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So of our six group members only two of us showed up yesterday to work on our paper for COMM. I was one, of course. So when it came for group member evaluations, everyone but myself and Daniela got pretty low grades for the paper, at least from Daniela and me.

I added some Hooters pictures to my scrapbook. I'll add other pictures sometime this week hopefully; I have to connect my camera to my computer, but the cable's at home.

I also figured out how to sort the albums by most recently updated! Yay! So to go to the normal scrapbook there's the link on the side, but to see most recently updated click on the pics below.

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So I made $148 today after giving my trainee $25 because one of the tables left a crazy tip because they liked her so much. Jordan made me head wait. He wants me to do both trivia Tuesday nights and Are You Smarter Than A Hooter Girl on Thursday nights. Meh.

I have a lot of laundry to fold. Bleh.

So I finally added pictures to my gallery again. Some of them are really cruddy quality because I just cropped them in Preview instead of making them pretty in Photoshop, but I guess I don't really care. I'm not going to do my usual three preview pics, just one, but whatever.

Two new galleries (you have to go to the next page of galleries to see them). Also, a couple pics added to Photography, Hooters, and Campus Squirrels. I think that's it.
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Still getting over the last of my cold. God it's a long lasting bugger. I don't feel like crap anymore, I just occasionally cough uncontrollably and sometimes still have a bit of congestion.

We're about to watch How I Met Your Mother, which we had to download because the DVR flipped out and decided not to record it. Which is weird; it's ranked first in priority, so it should never have a problem. Oh well.

Had my stat exam tonight. I feel like I did fine, only one problem that kind of stumped me at the end. I had to use my iPhone sneaky-like because it was the only calculator I had.

Posted some pictures of Bear and of squirrels on campus. I'm too lazy to do my normal preview thing.

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I finally finished rereading A Feast for Crows. I was hoping by some miracle that rereading it would be the magical sign for George R.R. Martin to post that he finished the book and it will be published soon, but no such luck. Ah well. I'll try to find the Hedge Knight.

Danny and I had a great time in Florida. I took a ton of pictures, they took forever to resize and upload. I need to nap (I have a double at work tomorrow) so I'll keep this short. But I loved seeing my mom again, and my brother, and everyone. Danny was put off by some aspects of Bonifay, but seemed to enjoy others. It did rain buckets the whole time (nearly), which was horrible.

I'm so excited about school. I went on the Writers' House field trip today and it was awesome. I met a bunch of people and really liked a couple. This guy John is also into fantasy and such. I spent most of the day with him, and he gave me a ride from Lot 1 to Lot 2 when we got back to school. (Lot 2 is surprisingly far from Lot 1.) I probably won't see him too often since he doesn't live in Dorchester and he's a senior and second-year in Writers' House, so unless he hangs out at Dorchester regularly we'll probably only have mandatory events together. Meh.

I also liked Maja, another fantasy writer, though I didn't spend as much time with her. She's also second-year, so I don't know if I'll see her around much, but hopefully. And I liked some first-years too, I'll get closer to them as I see them around the dorm.

But now to nap. I leave you with pictures. I updated Oddments (now titled Summer 08), added a gallery underneath it, and added two top-level galleries (Florida 08 and Writers' House). I wish there was a way to add pictures to the beginning of an album rather than the end. It's a pain in the ass to move them around, so I tend to just leave them where they are.

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I got embarrassing drunk last night. Some combination of having rum instead of vodka, the quantity of rum, and the raisin bran that was the last thing I ate before drinking. I threw up hardcore. It was so disgusting, and I never want to do it again. Yikes.

At any rate, I finally uploaded some pictures. Some from Joel and Sania's wedding, some from Hooters, and a couple random ones.

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Ha. We drank last night, and I just woke up maybe 15 minutes ago. We went to bed at 2:30... but still. I haven't woken up to a PM time in forever, and it makes me feel kind of bad. I guess my body probably needed it. I also haven't been able to just sleep as long as my body desired in a while. Plus I did some good exercise yesterday -- running and some strength training on the Bowflex -- and it's entirely possible that my body needed extra time to heal after that since I decided to drink last night.

I didn't have that much though. Just in the pretty tipsy zone, amplified by the fact that I was tired. He was so cute and sweet. He got to that tipsy zone where he was very affectionate and "You're so pretty," you know.

We discussed threesomes. )

Well anyway. We saw Get Smart Thursday night/Friday morning, and I liked it quite a lot more than I thought I would. I actually love the Rock as an actor (I know he's going by Dwayne Johnson now but he'll always be the Rock to me), and I loved that Max Smart really did know what he was doing for the most part, really deserved to be an agent, just made a lot of hilarious rookie mistakes.

My favorite line was definitely, "What about Chuck Norris with a BB gun?" x) You'd have to see the movie to get it, but it was awesome.

Meh. I'm getting hungry. I should go get some McDonalds.

ETA Uploaded three more pictures. Not really worth checking out since the three previews are literally the only pictures added... but hey. The deer were very close by in daylight, which is a miracle... and the tanning heart I took after I tanned yesterday evening.

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Worked 6am to 10:30am today. Well, more accurately 5:50am... I opened with Chris, who is always early, and as I'm always early too it works out. Marden didn't want to spend 8 1/2 hours working with the guy but I don't think he's bad to work with at all. Just maybe not as fun as some of the other shifts... but still cool.

Went to the reading/signing at Barnes & Noble in Tysons, too. Philip Pullman. Didn't stay long... I didn't know there was going to be a reading first, and there was a long wait for the signing anyway. But I saw him talk some, and I flipped through his new book. I decided it wasn't too disappointing. If I really was a huge fan I would have bought the new book but I decided against it. Now, if it had been George RR Martin or Orson Scott Card I would have stayed. The only reason I don't have The Hedge Knight yet is because I haven't run across it. I haven't looked particularly hard but if I saw it I'd buy it. And then there's Rowling, who I probably wouldn't wait for because the line would wind through the whole store and out into the mall... she's just so famous.

I need to exercise. I wanted to bike with Danny or something when we got home but "his stomach's been bothering him". I should just run myself but I'm still kind of full... and disappointed. I might, anyway, after I finish this, I don't know. If not, then tomorrow. His mom told him he needed to exercise because he was gaining weight. He didn't seem to mind but I don't know if he just wasn't reacting on purpose.


ETA Picspam! Lots new pictures, mostly from Danny and Shane playing basketball today but also some Photography and two new Around the House pictures. I think that's it.

They're action shots in dimming light; the sun was sinking. So they're not that good, but I like them anyway.

I called Danny's mom and asked her if she needed an exercise partner. I figured it'd be easier for both of us if we exercised together... motivation wise, at least. She liked the idea and said she'd call me on her way home from work so we could meet to exercise. Yay!
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Found Avatar icons since I was suspiciously lacking.

Also, more picspam.

The picture in the middle? Yeah. That's a bottle of pee. Danny and I do weird things at night. x) Also, I finally got a couple halfway decent pictures of the deer in the neighborhood. A bunch of pictures were added to Photography, a couple to Oddments, and a subgallery with a couple pictures was added to Around the House.

Names is at 2,674 words. Like I said before, slow going, but at least it is going. I add at least a little every day, so far. I'll probably still add more today. I just finished Silk and Aerlun's meeting and Aerlun's near-enslavement... next will be a true introduction and an intro to the Whips, I think. As in, as of now Aerlun doesn't even know Silk's name, Silk just kept him from being collared.

Yeah, that's enough babbling about stuff no one gets but me. I was trying to find this Sora/Riku fanfiction I read a long time ago on adultfanfiction.net, before it was redesigned. I don't think I'll ever find the story again, to be honest, which is a shame since I liked it a lot. I can't remember the name, which is the biggest problem. I just remember it was after the original KH (KH2 hadn't come out yet, I don't think even CoM had come out yet), and upon leaving Kingdom Hearts Sora was caught and enslaved... and Riku finds him, and the only way to save him from his current master is to buy him away. Something like that, only much less lame than my explanation. It was definitely yaoi, fairly explicit boy-on-boy sex.

Uh yeah.

Oh! I saw a picture recently of these tattoos... this guy got the Triforce on one arm and the Deathly Hallows symbol on the other. I thought it was really cool. I wouldn't get the Deathly Hallows tattooed on me; I'm not into that particular Potter concept enough to make it a permanent part of my body. But it makes me really anxious to get my Triforce tattoo. For our two year anniversary, assuming we still want it, Danny and I are supposed to each get a Triforce tattoo... simple, but still managing to highlight courage for him and wisdom for me. We haven't decided yet, though, how to highlight our pieces or where his should go. We've got until November for that. Aside from that, I may someday get one other tattoo... perhaps involving turtles, since they're cute and my college mascot.
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I haven't been able to reach my mom to tell her my good grades. Sue gave me a mimosa to celebrate, though. There were a bunch of Harleys at their house when we went over today, so I took a bunch of pictures of them and other stuff... like Max. We also washed Danny's car. When we got home, it was getting dark and the deer were coming out, but I couldn't get a good picture. =(

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First of all, a few new pictures uploaded.

I also changed the layout of my scrapbook. I'm glad there's a selection for scrapbook layouts, even if it isn't that broad.

When I was dressing for work this morning, I looked up at the monitor for the security cameras and saw a deer crossing the hill of the driveway and a fox chilling at the top of the driveway, watching it I guess. I didn't make it outside to get pictures, which made me sad, but I thought it was awesome.

One of my teachers posted my final grade early, and it's an A. Unless something got screwed up in psych (it's hard to tell since they never actually gave us our grades, only the means to calculate them ourselves), that means that 7 credits of my 16 are for sure As. That's good. Now just waiting on the others... they're due to be posted on Tuesday, and I doubt anyone else posts early, or at least not significantly early.

I'm excited, though =D

Oh, and it's almost time for my six month review at work. The first time I worked at Starbucks I got a sixteen cent an hour raise at my six month review. I don't know what I'll get this time. I don't know if they'll take into account the raise I got the first time since when I was rehired it was at the base rate for new baristas. I do expect a good review though; George seems to really appreciate having me work there. He said he'll be starting my review on Monday.

I wonder what all the crap about raising employees to $8.80 an hour was at my old Starbucks? Clearly it never happened. A raise that substantial would be nice, though.

ETA I just checked on Testudo and all but one of my grades in my other classes posted, and they're all As. Even in the class I hated with the depth of my soul! The only one that hasn't posted is my favorite class from this semester, which I'm pretty sure I can expect an A in. I knew I wanted to make a 4.0 at least once but I didn't genuinely expect to do it this semester. At the very least I made the dean's list!

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So I'm all moved out of my dorm. Danny expected it to take a lot fewer trips and it made him grumpy for a few minutes when he realized how much junk I still had at my dorm, but it turned out fine. I sold my books to Bookholders at the advantaged rate, which means I'll get more money but have to wait until they sell them. I agreed to do it because the woman said I could always come back later and do cash now if the books weren't selling.

Now there's a bunch of crap in the back of my van that I have to find a place for tomorrow. A bunch will probably go in the attic, but I'm going to try to find a place for most of the books and such. I'm also going to go through the suitcase I already have in the attic and trash any clothes I'll never wear again, then consolidate whatever crap I can into the one suitcase that's mine.

Good thing I don't work tomorrow. I'll have time to sort through the mess.

We had champagne last night. Well, he mixed his with Red Bull and I had giant mimosas because I can't stand the taste of plain champagne. We played Eye of Judgment and did slightly less arguing than normal when we're drinking and playing that particular game, which is good.

Also I decided to drop my birth control dosage back down next time I go for a refill. I've been more emotional ever since starting birth control, and even worse since increasing the dosage.

Oh, and I added new pictures to my scrapbook.

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DUDE. The new male American Gladiator they revealed today, stage name Zen, is Urban Ninja. Like, no shit, Urban Ninja who's famous on youtube. His name is a mouthful: Xin Sarith Azuma Phan Wuku. Ha. Danny and I totally called it when he made his appearance, too. They were about to do the men's rock climbing event and I said, "I bet it's Rocket and Zen." (Rocket being the winning contestant from last season, a speed rock climber.) And Danny said, "Zen's thing is going to be flips." I wasn't convinced since most gladiators are muscly, flipping around just doesn't look practical for them, but sure enough he comes out and does about seven backflips XD

The event was awesome, too. Rocket straight passed his contender on the wall and was looking down at him gesturing like, "Come on, what? You can do it, come on!" And then when he came up some more yanked him the fuck down. Zen, on the other hand, came up next to his contender, slipped in between his body and the wall, and then grabbed his handholds and just pushed him off the wall. It looked slightly gay and freaking awesome.

Season finale of How I Met Your Mother tonight. And House! I'm excited =D

Also, I finished my take-home final. The teachers said to prepare as much as we want, but when we actually sit down to write it to time ourselves and not go over two hours. So I put my start time (6:30) and then started writing, and at 7:40 I was done. I was like, "Eh. I can't think of anything more to add." So I read through it... 7:45. I was like, "Oh well." I put the end time as 8:17 so it wouldn't look like I rushed or anything and then emailed it. (Hopefully she doesn't pay attention to the time I emailed it because I realized afterward that I emailed it before I said I'd finished it.) I mean, when I'm done, I'm done, and I write quickly. It would have taken longer on paper, which is probably the major difference.

Oh, and I started my LJ scrapbook with the pictures I took around the house today. There are some others I had stored on my computer already, too.


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