO LIST for today:
  • Demitri's story
  • Find a story of the month nomination
  • laundry
  • reply to princess round robin
Erm, I guess that's all.  I started rereading Ella Enchanted. Finally bought myself a copy while I was Christmas shopping.  I love that book.  It's weird how it's in like... the early readers section.  I always thought it was a young adult book.  Whatever though.  And I really want an eBook reader now.  After research, I want the Nook.  I'll have to wait for my birthday though.
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I've been neglecting this, eh?

Mm so. Stories is still going very well, better than I would have hoped. I have about 15 active members (active enough to have posted a portfolio, at least), and there are tons of stories posted already. One completed challenge, one soon to be complete. I've just finished renovating the site to expand on certain areas and better organize everything, as well.

I'm very excited about it. I'm seriously considering the vague floating idea I've had in the past since it actually seems like a possibility now: once the site gets big and popular, expanding it onto a paid website. There would be a lot of things to look into first, but I would totally go for it if it looked plausible. I would add a Paypal button for (completely optional) donations, and/or perhaps have certain extra features on accounts that you can pay for if you want to, but normal accounts would be free. Maybe even a store with logo'ed out stuff! Any donations/money received would go toward maintaining/expanding the site and, if possible, providing paid prizes for certain contests.

I think it would be awesome. If I could manage it. Try not to hope so much right now! -headdesk- But ah, the ideas. Maybe I'll compile them at some point. Mm.

Anyhoo. Working, schooling, Danny got a new TV. He's been very irate with me for how much time I spend on Stories. I understand it, but that doesn't make it easier to stop in the middle of something I'm really excited about. There's just always something going on there. But meh.
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Stuff to remember to do. Figure out about my license plates; they only gave me a temp sticker but they didn't say when/how I'd get permanent ones. Buy books for my next set of summer classes, which start Monday. Mail mom's license plate back to her. Figure out car insurance. Get a new nipple piercing; one fell out and I shoved a tongue barbell through to hold it open.

I think that's it.

I put together Stories. Now I'm trying to advertise it. I want to put up an ad on RPG-D but you have to have at least 15 "meaningful" posts there before you can submit an ad, and of course I'm following the rule to the letter. It's hard to respond with meaningful posts, though, on a site centered around roleplaying when I haven't been on the roleplaying scene in over a year.

I am, however, thinking of starting up my own RPG. Perhaps not wise since I'm not "in the know" anymore about these things, but someone threw out an idea for anyone else to pick up--a nittier, grittier retelling of Kingdom Hearts--and I absolutely adore it. I was going to try joining an RPG that interests me to get a feel for it again first, but I can't find one that I'm really drawn to.

I'm considering it. I think I'll set it up just on my computer first to see how it would work, and then decide.

The lies we live will always be confessed in the stories that we tell.
- Orson Scott Card

A story may be crafted out of lies, but it can tell deep truths about human nature. Throughout history mankind has been a race of story-tellers, and this is a fact that hasn't changed, though many people tell stories now in different media. But there is something beautiful about crafting a story simply out of words and yet creating a scene that the reader or listener can see. We at Stories are of the opinion that there are too few refuges on the internet these days for story-tellers who still prefer the medium of words.

Stories is a home for writers. We welcome poets, roleplayers, and authors of fanfiction and original fiction--anyone with a passion for exercising their imagination through writing. With your help, we hope to create a community in which writers can find support, encouragement, advice, and (perhaps especially) other writers who share their tastes. We want members to be able to form lasting relationships with other story-tellers. We also hope to add more features as we grow, developing in areas where members show more interest.
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Work is going well. I'm supposed to get paid tomorrow for my first three days of work, so I'll find out then what my pay is I guess. I have this worried feeling that I might grow weary of work pretty quickly working six days a week and going to school five mornings a week, and never getting up later than 8:30. But summer session one will be done in three weeks, so I guess it won't be that long really before my schedule changes up some.

So Danny just attacked me trying to press random keys on the computer, and when I pushed him away with my feet an he kept coming until my computer was open face down on my chest between me and him I was worried he might break it. And then he got mad at me for hurting him when all he wanted to do was "press a few random keys". Jeesh. Annoying man.

But anyway. Writing goes well. Of course I wrote Scheherezade (the entry before this) instead of the story I was supposed to for John and my challenge, but it's still writing, and now I have an even better idea. But I'll update with that later since I need to shower and sleep and apparently make up with Danny. Blah.
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First of all, I admit to my shame: I am watching High School Musical 3 right now. What? What? (Dude it's already seriously corny and it just started.)

Right, so John and I decided to challenge each other to write a short story worthy (after revisal) of being submitted to Writers of the Future. Tonight we're posting a selection of ideas from which we'll help each other pick which story to actually write, and by Saturday night (midnight) we're supposed to write the story in 3,000 - 5,000 words. After that we'll help revise each other's stories.

Um yeah. So here are my ideas: )

So those are the ideas, albeit in need of paring down and being stated more concisely.

This guy I knew in middle school contacted me on Facebook and he's really pestering me to meet up some time, it's annoying. He's into writing some too, and mentioned he hadn't written much lately, so I mentioned to him what John and I are doing in case he wanted to set a similar challenge for himself, or kind of piggyback on ours. And his reponse (after lots of questions about what I thought was a very simple idea) was that maybe the three of us should meet and discuss it. I don't know, it wouldn't bother me except he seems pretty pushy about it. I wouldn't recognize him if I saw him (his facebook picture is like... some knight's armor), and I completely remembered his name wrong up until he reminded me of who he was... I mean it's not that big a deal, what the hell?

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So as the last three entries attest, I've been doing some writing! RCR has been really good for inspiring me. I also added... I think only one old piece to my writing index here, and I revamped the index to include the month and year each piece was written.

Unfortunately RCR hasn't been very responsive to me since I put up my introductory post. No one has commented on any of my writing, responded to my suggestion to the staff, or replied to my critique of a member's piece. The only replies I've gotten have been from welcoming other new members and once when I commented on someone else's writing portfolio. It's only been a couple days so I'm giving it time, but if I don't feel like part of the community soon then I know myself. I'll get bored.

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Okay few things I wanna cover, better list them first because when I get into one I might forget the others.

* Summer class
* Extreme work suckage
* How writing goes
* Another urge to make a website

School is easy. Basically I had my first summer class this morning. It's small. The teacher has the craziest chalk board writing--by that I mean that she writes fast as hell, but it's all very neat and straight, the letters bold and easy to read. The class is going to be easy--it's like geometric concepts up through 8th grade with an emphasis on ways of teaching them. Which is nice. I'm only concerned about getting bored or deciding I can afford to miss too many classes.

Also, since I'm in summer classes, I can go to the gym! I'll have to make use of that. I've been seriously slacking lately.

And Hooters dumps another load of crap on my head. )

Writing, or more accurately, worldbuilding. )

Writing community idea. )

Um so yeah. Danny's nearly done listening to Mistborn. The first one, that is. It's exciting. He didn't like it much at first, and he still thinks it's kind of slow I think, but he really likes the characters now. He said if we can find the other two to download, he'll listen to them too.

He came to visit me on my crap work night. I really appreciated it. He can be so sweet. And he brought Dennis and Heather, and Dennis tipped me $20 on a $30 bill, which was also really sweet and made me so appreciative of our roommates. We have our issues at times but we're all really great people.
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There is a cat sleeping on my arm. Silly kitty. He is so the most 'don't-give-a-fuck' cat in the whole world. Did I mention that when he climbed into the dryer, I turned it on to scare him into avoiding it in the future? He didn't mind. I mean, he got out of the dryer quick enough, but he didn't bolt from the room, he just looked at the dryer like "What the hell was that?"

But anyway. I've been ODing on writing stuff lately, not that it's helped much. I've been looking for good, active writing communities. I'm looking to fill a hole though, and the big bad internet isn't really helpful for something that specific. I miss having friends to exchange writing with, to edit and comment on each other's work and offer advice. I haven't had that since Lisa in 10th grade. Dude. That's five years ago.

Ash sent me writing by email, so maybe we can get back into it, I'm not sure. I signed up on this beta website; I figure it's worth a shot. I'm not sure I want to go looking for a beta, particularly since I don't have anything written, really. But if someone looks and finds me, maybe a relationship could develop. Anyway, with Ash... I liked the piece she set me, though it's iffy as a beginning. There are two fictional articles to read right at the beginning, which I wouldn't use as a way to start a story, it can easily throw certain readers out. I told her that much and told her what I found to be strong spots, but I don't think I went into it as far as I should have. Meh.

Anyway, I decided against the binder method. Instead, I plan to do text documents, and put these on my LJ on a special friends filter so that if I find a beta who wants to look over them, I can add them under that filter. Worldbuilding ahoy!

Also I was reading some old stuff for Eysuria, and it got me all excited again. I was feeling hesitant about first-person present-tense, but I read over my last beginning for Aerlun, and it wasn't bad. Certainly needs a lot of work to make it shine, but much better than I remember it being. Makes it hard to decide which to work on: Eysuria or Somnion. Both, I suppose.
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All my final grades posted but ARHU318 (Writers' House). The prof for that sent me an email asking for the introduction I forgot to put in my final portfolio, which makes me feel even more stupid and anxious about my potential grade in that class; it was in the instructions, I just missed it. Gah. I mean, since I wasn't there the day she assigned it (and with an excused absence, no less), maybe she'll give me some leeway. I wasn't the only one who forgot it either. But I still need to reprint my portfolio for Johnna because apparently she needs it in 12pt Times.

Anyway, I did scrape an A- in French, so she must have curved the grades a bit (omg thank you). So that's two As and two Bs on my more weighted classes. In fact, one of each for my two 4-credits and one of each for my two 3-credits. ARHU318 is only a one credit. I'm not going to hope for an A. I was not an A student in that class this semester, even forgiving her lack of a syllabus. But a B shouldn't be too much to ask for. I feel like you'd have to really fuck up to get a C in a Writers' House course.

They cancelled one of my summer courses due to lack of enrollment. I added Junior English to try to make up for it, but I'm waitlisted. I added myself to two of the waitlisted sections and I'm first on each, so it's reasonable to hope I'll get in; surely at least one student will decide they don't want to pay for the class and drop out, right? So the only thing I'm really worried about it the fact that MATH212, the cancelled class, is a prerequisite for MATH213, which I'm also enrolled for. I hope they still let me take it. It's not my fault the prereq was cancelled. And I doubt there's really anything learned in 212 that I can't pick up just from taking 213. They're the same concept, just 212 is for teaching more basic math and 213 is for geometry-type-stuff. I emailed my advisor to let her know what's going on and ask her advice.

Oh, and it seems like no one's hiring but restaurants. Justin talked to his manager for me at Safeway and introduced me, but Safeway has a hiring freeze on currently; the manager said they're trying to shuffle current employees around before hiring new ones since some stores are understaffed but others are overstaffed. But he also said that no one wants to move, so they're having trouble; no one wants to drive too far to work. Starbucks isn't actively hiring. Heather said her work is hiring because a lot of their girls went home for the summer, and she said that she thinks I could teach a summer camp with no problem; if she says so, I'll believe her. It's a little intimidating since she works at a place where they coach gymnastics, and she used to be world-class. But she said she'll talk to her boss and ask for me. She also said starting is $9/hr while training. And it sounds like I could get at least semi-decent hours. So here's hoping, but I won't find out until she gets back from wherever she went with Dennis this weekend. It's crazy how great my roommates are though. Justin and Heather both so willing to help. I know I'm a bit of a shut-in, kind of on the antisocial side, but they're still so helpful.

People can be so wonderful.

Also, I'm reading Warbreaker, Sanderson's free e-Book. It's interesting; his worlds always are. I think he did a better job in Mistborn of introducing names of places and concepts more gradually and naturally, but I'm curious about the world and the magic system, so I'm along for the ride. He's releasing it in book form for sale in early June; I'll almost certainly buy it, if only to support him. Maybe I'll buy Elantris too and give it another shot.
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Costs continue to mount. There's a baseline fee for each summer session, which means taking three classes this summer (stretched between both sessions) will be about $3,000. So it'll probably end up equalling the cost of going for another year between all the different summer classes I'll have to take. If I wasn't so intent on graduating on time, I'd have second thoughts about not just adding a fifth year.

But it's okay. It'll be worth it. And at least I won't be paying room and board.

I signed up for summer classes and the majority of my fall classes today. I need to be stamped for more credits in order to add my final class, but that's not so bad since I don't know yet whether that class will be a fiction workshop or the third required math class. I have to admit... I'm probably only so adamant that I'll take the fiction workshop if I get in because it's later in the day so I won't have to get up as early. But I'm thinking I may have to skip it even if I am accepted. I'll probably talk to Johnna about it, because I don't want to be rude by dropping it, but it's probably best. And to be honest, writing for my writers' house workshop that semester may be enough work.

Tomorrow I have trivia at Hooters. I bought a lab coat at the student union so I could dress as a doctor; the theme is health trivia. I still need to make the questions. Corporate will be there so Jordan's got high expectations.

Also I just realized my next French quiz is during my followup appointment for my eyes. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow about taking it another time. Maybe Wednesday, or earlier on Friday. Still need to cancel the one on Bolling. I've postponed that enough.

Tchah. Getting tired.
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I had my advising appointment, and it went really well. My advisor is adorable and super enthusiastic. She stamped all the courses I may take this summer and next semester so I can register for them. I'll be tough -- I'll have to take courses every summer, maybe even the summer after senior year, and maybe a winter class or two as well. Meaning I'll have to take 8-9 courses outside the regular school year (including this summer). Dude that's over $6,000. But still less than another year of school. Readjusts my costs though to another 14 - 15 thousand in loans unless I get help somewhere along the way. Crap.

Anyway under the cut I'll organize it out.

Boring things like lists of course names )

So that's that. I almost hope I don't get into my fiction workshop because that'd mean one less summer or winter class I have to take. At the same time, I really do want to take the workshop. I need to encourage myself to write.

Finding time to work will be a challenge. If I get work study, I plan to sign up for America Reads * America Counts, a tutoring program with local schools that does pay for work study (but otherwise is strictly volunteering). It'd be experience toward education, and also help me pay for school. So I'll cross my fingers for that. I think I may have missed the deadline to sign up for the fall though. Hope not. And not working is not an option. I have too many bills.

Guess that's it for now.
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So I picked the five stories I'm most likely to work on, made sure each had a neatly formatted Word document, and created a shortcut to each on my desktop. I chose:

The Legend of Zelda: Elemental Force - my old monster of a story. It centers around the idea that when Zelda reset time at the end of Ocarina of Time in order to allow Link a real childhood, an alternate timeline was created for the realm of the living in order to keep Ganondorf sealed in the Realm of the Exiled. The ocarina's fragile magic maintains the dual timelines for the seven years up until the moment time was reset, but then it is stretched too far and shatters, causing the realms to fracture. Din, Nayru, and Farore send out anchors to hold the realms together, but they can't repair the damage until the elemental temples jarred by the fracture are restored to balance. The Triforce pieces go to their rightful Guardians: Link, Zelda, and a thief from whom Ganondorf stole the Triforce of Power, more rightfully known as the Triforce of Strength. The thief has remembered his nightmarish alternate past all along as no one knew to suppress his memories, which made him seem insane; Zelda remembered her alternate past shortly before the ocarina's magic shattered; and Link does not remember, and likely will not now that the alternate history has lapsed.

The Legend of Zelda: The Evil Realm - also one I've tried to write before, but not as many times and not as long drafts. Also set after Ocarina of Time, with time having been reset. Link dimly remembers his alternate past, and clearly remembers his adventures in Termina. It's enough to make life really boring for him since the world isn't in need of saving. He spends a lot of time roaming the Lost Woods, kind of hoping for something exciting to happy. While avoiding a pack of wolfos, he stumbles across a set of giant rusty iron doors and passes through. On the other side, he finds that there are no doors through which to return to Hylia, and this new world severely weakens Tatl, who decided to remain with him after Termina. There is no magic in this new world, and the fairy requires magic to survive. The new world, he soon finds, is our Earth, and he meets Rali, a kokiri who wandered through the same doors seven years ago and aged in the absence of magic. She is his guide to Earth, and through his undaunted insistence that they can find a way back to Hylia, she regains hope in trying to make her way back home.

Horizon - a Kingdom Hearts story set after the events of KH2 and assuming that Axel is Riku's Nobody, and that as long is Riku is alive and whole, Axel cannot truly die. When a Nobody dies but his Heartless still exists, the thin strand of soul still connecting them snaps back to the Heartless, giving it all the Nobody's memories. The new being created, something slightly more than a Heartless but not whole either, is called a Wraith. The Organization's Wraiths after KH2 are Ienzo (Zexion), Braig (Xigbar), Vane (Saix), and Lourd (Luxord). Using the combined knowledge of Heartless and Nobody, Ienzo learns that the Keyblade is really more of a force which manifests physically to hearts that are strong enough to wield the power. He sets about using the remnants of Xemnas' artificial Kingdom Hearts to try to manufacture his own Keyblade, and in the process sends a shockwave through the world that, among other things, separates Sora and Kairi from their Nobodies once more.

For a Soul - original erotica based off of a twisted version of The Little Mermaid, combining aspects of the original Hans Christian Anderson tale, the Disney story, and my own ideas.

Blood and Heat - the rewrite of the Blood and Heat already listed in my writing index.

I suppose I'll post them here as I write. If I get far enough on the fanfictions, I'll start posting them on fanfiction.net.

ETA: So I remember: Derek and Leara.
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So I was afraid I'd lose my job today at work. I went to the image class meeting assuming, hey, there are forty of us, someone will be able to cover my shift for me this morning. But no one could. Jordan had me call Margaret (he wanted me to tell her I was disappointed that she didn't handle it better finding me coverage) but she just said that if someone would work a double for me she'd try to let them go home before the Cowboys game tonight. In the end, since there were six of us scheduled, Jordan said if all of us showed up he'd let me go home and run a five floor.

So I stayed to wait. Not that I would have worked, but I figured that if all five of the other girls showed up and I stayed until then, it would look better to Jordan. And if they didn't, I'd deal with it then. But they all did show up, and he let me go home, and for my trouble waiting I learned an awesome card trick from the bartender Monica.

Last night I got very little sleep because I got far too much sleep yesterday: I slept until almost 2:30. And while I was lying awake being unable to sleep until 4 in the morning, I decided to go ahead and come up with some serious resolutions for the new year.

Under the cut... )

Also, I need to find gifts for Justin, Alli, Dennis, and Heather. I'm thinking something Yoshi for Justin, maybe a plush or some funny Yoshi pajamas. I'm thinking a board game for Dennis and Heather, just address it to both of them, but make sure it's a fun one. And I'll consult Danny for Alli. I also need to get presents for my family. :( I think maybe a giftcard to a nice restaurant for my parents, and then something from Spencer's or Hot Topic for my brother. I don't know where the closest one is down there so I think I'll let him pick something off the website that's $35 or less.
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Let's see. I've gotten some decent studying done, but not much else. I started on one of the books for stupid-class, but by 'start' I mean, well, two chapters. And they're little chapters, this isn't a six chapter book or anything. I read the Noh plays I need to make up before and took notes, so writing a little two-page blurb or so shouldn't be a problem... but there's still a lot of other shit I need to do. And I work tomorrow night. So fuck.

The stuff for stupid-class can be put off a while longer, I think. I guess I should probably do the one that's actually due on Tuesday, no sense in making it late when I'm actually there. But the make-up assignment, what's another day or two?

Um. Beyond that. I had my birthday dinner with Danny's parents tonight (I guess it's yesterday now...). They got me two $50 gas cards, very useful; a shirt and skirt set; and a watch with interchangeable bands. I love how I'm a part of their family so much that they get me birthday presents... and not just little $10 trinkets. She must have spent as much as $150 on me. Danny and I got her mother's day cards, and I got her one from Hobbes too because I saw it and couldn't resist.

I worked today and looked at the schedule and realized Debra changed it. Now I'm scheduled to work Wednesday and whichever weekend day I wasn't scheduled on before. Which freaking sucks. If ever there was a time I didn't need her adding days to my schedule without talking to me about it first, it's now. It's the end of the semester, finals are next week, I don't need to deal with this crap right now! I'm going to try to cover my shift on Wednesday, but even if I can't get it covered I'm not going to work. I won't just flake, I'll tell them I'm not coming. But I'm not going to go. They changed it on me after I was already scheduled to have off. It's the day after my birthday (when on my birthday I have class form 9:30AM to 9PM including two big tests), plus I have a shitload of studying/work left before finals. Kiss my ass, it isn't my problem, and if you want to fire me for it, I'll find a job that isn't freaking retarded. You need me way more than I need you, anyway.

I'm tired. Just waiting for Danny to be ready to go to bed.

On the plus side, I may not have to take my psych final. If I make a B+ or higher on the midterm Tuesday I won't go, assuming the final is one of the exams he'll drop. He's supposed to drop the lowest grade, I'm assuming that means the final if the final happens to be the lowest.

Er. So I'm messaging back and forth with both Deborah and my brother. I'm telling Cris how amazing Iron Man is because he gets to go see it next weekend. With Deborah, we're figuring out roommate stuff and sort of getting to know each other a little.

I guess that's it. Tired now.
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I hate my AM honors teacher. As a teacher, I mean... as always hesitant to say I actually hate a person. But she's like... some kindergarten teacher who decided to come try teaching university, but never escaped the kindergarten mindset. She asks the dumb, "Did you bring enough for everyone?" question when you bring food to class -- I haven't had a single other teacher who gives a crap if you eat in class. I've even eaten genuine meals in class before, meaning I brought Panda Express to discussion twice. Once this semester, once last semester. I can't nod if in class or she'll have me stand up... today I was falling asleep so I leaned my head against my hand so that she couldn't see my eyes, but it just looked like I was looking down at the literature we were discussing. I totally caught a few winks like that, too, until Mike nudged my foot and whispered that she was staring at me.

I understand not wanting people to fall asleep in your class. But I don't fall asleep in my other two honors seminars. It's not my fault she's boring and has no idea what she's doing as a teacher. Once in a while I'll nod off in lecture, but of course they don't give a crap there. It's ridiculous, this happened last semester too. The class I thought I'd like best turned out to be my least favorite. All because of the teacher, too. This semester I'm definitely filling out the survey about my teacher for testudo so I can look at what other students said about the teachers I'm looking at having next semester.

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I'm really excited about looking into jobs for the summer and next semester to get me away from working at Starbucks. I love the company (as a company to work for, maybe not to buy from), but I have such bad luck with getting a good manager there. I'm going to see about working full time at the gym over the summer, but if they won't let me I'll either have to get another part time job, perhaps manning the desk at Dorchester if possible to get a leg in for next semester, or try to work out doing full time during orientation and also part time at the gym. That would ease my mom's mind, at least. She's really worried about where I'll stay over the summer. She's still concerned that I could break up with Danny at any time, but I just don't see that happening. We've never even come close.

All this assuming I get hired for these positions, and god I hope so. I'm really hoping full time at the gym is possible during the summer... I mean, wouldn't they lose a lot of their employees over the summer because they go home to visit family?

I've babbled long enough for today.
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I finally revised Moonfall to fix the ending. At least, I think the new ending is better. And this morning on my way to class I stopped to mail it to Writers of the Future. I've decided that I've put off trying to get published long enough out of fear that I would get published and no longer qualify for WotF. A) How likely is it that I will get published anytime soon, especially considering the amount of writing I've been doing lately? And B) Even if I do, I'm still qualified for the contest until I've gotten four short stories published, and hey, that would take a helluva while. So if I don't win this go round (which, I mean, I'm hoping, but it's that crossed-fingers, doubtful hoping), I'll probably still qualify for several quarters. I need some motivation to write, after all. I'm more likely to write a new potential entry for WotF if I'm seeking to be published in short story magazines than if I'm just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the current contest results.

Anyway, Danny's semi-supportive, though you can tell it's of no real interest to him. He did promise he'd read a short story of mine if it won the contest and was actually published, and I'll damn well hold him to it. Luckily for him, there's no telling how long that'll take. I really like Moonfall as a story, but I can definitely see it not cutting it. The main event in the story is a catastrophe that there's no real way to see coming. I wrote it just to chronicle Moonfall as it occurred in one place, after all -- how it affected two characters. I'm just not sure it'll cut it. I'm really hoping it'll at least make finalist status and get marked up by the judges, though, with tips and suggestions.

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So Valentine's Day is this Thursday. Danny, Dennis, Heather and I are going to Medieval Times. Since it's the month of Danny's birthday, he gets in free. I'm going to pay for his beer as a sort of V-Day present... apparently he spent a lot of time finding a really nice present for me. My clues are he's worried it won't fit and he asked what my pant size is. Which... I have no idea. Apparently I said I wanted it once. I can only think of mentioning an open-backed dress, but that has little to do with pant size. I guess I'll see.

Danny got me a corset to wear on Valentine's. It was really luck we found it. We got it for 10% off because it was damaged, and his mom fixed it for me. It's red, very Valentine's.

Next week is Danny's birthday. I've been saving money to take him on a ski trip, but if we're staying overnight we need to book it ASAP. He didn't realize how close it is, so he hasn't even asked if he can have that Friday off yet. As a manager, he's expected to work Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I guess we'll see. I don't know what we'll do if he can't have that day off. I was really looking forward to this. We can just go skiing for a single day, which is probably what he'll opt for. Or I'll give him the money toward an iPhone - it'll be a huge chunk of the cost.



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