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Okay, so, life. I had my meeting with Suzanne... was both worse than and not as bad as I expected. Tracy thinks I'm behind on school work and I've been taking off days/being late to try to play catch up, and not talking to her about it. Which is far from the case. So, not quite what I expected, but at least she doesn't (exactly) think I'm a huge slacker. On the other hand, Suzanne warned me to expect Tracy to look in on me. Didn't happen this week between MSAs and Tracy having jury duty, but apparently I can expect her to pop in and see if I'm doing everything properly. I mean, I don't have the lesson plan book I'm supposed to, but aside from that... I do what I'm supposed to, so it should be okay.

I gained a ton of respect for Tracy at the seminar today. She let the class rant for an hour about how unreasonable and condescending our reading assessment professor is at the university and gave us advice on how to handle it. Very frank, helpful advice. And she demonstrated yet again how knowledgeable she is about classroom management. She has a treasure trove of random examples/experiences I never in a million years would have imagined. I'll be honest; I let my view of her as a supervisor color my view of her as a teacher. She's a fantastic teacher. She's not even a bad supervisor, she just has certain ways about her that don't mesh with my style, for lack of a better description.

Life is hectic. Danny is amazing through all of it, as I was practically bragging to Katie today. He drove to Whetstone during rush hour yesterday to fix my random flat tire, and drove my car for me today to get it fixed while I was at my internship. The thing with Morgan was hard, but I really think it made our relationship even stronger in the end. I think we both appreciate what we have more. I love the hell out of that man, and he's always showing the ways he cares about me.

My classmates are in a panic over our reading assessment class with Brie; I've had her before and she's crazy and condescending, but I'm making a high A in her class (I've only lost half a participation point overall so far, everything else has perfect marks) and although the upcoming workload seems overwhelming, I know I'll get through it like I always do. I did volunteer to speak to her with a couple other students about our concerns though--based on the advice Tracy gave. Some really great ideas. Approach it as the needs we have in order to get out of her course what we know she wants us to get out of it, like better clarification of expectations on assignments, examples of assignments before they're due instead of after people have fucked them up, and less of a workload. I told Lauren, who's ring-leading this confrontation, that I don't want her to feel we're ganging up on her, so I don't have to come, but if they want the support I'm there.

I also told Katie I'd look over her papers before she submits them if she likes. She's not a writer the way I am, which makes it hard for her. Brie, from what we can tell, is super-biased against imperfect grammar and writing mechanics, so I'm thinking if I can fine-tune Katie's papers she can get better marks.

I have some great behavior incentive stuff to try when I get the chance. I'm thinking I'll order the mailbox thing I want for the classroom, too, even though it's really more expensive than I want to pay for right now.

Big plans for SynTru--another example of money I shouldn't spend but really want to. Assirra has offered to add IP.Blog, and I want IP.Content too. Each is $50. I think they could really work wonders on the site... meh. We'll see how that pans out. Right now we're kind of surveying member opinions to see how popular they'd be if added. Assirra and Zap have worked wonders with SynTru since I haven't had time for it anymore. I'm constantly amazed by their dedication.

Speaking of, I have a piece of feedback due today. I think I'll go do that now.
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Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day :D Danny and I celebrated Saturday. Just stayed in with alcohol, video games, Magic: the Gathering, and movies.

I've made lame money the last few shifts at work. Here's hoping the weekend will be better, because we'll need the money. Haven't heard back from Baka, our real estate agent, in a few days. Last we heard, the bank's figuring out the amount left due on the loan for the place so they can come back with a counter offer. I hope they get to it very soon. We need to get the heck out of this place.

School is hectic. Well, life in general. Internship 8-4 Monday through Friday, with an hour-long commute--though I do tend to leave around 3 fairly often to get to work/uni class/mandatory seminars. Three days a week at Hard Times--generally Monday and Friday evening, plus either Saturday or Sunday. Tuesday evening class at the university. Tutoring Shane on Wednesday. And a seminar about every other week on Thursday in a random location.

Teaching is good. I vastly prefer math and reading to science or social studies. I look at science and I'm just kind of like... "What am I going to do, exactly?" There's so much to choose from, but so little time to teach it. I'm taking over science now (slowly), so it's... blah. But reading is really good. It's so freeform you can do almost anything. And the kids are really taking to their writing journals. They love getting feedback.

I had to leave early today for my IUD appointment. I am the proud owner of a Mirena IUD that cramped like a bitch for the first couple hours. It wasn't super painful, just like really heavy duty menstrual cramps. But really gross since they had me come in and get it done on my period; apparently it hurts less then. I guess it's nice of them to consider my pain over their probable preference to not have to stick their hands in a bleeding vagina. For the next week I have to use backup protection, but then I'm good for five years. What what.

Also, I'm getting published. Alt Hist picked up Death in Theatre for its second issue. It's a new magazine, but it's been reviewed by Locus, among others, so it's getting good press. So that's looking up. Not that I've been writing. I'm really busy lately and feel pretty drained, and I'd rather not write unless I really feel like it because forcing myself to in the midst of all my other crap would just not be pleasant.

And I thought I did terribly on my Praxis II tests for Middle School Math and English, but I passed with flying colors. So I'll be qualified to teach middle school, either math or English--in theory at least. I'll be applying everywhere in Montgomery County (and possibly Howard too... or maybe Anne Arundel... depends on where we're living and such...) and then weeding through my options to figure out what I want to do. Because I really don't have any desire to teach science or social studies, but I want to teach math AND reading, so... blah. Makes a choice between middle and elementary school complicated.

Guess that's it for now? I mean, I've been reading--the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and now I'm working on the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare--but eh. That's it. Overall life's good, just hectic and somewhat stressful.

Oh wait! Mirage Games accepted my response to the first work order they sent me and sent me confirmation of the credits earned, but I haven't heard about anything else forthcoming. So that's kind of sad.
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So I fail at updating, but meh.

The holidays were fun. I spent them with Danny and his family, as usual. We both got lots of good stuff, but his parents always take way better care of us than we deserve. Danny actually went into a bookstore to get my gifts, which is like a present in itself.

New Years Eve we spent in Virginia with Aaron, Matt, and Claire. It was Aaron's birthday, too, so double the celebration. Morgan was there, but she's completely different... she was dressed very nicely, if maybe a little skankily, and flirting with two guys most of the night, dirty dancing with another, who subsequently took her home. Matt knew the guy apparently; he got a text something like this: "Dude I'm with this chick Morgan, she's so drunk, I'm getting lucky tonight." I didn't see it, but Danny did and told me afterward. I think Danny tried to avoid thinking about it. It's hard for him to see her like that when he wants to take care of her. I asked him, if they were still close friends, what he would say to her. And he said he wouldn't have let her get this far. (How he would stop her is beyond me, but eh.)

New Years Day, Danny and his dad went to a Redskins game (which made everybody else go D: but his dad had been gunning for them to go to a game together all season so I found it hard to be more than disappointed) while I stayed home and had dinner with Sue and her side of the family. Which mostly consisted of old people talk.

Over the holiday season, I went on a lottery playing streak. Very disappointing, haha. I was relieved when the jackpot finally broke (it got pretty high). But Danny and I did have fun imagining what we would do with that much money.

We're looking for condos because the living situation here is just... going downhill. Roy insists on raising the rent for real and says if we don't pay the new amount next month he'll keep us out of the house with a shotgun until we pay. Someone broke my glasses (or at the VERY least found them on the floor broken) and didn't own up to it, so now I have to wear contacts all the time. Everything's a mess basically.

I was looking through Danny's email to find the VA approval letter he got for our home loan once we find a condo we want, and found two emails he sent himself in his notes back in October: Morgan's number in one (around the time he insisted on deleting it from his phone) and a half-drugged/asleep text she sent him around that same time. I can't really be mad because that's all over now, but at the same time, it's another thing he kept from me. Stupid, stupid man. Sometimes I wonder if I ever got the full story out of him. And if he'll ever stop keeping things from me "to protect me" or because I "really don't need to know". What a jerk.
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...but my updates are.

The aftermath of the me-Danny-Morgan thing. It's really over this time. No. Really. )

Erm, I gave up on NaNo. With the stress of conflict with Danny and school put together, it just wasn't doable this month. Or at least... I didn't have the energy. I have a lot of stuff due this week. In math, the second part of the portfolio. The science lesson apparently got moved back, so maybe not that. In classroom management, I have stuff due and overdue; of the three assignments, I can probably get two done without going back to my internship first. In reading, a book club reflection on a book I haven't read yet and won't get until later this week, so I'll be asking for an extension probably. In language arts, two case reports and my mini lesson report. Which I forgot to have my mentor fill out the rubric for. Damn. Guess that portion will be late.

Blah. Anyway. Life.
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As much as I'm not mad at Danny or Morgan over the thing last week, it still changes the way I see their conversations/texting/going to see a movie with friends yesterday/etc. I hate being a stupid irrational girl. (Not that boys aren't irrational. So maybe a stupid, irrational human being.)

School is blah. Putting off an assignment until during my classes tomorrow. Probably not the best strategy, but it's happening. I will have an extended lunch because it's the midterm in science methods, though.

STILL NOT WRITING. D: Thinking about writing out all my random little plot ideas. Again. Including fanfiction. (You little bastards always come back around again, don't you?)

House hunting is moving forward at turtle pace, but it is moving. I have managed to save a good amount of money despite "wasting" money on drinking Wednesday, RennFest today, and various food-type-things over the last month. I think we'll be okay.
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I'm thinking I should rewrite "Unjoined" and try submitting it to WotF again. I believe I've heard of revised entries winning in subsequent years... but it would have to be notably different, I'm sure. Well, of course I can't find anything about it now. But it's worth trying. The worst they can do is reject it, and then I can try it elsewhere.

I'm really excited about Rebel Tales, Holly Lisle's new writing ezine project. It sounds really great--she's building it from the ground up on her own money so it'll be debt-free once it opens for submissions. It'll have six-month "seasons," of which the first issue will be free and subsequent issues will cost money. There will be a regular pass and a Back Stage Pass, the latter allowing access to just about everything you could ever want to know about the process that goes into writing, submitting, and accepting the stories in the zine--great for aspiring writers to see. Seasons stay "in print" until they stop being profitable, and writers keep making money as long as their season is "in print." There's no advance, just a percentage of sales the whole way through. It goes based on the six-month season; there are 60 "credits" in a season, and submitting one story for one issue earns you one point, but that's 1/60th of the total gross profit of the ezine over the six-month season. If you write a six-episode serial for the season, that's 1/10th of the gross profit. Even the editors and publisher (Lisle herself) only make 1/10th of the profit each starting out, although Lisle has admitted that she will increase it if she needs to because her share goes toward funding things like author interviews and cover art, and she has to meet costs.

Anyway, it sounds like a truly worthwhile project, and I'll definitely be subscribing when it opens and spreading it by word of mouth. And if a revised Unjoined doesn't place in WotF, then I'll try it at Rebel Tales once it opens its doors to submissions. Waiting on a response from WotF would give plenty of time for RT to open up and maybe even get some steam behind it before I try submitting.

Umm. Uni classes are annoying as ever. But tomorrow is the internship, so yay. ALSO. Danny got approved for a home loan with zero down. Well, technically closing costs aren't covered, but apparently it's not uncommon practice to make an agreement with the seller that they increase the cost of the home by the amount of the closing costs so that your loan covers the costs over time, but the seller pays the immediate costs knowing that they'll be paid back for it. So. We're looking at a home in Columbia. There was a nice one pretty nearby, but it went into contract very recently, and anyway apparently it turned out as having some sort of mold problem. (Yes, we will check out any house and have it inspected before we buy.) Cousin Justin and his girlfriend are down for moving in and paying rent (which is the only way we'll be able to afford the place this early since I don't have a full-time job yet).

Erm, I guess that's it for now.


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Sometimes I just want to kick Danny somewhere unpleasant. )

In other news, one of the hostesses at work tonight had a seizure. Apparently she's epileptic, so it's not entirely unusual for her, but it freaked the hell out of everyone else, especially since she fell and hit her head pretty hard. (ETA: She's fine, just embarrassed--not that she should feel embarrassed, but you know how it is. I swear I'm not a callous excuse for a human being, but I already knew she was alright so concern didn't make its way into my entry when I wrote this. It was, after all, one in the morning.) It was a long night, but I made $129, and I needed it. We're looking at houses now because Dennis' brother is raising the rent to $700 plus the $200 we pay in electric for this craphole we live in, which just isn't worth it for a house with no central air or heat and with a leaky ceiling.

Also. Synopsis for Homesake:

"In Somnion, men don't have magic anymore. Legends say that they displeased the gods, and that their magical gifts were taken away as punishment--but the gods left magic in nature as a reminder of what mankind lost. This world is home to Grey, a deserted soldier from the King's Steel in Lumina, and to Kayden, who defies legend with the dragon blood that runs in his veins and gives him the ability to control fire. When these two men come together, Kayden's need for protection on his journey north provides the perfect cover for Grey to hide from any who might try to track him down after his desertion--but what starts mostly as convenience turns into a cause that Grey is deeply entrenched in. Together, these young men will awaken the lost dragons, and along the way discover disturbing truths about the king Grey deserted and the kingdom where his loyalty still lies."

I went to a writing meetup in Columbia yesterday evening, and it was fantastic. It's for writers of YA fiction, which Homesake is even if I don't always write YA. The people are great, and atmosphere really fit for me, and I'm excited to go back. I don't think I'll even bother with trying the Silver Spring group again now that I've found a group with such great chemistry.
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Righto. I've started my internship. It's made for some long days, but it's totally worth it so far. I'll be keeping this relatively short so I can go shower and perhaps even sleep at a reasonable hour.

Thursday and Friday I went for the professional development days. Friday I woke up at 6:30, got to my internship by 8, left at 3 to get to work at 4, where work was BUSYASSHIT and I didn't get off until 1am. Now, I made $184, so it was worth it, but talk about a long day. Saturday was also very busy, but with no morning events, so not so long. Sunday I woke up at 6:30 to take Danny to the airport, dropped him off, came home and showered, then slept another hour before leaving for work at 10:40am. I was going to be late morning person, but Raechel was risking overtime if she closed lunch, so I stayed late so she could be cut before she hit overtime. I worked until about 6, made $95 or so.

Monday I went to Whetstone for the first day of school. Met all my fifth graders, and found that when I actually put effort into learning names I can pick them up very quickly. By the end of the day I knew all 23 kids even if they approached me out of context. It was a crazy first day--we had an iPod stolen before lunch and returned by the end of the day, and we have this really bright boy in class who is really disruptive and had to be removed twice for a talk... It's crazy because he's a great writer, clever, but just can't be respectful enough to keep from making all sorts of noise when other people are talking.

After school finished up at 3:45, I left for work and got there barely before 5 due to various traffic ... blahs. Worked until 9:30. Yesterday I had University classes. I thought I was done trekking across campus to the math building, but AGH my second Tuesday class is the building just PAST the math building, it's awful. All the others are in the Ed building, which is right on Lot 1, super close to where I park. After school I went up to Whetstone for the ice cream social, which was nice. Katie was there--one of the few classmates I already knew before introductions yesterday. She's super sweet.

Today I was at Whetstone again with the kids. I met the math and reading classes, which are partially homeroom kids and partially new faces, but I picked up on the new names very quickly. I helped Alice (my mentor teacher, who is beyond amazing) pick out books for reading class teams, and I get to do Ella Enchanted with one of the groups, which makes me unbelievably excited. I love that book. After that I rushed home to tutor Shane.

Tomorrow I'll be at Whetstone again, and I'll leave a little early to run pick up Danny at the airport, back from his conference in San Antonio. If he's up to it, I'll take him to Whetstone so he can see the school. If not, we can wait until later.

The only other news I have, I guess, is that I made a B in the class I was worried about! Yay, no Cs on my record.

AND OH. Did I mention that I read the third Hunger Games book, Mockingjay? It made me bawl. Danny was home for the end of it and he laughed at me crying and it pissed me off so badly. But it was an amazing conclusion. I don't think it'll be long before I'm rereading the series.
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I've been trying to think of a way to describe this semester. It's not like drowning. Quite. It's like... lazily floating along on my back, barely afloat... but then occasionally a wave comes in, splashes over me, and I have to doggy paddle like the wind to stay above water for a while, until it calms down again. That's right, doggy paddle. Meh.

Real life problems... )

Now... some brighter stuff. First the TMI. Don't read if you're squeamish about sexual type stuff. I got a new piercing: a VCH (vertical clitoral hood). I got it last Thursday. It's still healing and I've barely messed with it, but so far I'm pleased. My piercer said to wait a week or two to have sex afterward, but that she only waited five days... I only waited three, and had no problems, although we were very careful about it. /TMI

On to more casual topics. I read Fire, the other book by Kristin Cashore--a companion to Graceling. I still like Graceling a tad more, but Fire was excellent too. I really liked the world presented and how it tied into the seven kingdoms we already knew about in Graceling. It fit together very nicely. It looks like I'll be starting a roleplay in the next couple days set in the world of Fire, actually.

Annndd I haven't started my 100 stories challenge yet, even though it's practically been a week. Fail. But I have gone through a lot of my world building notes, and I've already found stuff I'd nearly forgotten about that will be really fun to play with. The problem for me will mostly be choosing what to write first, I think, haha. That and keeping it short. 100 stories of about 1,000 words each in six months might be manageable, but probably not 100 3,000+ word stories, which has so far been my tendency when it comes to world building in Eysuria.

Finally... I'm really considering making a new character worksheet type deal. I feel like I've mentioned this before... but yes. One that deals in fundamental aspects of character, not the little things like what color their eyes are. Hm.
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Day 4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters!

Got longer than I intended... fun to reflect! )

Er yeah. I have enough money for rent but not for electric. I have tomorrow off. My brother is insane. I guess that's it.
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I spent more money on Danny for Christmas :/ Naughty me. But it'll be worth it, he'll love it all. I can't wait for Christmas. After getting the presents, the waiting is the worst part.

I don't work until Saturday, and while that's nice, it also sucks because it'll be less money. As soon as I unbury my car from the snow drift at the bottom of our driveway I'll head to Hooters and talk to them. For real this time. I mean it. (Lectures self.)

Stories is doing well, but I'm starting to worry that maybe I'm always suggesting too many changes, haha. I'm just an idea machine. But anyway, we're getting new members. Our tournaments/battles are far more popular than our normal challenges, it seems. But that's cool. We've got some new things in the works. Like featuring a member portfolio every week for all the members to read through and offer concrit on. Stuff like that.

Ehm. There was a huge snowstorm. All very exciting. My car is stuck, Danny's car is stuck.

The semester's over. I got a B in a class that should have been a retarded easy A, but I think the rest will be As so it's okay. Erm. I think I had more to say but it's all gone now. Woohoo.
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22093 / 50000

I have a 7:30AM test in downtown DC Saturday morning. Not looking forward to that. It cost $245 because I registered late... I knew I needed to take it this semester, but I kind of forgot that there might be a deadline on when to take it. That deadline is Sunday. So yeah. But if I'd registered on time it would've been $170 still, so it's an expensive test. It's the Praxis, and I'm thinking it's like the SAT but maybe a tad easier, so mostly I'm just worried about getting there on time when I'll probably have to wake up at 5AM.

Yup. Very exciting.
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18452 / 50000

Early class tomorrow, my internship-type one. Have to be out the door by 7am at the latest. Why yes, I am up too late. Again. But I don't work and I'll have a four hour gap between class and the CP write-in, so some of that time will be devoted to a nap.

And money! As in I have none! Life's such a mess right now in multiple ways. But I'm too tired to write more now. And if I wasn't, I'd spend those words on NaNo, obviously.
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Work was kind of crazy today. Not bad--I mean, it's hard to have a really horrible day when you're just standing behind a register ringing people up. But Mike texted Pat last night to say he wasn't coming to work (supposedly he had a funeral to go to, but we all know he thought he just wasn't needed because there were supposed to be two other checkers), and then when Janet showed up she was really sick and they ended up sending her home. Jimmy got back from vacation today, so he stayed until about 4:45, but then it was just Pat and me... with Tony outside loading mulch and such. Pat has apparently been awake over two days straight... his dad is in the hospital for something pretty serious and he's been trying to take care of that when he's not at work. So his temper was pretty frayed. I felt bad for him, but he didn't say anything mean to me--he was just glad I was there.

Will be glad when summer session 1 is over though, because then my work schedule will change and maybe not be quite so nonstop. I get up early all week now unless I oversleep, which happened Wednesday. Tomorrow and Sunday I have to be to work at 7, and damn but I'm tired. At least tomorrow afternoon I'll have plenty of time for an extended nap.

Need the money though. Danny and I are both feeling stretched thin. When I get paid Monday, all but $35 of my money will go straight to bills, and that's including the leftover money from this week's paycheck. Although the Monday after that my paycheck will be pretty much mine. But I need to save, build up funds again, if possible.

Transformers, and writing. )
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So. My Comm TA fixed my paper grade; that's the yay. I just finished studying for my comm final. I don't think it'll be too rough assuming he doesn't suddenly change the format to short answer rather than multiple choice, haha. Meh.

Work is driving me up the wall. I really want to quit. I tried again at Fridays today and the manager told me to come back tomorrow when the GM is there because he vaguely remembers that she was interested in me. I'm not too hopeful though. Fridays hours are just too long for me. They only have a swing shift on weekends. I'm not working until 2 am weeknights, particularly not this summer while I have 8 am classes all week. I also went to Starbucks but the two I went to are not actively hiring. Tomorrow after my final I might go try some of the ones near campus. It's really what I'd prefer. The money isn't always as good but it's more regular and less heartache. Or maybe I can just do Starbucks (if they even hire me) through summer session I and then try Fridays again for summer session II when it'll be more manageable. Or maybe there's another restaurant I can try. Damned if I know. Maybe I'll apply at Cornerstone and the Thirsty Turtle or something. Anything.

As for what happened at work that was the final straw to break the camel's back. )

So yes. Bucketloads of just shit.
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Costs continue to mount. There's a baseline fee for each summer session, which means taking three classes this summer (stretched between both sessions) will be about $3,000. So it'll probably end up equalling the cost of going for another year between all the different summer classes I'll have to take. If I wasn't so intent on graduating on time, I'd have second thoughts about not just adding a fifth year.

But it's okay. It'll be worth it. And at least I won't be paying room and board.

I signed up for summer classes and the majority of my fall classes today. I need to be stamped for more credits in order to add my final class, but that's not so bad since I don't know yet whether that class will be a fiction workshop or the third required math class. I have to admit... I'm probably only so adamant that I'll take the fiction workshop if I get in because it's later in the day so I won't have to get up as early. But I'm thinking I may have to skip it even if I am accepted. I'll probably talk to Johnna about it, because I don't want to be rude by dropping it, but it's probably best. And to be honest, writing for my writers' house workshop that semester may be enough work.

Tomorrow I have trivia at Hooters. I bought a lab coat at the student union so I could dress as a doctor; the theme is health trivia. I still need to make the questions. Corporate will be there so Jordan's got high expectations.

Also I just realized my next French quiz is during my followup appointment for my eyes. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow about taking it another time. Maybe Wednesday, or earlier on Friday. Still need to cancel the one on Bolling. I've postponed that enough.

Tchah. Getting tired.
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I had my advising appointment, and it went really well. My advisor is adorable and super enthusiastic. She stamped all the courses I may take this summer and next semester so I can register for them. I'll be tough -- I'll have to take courses every summer, maybe even the summer after senior year, and maybe a winter class or two as well. Meaning I'll have to take 8-9 courses outside the regular school year (including this summer). Dude that's over $6,000. But still less than another year of school. Readjusts my costs though to another 14 - 15 thousand in loans unless I get help somewhere along the way. Crap.

Anyway under the cut I'll organize it out.

Boring things like lists of course names )

So that's that. I almost hope I don't get into my fiction workshop because that'd mean one less summer or winter class I have to take. At the same time, I really do want to take the workshop. I need to encourage myself to write.

Finding time to work will be a challenge. If I get work study, I plan to sign up for America Reads * America Counts, a tutoring program with local schools that does pay for work study (but otherwise is strictly volunteering). It'd be experience toward education, and also help me pay for school. So I'll cross my fingers for that. I think I may have missed the deadline to sign up for the fall though. Hope not. And not working is not an option. I have too many bills.

Guess that's it for now.
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So I'm trying to transfer over to the education major. I never thought I'd want to be a teacher but I was surprised by what I found when I actually looked into being a teacher. The trouble is, apparently you need to start in education early. If I transfer now, I'll either need to take summer/winter courses to catch up or stay in school and extra semester to a year.

Blah. And to do that I'll need to figure out how to pay for summer courses. I think it said it's $231 per credit. I'd take 6 to 9 this summer alone, and I'd probably have to take at least three more credits outside the regular semester after that. So that's already either 1,386 or 2,079 for this summer. I'd need a loan or scholarship, definitely.

I have an advising appointment Wednesday to figure some stuff out.

The good news is that I won't be on campus after the end of this semester, so my only fees will be tuition, books, and parking. With my $5,000 a year scholarship that's around $4,000 a year plus any summer or winter courses I take. So I'll go with the worst being five total summer courses with no additional scholarships -- that's another around $11,500 before I'm done. Or I'll say $12,000 in case of incidental fees like lab and testing fees. Definitely need to look into scholarships though since I already owe a little less than $10,000 in student loans, plus my parents expect me to take over their parent loans once I'm on my feet and done with college.

Merde. I think it'd be worth it in the end, but the process sucks.
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My eyes are being spastically refrickintarded. For the last couple weeks, they've gotten really red whenever I wear contacts despite the fact that I've been good and taken them out at night. And for the last four to five days, even taking them out hasn't helped. They're still red even if I wear my glasses all day, and really dry. And today my vision has been getting kind of blurred from time to time in a way I can't blame on the weaker prescription in my glasses. I went to the clinic but she couldn't seem to quite figure out my symptoms, so she gave me a prescription for eye allergy drops but told me to see an optometrist if it doesn't help.

I hope this clears up soon. Today is the worst they've been. Freaking hate it. I keep using eyedrops but it hasn't helped much if at all.

Also, Bank of America cancelled the card of Danny's that I carry so I can deposit my money in a bank. They sent him a new card and said something about the old one being compromised. Which is stupid since the only thing I use the card for is depositing money, and how can it hurt him if I'm adding money to his account? I take the money out via checks, and they didn't say anything about his checks being compromised. I deposited money on Sunday and the ATM took it but didn't actually put it in his account. So we have to go yell at the bank for stealing my $140 and being, in general, idiots.

I finally finished posting all the chapters of Heart of a Werewolf on fanfiction.net. I started to do it in freaking 2006 and stopped in the middle. I didn't even realize the story was that old! I mean I guess I must have known but wow. I looked over some of my old reviews and I feel bad I disappeared in the middle of stuff. I can't wait to start this mess again, haha. Is that sad? I even had one review on my KH fics asking where Elemental Force went. Dedicated reader...

But yay, accomplishment for the day, I have five stories on FFN and the only two that aren't complete are explicitly stated as kind of... whenever the fancy strikes me, which is okay since each 'chapter' is a oneshot that should technically be able to stand alone.

Well I need to shower. And then I have to pick which story I want to work on at the moment. I started For a Soul, but at the moment I'm leaning toward the KH oneshots or working on Elemental Force.
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So I made $148 today after giving my trainee $25 because one of the tables left a crazy tip because they liked her so much. Jordan made me head wait. He wants me to do both trivia Tuesday nights and Are You Smarter Than A Hooter Girl on Thursday nights. Meh.

I have a lot of laundry to fold. Bleh.

So I finally added pictures to my gallery again. Some of them are really cruddy quality because I just cropped them in Preview instead of making them pretty in Photoshop, but I guess I don't really care. I'm not going to do my usual three preview pics, just one, but whatever.

Two new galleries (you have to go to the next page of galleries to see them). Also, a couple pics added to Photography, Hooters, and Campus Squirrels. I think that's it.


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