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So work, school, Danny, and Stories have kept me too busy to think about posting. This summer session is almost over, and thank god because my junior english teacher is the worst teacher I've had in my entire life. At first I thought she was just annoying, but not the worst; recently I've decided that she is, in fact, the absolute worst, no doubts about it.

Ranting about the evil teacher )

So that's incredibly frustrating. Enraging, really.

My other summer class is much nicer. More appropriate, I think. There's an appropriate amount of work--we've had two projects that require out-of-class work, plus normal class stuff (keep in mind these are only 6 week courses)--and she grades more normally, if not more relaxed than normal.

Stories has slowed down considerably but I haven't lost hope. I do wish I had more methods for speeding things up there, but it's difficult. I don't know what else I can add. I need to send out an activity check. I think I'll go do that.

And work stuff. I think I'll skip that for now.
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So of our six group members only two of us showed up yesterday to work on our paper for COMM. I was one, of course. So when it came for group member evaluations, everyone but myself and Daniela got pretty low grades for the paper, at least from Daniela and me.

I added some Hooters pictures to my scrapbook. I'll add other pictures sometime this week hopefully; I have to connect my camera to my computer, but the cable's at home.

I also figured out how to sort the albums by most recently updated! Yay! So to go to the normal scrapbook there's the link on the side, but to see most recently updated click on the pics below.

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Getting so close to the end of the semester. Which means I'm almost 21. Which means I have one week to write a big paper for Comm (with five partners, so not quite the workload, but still big). And like... stuff.

I took my phil midterm. Think it went fine. Probably another B, if only because she's a harsh grader. (The TA. The prof doesn't give a crap, haha.)

I have a bio midterm on Wednesday and it's important that I do well since I bombed the last one (but they drop one). I've been studying on and off this weekend and today, and I plan on studying more... I'm going to write down anything that would be difficult to remember practically verbatim. And look up a couple topics that weren't clear to me.

I gave up on the personal training course. It's more important to do work for my credit classes. And catch up on sleep.

I think the fan in my laptop broke, so I'm trying to use it for brief periods of time and then let it cool until I can take it to a Mac store for service. The warranty is still in effect, so time's the only question.

I'm thinking about picking up a few days a week at Starbucks again. The schedule there is more flexible, so I can get in hours on days I couldn't at Hooters. Plus I just can't bear the idea of working more than two days a week at Hooters anymore. Let Hooters be where I get my extra cash. Starbucks can be my 'main' job again, even if it's only 12 or so hours a week. Hopefully a little more than that though.
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So today is really very mixed good and bad. )

Also, Hogsmeade's running at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite now. I even made time to enter a couple of the contests already. There's no way I'll be able to do any of the more time-consuming ones, but I might get to a couple shorter ones tomorrow too.

And starting next Monday my work availability will be any time but Wednesdays, Sundays, and after 4pm on Saturdays. I made sure George had seen it, and he said yes and he'll be making the schedule for that week on Monday. Technically I have about the same number or more available hours as before, but it's awesome for me since it means I won't work Danny's days off or close Saturdays, and it'll just be work, no school. For the summer, at least...

And I really have to work on transferring to College Park. I guess it's not so pressing for this summer, but during next semester it'll be much more convenient working at the College Park Starbucks.
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Found lolcat icons. Danny does not approve. I never thought I'd run out of space with 112 icons, but I'm getting there. Now every time I find new icons I try to go through and prune ones I don't really use but didn't really want to get rid of just to preserve the space I have left.

I've been reading The Ruined Map today. It's really weird. It's definitely more similar to American reading than that crazy Dunes one, but still... odd. It keeps mention of names to a minimum; the only ones mentioned in the narrative so far are I think the guy the detective's looking for and this coworker of the guy who the detective has talked to. Even the missing guy's wife doesn't have a name mentioned in the narrative, or her brother who dies.

I'm 2/3s of the way through so far and there's been a main character death, a raping, an organization of homosexual runaway boys... and various weird trains of thought. Also the narrator's wife popped up randomly in the middle of the book with no previous indication that he even had a wife.

But yeah. I need to finish it tomorrow and write the paper. I believe in class the moron teacher told us we could email it by Monday, but the original due date was Friday so I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. I did procrastinate today... I got the most productive part of the reading done in the last two or three hours before Danny got home. But I did, however, write the reflections on the exhibits I had to go to. Which I did go to -- yesterday, at the Freer and Sackler galleries in DC. They were cool. We also went through the Smithsonian for fun, and I really wished I had my camera already. It should arrive on Saturday.

Danny thinks the Hufflepuff chat is "loser"ish. I visited for a couple minutes to see what it was like. I think I'll go more during Hogsmeade this weekend if I can do it when Danny isn't there to tell me how I'm a loser. Also, mentioning him in a post it much harder when he's actually paying attention.
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I got my paper back in my evening honors seminar! I got an A+! He only marked on the paper itself once, and at the end with my A+ he wrote "Outstanding!" I'm very pleased. It's 30% of my grade, and it's the first A I've gotten on a paper this major... in college, that is.

The final's looking kind of daunting, though. He put 60 names of people on the board who we need to know for the final. And at least ten of them are "Ibn" somebody-or-other, or "Al-" somebody-or-other. I'm sure it won't be that bad. I was the one who asked him to name people we might need to know from the course because on the midterm the one question I totally blanked on was identification of Ibn Hayyam or something like that, who ended up being an Arabic/Muslim scientist whose method of study in optics revolutionized science. But I'm sure most of the test won't require remembering specific names, or at least not the weird ones. People like Einstein, John Locke, Newton, Aristotle, and Plato won't be difficult to recall. It's the Ibns and random little dudes I'm worried about.

Oh, and Bear ate the temporary license plates off of Danny's new car =D
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I am so annoyed x_x; The honors seminar on the solar system I signed up for next semester got moved from 11 to 12:30, which made it conflict with my French class. Stupid fuckers! Make sure the schedule is final before you allow us to add shit! Now I'm going to have to take a "current issues in biology" honors seminar from 3:30 to 4:45, later than I wanted to stay in school. But I guess seeing as that makes my Tuesday start at 1 and my Thursday at 3:30 it isn't all that bad. I would have time to work before or after school if College Park takes me.

Still, it's frustrating to have your nice, beautiful schedule screwed around with because some idiot went, "Ooops, that time's not so good for me, let's move it an hour and a half." I. Shoot. You. In your foot.

I collected a crapload of ASOIAF icons yesterday when I should have been doing homework. They're awesome. Someone in my lovely common room directed me to [livejournal.com profile] fanmoot, which looks amazing so far. Too bad I have to do a crapload of homework now instead of exploring it and [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite fully. I'll have a little time this weekend, probably, but before then I won't be able to play with them without feeling at least a little guilty.

Anyway. I still have to read The Ruined Map, go see two Japan-related events/exhibits and write reflections on them, write the 8-page paper on the two weird books, study for/take my geo final Thursday morning, do my take-home HONR267 final, and take my HONR219V final next Tuesday. And I close tomorrow night. It's only four hours, but the time is really inconvenient because those would have been pretty ideal studying hours. And if I stay with Danny tomorrow night then I have to get up at 6:30 Thursday morning to make it to my final... but if I stay at the dorm, I have to go there after closing at 9 Wednesday night. And I'd probably have to go home and shower first. Basically it sucks.

ETA I FORGOT TO SAY. House last night was amazing. Weird and amazing. I've missed crazy ass episodes like that. ♥ Like, so good that I can't bring to mind what How I Met Your Mother was about last night, and lately I've been liking that more.

Note to self: assistant undersecretary of only okay
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Freewriting for class... )

I liked this unit of my HONR267 class. It was dance, so it was very artistic and not as rigidly or traditionally structured as the others. For the paper, we could perform in class and then write a reflection on it instead of the 4-6 page formal paper required in other units. Since we only have to write papers on two units, the first and one of our choice, I chose this unit. Writing isn't exactly a performance art, though, so I hope what I'm turning in is satisfactory. I also hope it isn't late; I heard her in class saying that we could turn it in by Monday since she wouldn't be checking her email this weekend anyway, but the syllabus says it was due Friday at 5pm.

Whatever, I'm done now. I hope I get an A. I got a B on the last one. I tried to incorporate all aspects of the question/prompt on the dance page, so hopefully it'll be good.

So I'm waiting for Danny to get home. He had to work today; usually he's off on Sundays, but today was the release of Mario Kart. Speaking of which, I should play that until he gets home. And I need to remember to print out my lab for tomorrow morning. At least Thursday I get to pick out my schedule for next semester. That'll be a relief to have set out.

Work today pretty much sucked. Lydia elected not to show up -- again, apparently. Yesterday she called ten minutes before she was supposed to come in (Bre reported to me, since I wasn't there) to ask when she was supposed to work, and when Bre told her, she huffed and hung up... and never showed up, never called back, nothing. Today she didn't call at all. She's so fired. Anyway, somebody from Langley Park came to cover her shift, but she didn't get there for almost three hours after Lydia was due to start... and then I was supposed to skip my lunch and leave a half hour early, but I ended up skipping my lunch and staying fifteen minutes late. I guess it's okay. It's more hours.

So I'll go. I need to brush my teeth.
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So the continuation of the last post was actually written today... but I'm updating again.

I found another reason today why I need a digital camera. When I was getting out of my car at the parking garage to go to interviews at my gym, I saw this family of geese chilling near the entrance to the garage. By the time I got down to them, they were actually sitting just inside the entrance on the concrete, taking up a 'lane' -- incoming traffic could get past normally, but anyone going out would have had to go around them. They were so cute! Two adult geese and five fuzzy baby geese. I took pictures on my cell, but those can't compare to the sort of pictures I'd be able to take if I had a digital camera. But my mom's gonna price cameras for my birthday, so hopefully I'll have one soon. My birthday's in two weeks! I'm really hoping that once I have a digital camera, Danny and I will take way more pictures when we do special stuff like Medieval Times, Halloween, and go skiing/to theme parks. We don't have pictures from most of these things that we've done in the last year or so. I think it's the inconvenience of getting film developed that stops me now.

Sooo. I have stuff to write. I need to enter the Cards challenge at [livejournal.com profile] the_dead_muse, and I have a paper due by email by Friday at either 4:30 or 5:30, I forget which, for HONR267. Anyway, the paper is for the dance and movement unit, and it seems like we'll have more leniency than the papers for other units. The other kids are going to do performances for class, which will constitute the main portion of the 'paper', and then write a reflection based around the performance and how the unit influenced it. Since my art is writing, I can't really do a performance, but I'm thinking I might freewrite since the dance lecturer mentioned how similar coming up with dance is to freewriting... and then do a reflection on that. I'll bounce the idea off my section leader tomorrow to see what she thinks. It'd be great, too, since I haven't done any freewriting in ages. The exercise could be really great for me.

Anyway, I just got back from helping Danny precount his store for inventory tomorrow. He's still there... it was getting late for me, so I left before everything was wrapped up because I have school tomorrow. There wasn't much left. The entire front of the store and part of the back room were counted. All that was left was the massive section of hanging accessories on one of the back walls. When I left they were trying to decide how to organize said section to count it most effectively. Anyway, it was a boring task, and I decided that Danny's job sucks. There are inventories twice a year for each store, plus there are usually about eight or more managers at each inventory... meaning each manager has to go to a number of inventories, not just their own. The rest of the year the job seems pretty chill, but for a month or two every six months, god it has to suck.

I'm going to nap until Danny calls me to say he's coming home.
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So I finished my research paper for HONR219V (which I am currently half-listening to) in record time compared to what I was expecting. I finished in my second class this morning because the lecture was next to pointless. I missed both lectures last week but he's STILL on plate tectonics and volcanoes etc. even though that was what he left off on the Thursday before last. So yeah. I skipped Psych to attempt to do the smaller assignment for HONR219V (it was checked out at the library, but I got to it later) because I find that I can actually study the Psych book reliably and even learn better than just attending lecture. Plus he's been getting really good lately about posting his lectures online, and his notes are even better than the ones I take in class.

Now I just really hope I get an A on the paper. I have no way of telling... I feel like I did pretty well, but I do have about equal tendency of writing the exact topic my teachers wanted or straying just enough to lose a letter grade or two. I'm pretty hopeful since the topic was broad: Contraception as concerns science, religion, and freedom. No specific question to answer, which is my main weakness, it seems.

Cont'd... )
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I finally revised Moonfall to fix the ending. At least, I think the new ending is better. And this morning on my way to class I stopped to mail it to Writers of the Future. I've decided that I've put off trying to get published long enough out of fear that I would get published and no longer qualify for WotF. A) How likely is it that I will get published anytime soon, especially considering the amount of writing I've been doing lately? And B) Even if I do, I'm still qualified for the contest until I've gotten four short stories published, and hey, that would take a helluva while. So if I don't win this go round (which, I mean, I'm hoping, but it's that crossed-fingers, doubtful hoping), I'll probably still qualify for several quarters. I need some motivation to write, after all. I'm more likely to write a new potential entry for WotF if I'm seeking to be published in short story magazines than if I'm just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the current contest results.

Anyway, Danny's semi-supportive, though you can tell it's of no real interest to him. He did promise he'd read a short story of mine if it won the contest and was actually published, and I'll damn well hold him to it. Luckily for him, there's no telling how long that'll take. I really like Moonfall as a story, but I can definitely see it not cutting it. The main event in the story is a catastrophe that there's no real way to see coming. I wrote it just to chronicle Moonfall as it occurred in one place, after all -- how it affected two characters. I'm just not sure it'll cut it. I'm really hoping it'll at least make finalist status and get marked up by the judges, though, with tips and suggestions.

Further blathering about writing, school, etc. )
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My god. So I stayed up until 3 last night to finish the comm speech and 8-10 page gov paper due today. The gov paper? Yeah, I started it yesterday. I had my research sources, just hadn't actually started or pulled quotes from the sources yet or anything. But I finished both. I did mostly well on the speech, I think, though there was one point when I was really shaky and tripping over my tongue. I recovered well at the end, so hopefully that'll make up for it. The paper... is 8 pages, if you're lenient, which my gov TA generally is. It's about 7 and 4/5ths pages, with 1.15" margins on the left and right, and the MLA style header of double spaced name, teacher, class, date, four lines to the title, four lines to the beginning of the paper. So basically formatted with a title page and 1" margins it'd probably be 7 pages, maybe a little on the 8th page, but... I can pray. Like I said, the TA's pretty lenient.

So I'm typing this on my pretty new Mac, which I got on Friday and is a large part of the reason I procrastinated so badly on the paper and speech. That and going to the Redskins game on Sunday, which was a total bummer. The game after Sean Taylor's death? C'mon guys, you should've won. It was just the Bills!

The j on this keyboard isn't as sensitive as the other keys. I have to consciously press it. Meh.

Anyway, I really like my new macbook. It's so light and fast, and iTunes finally works again, and man can it play movies. Streaming TV shows online is no problem. There are some drawbacks. Like Ruckus, the free online music downloading website affiliated with Maryland, only works with Windows Media Player. The Windows version. There's a Mac version apparently, but it doesn't work on that. So no legally free downloads of music. Meh. And I got Office for Mac, but when I put my powerpoint for my comm speech onto the class computer (Windows), it had a couple problems. The pictures didn't show up, and the font was enlarged. Still, it's a really good system, quick, and I have a feeling once I learn how to work everything properly I'll love it so much better than Windows.

So the end of the semester is fast approaching. I have a final next Thursday, and then three finals on Monday and Tuesday the week after that. Two on Monday and one on Tuesday. The two on Monday are going to suck because one's 8 to 10 and the other's 10:30 to 12:30, but at least the second isn't a real final. It's my honors seminar (which I've grown to hate, ironically, since I thought it'd be my favorite class), and we're just going to read our manifestos or some shit.

Sooo. I need to get the printer drivers from Danny's house so I can make my printer work with this computer. I fucked it up because apparently you aren't supposed to download printer installation to Leopard becomes it comes with all these printer drivers already. I had to uninstall the one I downloaded and delete the Lexmark folder, and I'll have to pull it back off the OS cd when I get to Danny's tonight. We're also supposed to go get a christmas tree from his uncle. Good thing I don't have anything else due until after the weekend... Ha, and Danny's so jealous of my macbook. He's wanted one for ages but I get one because my laptop decided to give out.
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So I finished the paper, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Other kids were up until the wee hours of the morning last night finishing it, but I finished mine at ten thirty last night. But then we all got to class with our papers... and our teacher wasn't there. We waited half an hour and then went home, agreeing to email him and ask what happened. When I got back, after talking to Danny for about twenty minutes, I went to my email and found an email from him saying "So obviously I wasn't in class..." blah blah, due to illness, email the papers, blah blah. Meh.

So I have an outline and rough bibliography due for my gov paper Thursday, and a group project on hydropower due Monday. Eegads. And of course stuff to do over Thanksgiving break, such as it is. Like the paper the outline is due for, and a history paper, and a paper for my honors seminar.

I hate schoolwork ;_;
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Sooo. I just realized Tuesday that I have a ten to twelve page paper due next Tuesday. I have to write it this weekend. It's an actual research paper, requires 15 academic sources. I have to text Alicia and let her know I have to postpone hanging out... x_x; Anyway, I have a detailed outline and bibliography due for an 8 - 10 page paper due next Thursday. And a history paper due after Thanksgiving break, and a speech due after Thanksgiving break. Waaah.

I think my grades so far are three As (two one credits, one three credit) and three Bs (three credits). I have to maintain a 3.2 for my scholarship. If those are the grades I get, I'll be safe at about a 3.3. If one one credit turns out to be a B, it'll be a 3.28 or something. But I can't get a C in a three credit, I can't afford it, so these papers and things are really important. I may even be able to bring one of the Bs up to an A. Comm maybe; I have a mid to high B in that class, with a paper, a speech, and I think a final left. And of course participation for all of these, generally around ten percent, which could be an absolute life saver. So we'll see.

I bought Danny's anniversary present. I took a Halloween picture of us as Link and Zelda and ordered a photo mosaic. All the little pictures making up the big picture of us will be artwork from Zelda games. By tomorrow the mosaic should be compiled for me to look at and see if it's to my liking. If it is, I'll accept it and it'll be shipped.

Okay, so I better text Alicia.
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Agh. I survived the paper due on Monday and the speech due on Tuesday. I still have an exam tomorrow. But by the end of the semester I'll have, among other (smaller) assignments, a government paper, a group presentation on a form of alternative energy for HONR100, and a research paper and speech for COMM200. By Monday I have to read a book and a half in history, plus a couple chapters in the text... and I have to write a blog for journalism... and a journal entry for HONR100. By Tuesday, government reading, reading for my honors seminar. I guess that's not so bad. My history midterm is the Monday after next. Hm. Anyway, so I have to study for my gov exam tomorrow. I have to read notes straight off my palm pilot since the damn thing won't sync with my computer. Blah.

I want my Danny. =/
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Danny's back from Vegas, that's good news. He's been back since Thursday. I went to pick him up with his mom in my nice black dress, which he liked. He got me this awesome outfit from Vegas, a twirly skirt and a tight matching shirt; I love it to pieces, and so does he when I'm wearing it ;D

Anyway. I have a paper due next Tuesday, a speech that could be due as early as next Thursday (there are a few days of speeches, we're having a lottery to determine the order of presentation), and a paper due the following Monday. Luckily the papers aren't too bad; the speech, though, might be a little rough. 6 - 8 minutes, I have to find an article/speech/etc about my topic (the negative impact of organized religion on society), dissect it, and argue whether it's sound or stupid. Including doing research for or against. So I need to make a trip from the library, because that seems a safer bet for research than teh internets, especially with all the complaining my comm teacher does about wikipedia.

So yeah. I think I know how to go about my honors seminar paper. It only has to be four pages, and while it troubled me at first, I puzzled out a plan on the toilet (always a good thinking place), and I think I'll be okay. The speech, though, I need to get started on, and soon. And the history paper (5 - 10 pages), but I'll probably start worrying about that after section on Monday. That'll give me a week, which is okay considering it's not actually a research paper. I hate research papers.

Ah, and exercise. I've been keeping up. I exercise everyday except when I go out with Danny and we get too busy to really think about it. I'm getting better. I can maintain a higher speed on the elliptical trainer without my heart exploding; toward the end my heart rate was 180, but through most of it I was around 174. I did 100 sit ups, 10 leg lifts, and 10 push ups at the gym, not to mention my stretches, and then went up the rock wall (which killed my forearms). Later that night at my dorm, I did 50 more push ups (in increments of 10, with five to ten minute breaks between some of them). That was yesterday, by the way. It seems like a long time ago since I had a nap today.

Anyway, tonight I have martial arts. Two hours. Hopefully my endurance is better now and they can't dish out anything I haven't been doing myself already. The only real difference is that martial arts is all compacted into two hours, whereas I can workout throughout the day if I want. Not that I do. I guess I just workout a little harder in a shorter amount of time. But a little harder in a significantly shorter amount of time doesn't work out exactly right. Oh well. My endurance'll catch up.


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