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All my final grades posted but ARHU318 (Writers' House). The prof for that sent me an email asking for the introduction I forgot to put in my final portfolio, which makes me feel even more stupid and anxious about my potential grade in that class; it was in the instructions, I just missed it. Gah. I mean, since I wasn't there the day she assigned it (and with an excused absence, no less), maybe she'll give me some leeway. I wasn't the only one who forgot it either. But I still need to reprint my portfolio for Johnna because apparently she needs it in 12pt Times.

Anyway, I did scrape an A- in French, so she must have curved the grades a bit (omg thank you). So that's two As and two Bs on my more weighted classes. In fact, one of each for my two 4-credits and one of each for my two 3-credits. ARHU318 is only a one credit. I'm not going to hope for an A. I was not an A student in that class this semester, even forgiving her lack of a syllabus. But a B shouldn't be too much to ask for. I feel like you'd have to really fuck up to get a C in a Writers' House course.

They cancelled one of my summer courses due to lack of enrollment. I added Junior English to try to make up for it, but I'm waitlisted. I added myself to two of the waitlisted sections and I'm first on each, so it's reasonable to hope I'll get in; surely at least one student will decide they don't want to pay for the class and drop out, right? So the only thing I'm really worried about it the fact that MATH212, the cancelled class, is a prerequisite for MATH213, which I'm also enrolled for. I hope they still let me take it. It's not my fault the prereq was cancelled. And I doubt there's really anything learned in 212 that I can't pick up just from taking 213. They're the same concept, just 212 is for teaching more basic math and 213 is for geometry-type-stuff. I emailed my advisor to let her know what's going on and ask her advice.

Oh, and it seems like no one's hiring but restaurants. Justin talked to his manager for me at Safeway and introduced me, but Safeway has a hiring freeze on currently; the manager said they're trying to shuffle current employees around before hiring new ones since some stores are understaffed but others are overstaffed. But he also said that no one wants to move, so they're having trouble; no one wants to drive too far to work. Starbucks isn't actively hiring. Heather said her work is hiring because a lot of their girls went home for the summer, and she said that she thinks I could teach a summer camp with no problem; if she says so, I'll believe her. It's a little intimidating since she works at a place where they coach gymnastics, and she used to be world-class. But she said she'll talk to her boss and ask for me. She also said starting is $9/hr while training. And it sounds like I could get at least semi-decent hours. So here's hoping, but I won't find out until she gets back from wherever she went with Dennis this weekend. It's crazy how great my roommates are though. Justin and Heather both so willing to help. I know I'm a bit of a shut-in, kind of on the antisocial side, but they're still so helpful.

People can be so wonderful.

Also, I'm reading Warbreaker, Sanderson's free e-Book. It's interesting; his worlds always are. I think he did a better job in Mistborn of introducing names of places and concepts more gradually and naturally, but I'm curious about the world and the magic system, so I'm along for the ride. He's releasing it in book form for sale in early June; I'll almost certainly buy it, if only to support him. Maybe I'll buy Elantris too and give it another shot.
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I made some good money at work this week. And Jordan did some not so assholey things. He made me head wait Saturday morning because I did 95% of the sidework that morning. And he told me to pick out the questions for this week's Are You Smarter Than a Hooter Girl and told me I'd be the teacher this week. Kinda cool.

I'm still interested in my writing but I've only gotten in a few words in the last couple days because of work etc. It's okay though, as long as the desire doesn't wane.

Saw Watchmen. I thought it was crazy, and amazing, and I should really read the comics/graphic novel whatever.

Oh, and we found a raccoon in Danny's parents' back yard today. It was dying. We called animal control and they picked it up. I hope it's okay, haha.

Danny, Justin, Heather, Dennis, and I went duckpin bowling last night. It was great fun. Hopefully we do it again soon. I'll post pictures whenever I'm not too lazy to upload/resize them.
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I posted most of my writing in my journal finally and linked it all in my writing index. I didn't post my Zelda stuff because there are so many different versions, and not a one of them complete -- that would have added a whole lot more, though. I also posted a couple roleplay intros that I thought were worthwhile, but I have more of those stored that didn't go up, too. And I didn't post the 'roleplay intro' for Kingdom Hearts that I'm thinking of turning into a chaptered fic because it would require editing to become a story, and I don't want to post the original only to post an edited version later... plus I don't need the temptation of editing it now before I'm finished replaying the game. Which is what I plan to do today since I haven't been playing for a few days because of this writing index project.

But anyway, all of my writing is under the tag 'prose', which currently hosts 48 entries. At least half of that is shared between my two chaptered fics, though -- one Harry Potter and one original.

Last night the power cut out completely. A branch hit a power line or something. With no ACs or fans or anything Danny and I knew we wouldn't be able to sleep here, especially since he couldn't even take a cold shower first since our water comes from a well with an electronic pump. So we went to stay the night at his parents' house, where we both slept great. Before that, though, we spent a couple hours by candlelight with Justin and Alli, which was a lot of fun. I got bored pretty easily but I still enjoyed it.

Danny finished Twilight and started on New Moon. Anyone who hasn't read the books and doesn't want any spoilers should not read on now. I'd lj-cut it, but I figure it's kind of like Harry Potter... if you don't know what happened in the books by now then go on the internet at your own hazard. Anyway, about the time he caught onto the vibe that Bella and Edward were going to, as he put it, break up, he asked me, "Do they break up? When does Edward come back?" When I told him not until the end of the book, he asked me to tell him enough about the book that he could decide whether to skip ahead some or just skip to Eclipse entirely. I put him at the point where Bella finds Edward's meadow again -- Jacob is freshly werewolf'd and we first learn Victoria's still after Bella, which I thought might hold his interest enough to get him through the rest of New Moon.

Onward to playing more KH2!
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I'm making mac'n'cheese. Velveeta, the only good kind. It's not a real meal, but there's not much else to choose from in the house right now, and even if I was less lazy I don't feel like spending money. Had The Conversation with Justin (Dennis' proxy, I guess?) about me paying rent. I always thought rent was by the room and then split cable/utilities evenly, but then I've never actually done the renting thing before now, and Justin kept emphasizing that we're paying to live in this house and we should each pay. Danny talked him down to a 250/250/250/150 split since I'm not taking up any of their personal space, just using the bathroom/kitchen.

This means at the beginning of next semester I'll have to spend not just some nights at my dorm, but the majority of them if I don't want to pay rent. I'm sure I'll stay two nights a week with Danny, maybe three sometimes to regularly. We'll see. I hope I get the College Park Starbucks; that would make it easier.

...Just ate the mac'n'cheese.

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I unloaded the back of my van today. There was a bunch of crap back there. I organized and found places for most of it, even better organized parts of our rooms in the process. The desk in the game room, for instance, still had all these magazines and crap in it from Dennis' brother, so I threw them all in a box to go in the attic and put stuff away nicely in the desk. I fit all of my books on the little white shelf-type thing I brought from my dorm... it's like four white milk crates stacked on top of each other, kind of. It also gave me space for all my Starbucks crap... the work pants and aprons at least.

I unpacked the suitcase of clothes my mom gave me when she left and threw a ton of the stuff in it away. I put most of my wintry weather clothes in it along with my bed stuff from the dorm and then put it back in the attic. Then I put a bunch of extra bags, our Halloween stuff, and my DDR pad (it'll be useless here, it sucks on carpet) in this purple tupperware-type container I brought from my dorm and shoved that in the attic, too.

I still need to find a place for my TV, stereo, desk lamp, fan, Xbox, another tupperware-type container, the skiing clothes that were in the back of my van from February, and the multistrips from my dorm.

I also folded all my clothes and laid out all of Danny's hanging clothes from the two clean loads of laundry that have been sitting and the one load I did today while I was working on other crap.

I've been cleaning all the dishes I dirty as I use them, too, so I know none of the dishes piling in the sink are mine, and I don't plan on cleaning them.

Money/rent issues )

I wish Danny would freaking call me back, I want to talk to him about all this.
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Danny texted me today to say that he didn't clean before work (our rooms were kind of, well, ew) but that while he was off Wednesday and Thursday he would clean, and he didn't want me to do anything except relax and order him around. It was the sweetest sentiment, but I didn't believe for a minute it would actually happen... so when I got home from work I spent about an hour cleaning. I folded clothes, gathered dirty clothes into the hamper, put away a shitload of DVDs, and otherwise found places for the surprising amount of random shit lying just everywhere. It looks pretty good now. I haven't told Danny. A new House and How I Met Your Mother recorded, so I told him I'd probably fall asleep, but I want him to wake me up when he gets home so we can watch them if he's still awake enough for it. (He's doing the midnight release for GTA tonight.) I won't get that much sleep, but I'll be able to nap at least a little while tomorrow.

Well anyway, I'm sure he'll be appreciative if he notices. I think he should, the cleanliness factor went up quite a bit.

Sex related possible TMI as to why he probably sent said text... )

I don't know, he might also have noticed how the accumulation of disorder in our rooms has kind of coincided with my increased stress etc. at school, because I just haven't felt like cleaning, so nothing has really gotten done. Not many dishes have been done since last time I felt up to it, either, which shows the sort of housemates I have. I dunno.

Anyway, I only worked 4 hours today. It wasn't bad at all, even though Debra showed up. She's pretty cool when she's in a good mood... she's just not usually in a good mood when visiting George's store. (Debra would be the DM, George's boss, by the way.)

I told Breshawn that the way George has kind of disappeared for two weeks and Renee, the assistant manager from another store, has come to fill in is kind of suspicious, especially since he hasn't called at all to check in on the store. Danny calls to check on his store if he just takes off two days in a row, much less two weeks. Debra said he's "sick," but I dunno. My theory is that maybe they put George on paid vacation and gave Renee the store as a test run to decide whether or not to promote her. It makes a lot of sense in some ways, particularly considering how very often Debra has been at the store lately -- it's ridiculous.

I'll be pretty disappointed if/when my theory proves to be false =/
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This morning when I was leaving for work I backed into Alli's car. I went to look at it, and at first glance I didn't think the damage was that bad... noticeable, but only if you're looking. If you're in a hurry, you'll miss it. I went inside to tell Danny anyway, and he said not to worry about it right now, so I went back outside. I looked at it again and decided it was worse than I'd first thought. It was noticeable, but I didn't think it would interfere with anything. I hit the back of the front tire well, but it also dented above the well a little even though I didn't touch that. I went ahead to work, but when I got there I tried calling Danny first thing and ended up having to leave him a voicemail. I said I'd looked again and it was worse than I thought, and basically that I didn't know what to do. But he never got that voicemail, apparently.

Justin called me at work and asked me what happened, and I said I don't know, I guess I didn't judge the distance right, I don't know, and (I think) something along the lines of Alli was asleep so I didn't want to wake her right then, I wanted to wait to tell her. He just gave me her number and said I needed to call her. He was surprisingly cool about it. I called her right away and she was pretty cool too, said the problem was her door wouldn't open now and she needed to meet some classmates for a group project. She was handling it and said we'd exchange insurance information later on. Which we did, and then on my lunch I called her again to apologize for not waking her right then. I hadn't realized it would cause any real problems with the car (like the door not opening) and I thought it was something that could sit until she was awake and I was off work, but I should have told her right away anyway. She said it was okay; she wished I had told her right away, but it worked out in the end.

So I just got home and called Danny to update him on all this. I told him I was most worried about talking to Justin even though he was cool on the phone earlier... and Danny said when Justin got home from work, he input the password on the video monitoring system on the property and they watched me back into her. I'd made it sound like I judged the distance wrong, but what really happened was I blanked on the fact that she was even home. I was concentrating on not hitting this ADT sign that's always next to my car and just not paying enough attention to what was behind me, so it wasn't just that I didn't turn the wheel enough, it's that I hardly turned it at all -- hence why I hit her front wheel well and not the back end of the car. In the end it's my fault either way, whether I judged the distance wrong or wasn't paying enough attention... but it still makes me feel worse. Especially from talking to Danny. "We watched you just ram her car, you didn't turn the wheel at all." I could see Justin being pretty angry. But I'll deal with it. I didn't handle things as well as I should have, but it's not like I dodged responsibility or anything. And I feel really badly. I would pay for it myself if insurance couldn't -- I have money for it. And I did learn that these things can't just sit -- they have to be handled right away. You never know -- I mean, it didn't even occur to me that her door would be affected, but it was.

So I'm really hoping I'm never in the situation again, but if I am, I know to tell the owner immediately, even if it means calling in late to work or whatever else. And of course, just to be more careful! I can drive alright now, but I still have my insecurities, and I should know better than to pay too little attention when backing up. I'm not that good at backing to begin with!

D= Well. Now to shower. And likely to talk to Justin and Alli first -- it sounds like they're home, and I haven't seen them face to face yet.

Edit: Justin just came in to talk to me, he was completely fine about it. He joked about watching the video of it and mimed Alli's and my reactions to it... and Dennis walking out and checking it out, and then Danny. Haha. So I guess in the end the worst reaction I get is from Danny... and it wasn't that bad, I think it's just because I'm more sensitive to what he thinks about whatever I do. Even my mom was completely cool. She just said she backed into some woman's car at a gas station in Germany once. Basically everyone said, "It happens to everyone at least once."
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Grades were supposed to be posted today -- I checked last night and they were up. I made a 3.28, which is a little close for comfort in my opinion. Danny was trying to convince me that B+s are 3.5s, which would have been nice, but unfortunately they might as well not put a plus or minus for all the good they do. I think I'll do better next semester, though, since I have an idea of how everything works now.

I need to go to the gym. I haven't been since it closed... which is over a week, almost two. I plan to go tomorrow, before, during, or after my probable visit with Alicia -- dunno which yet.

I got my partner number at Starbucks today, and it's the same one I had last time, which is nice. Unfortunately my partner card won't work accept as an ordinary Starbucks card because the card number is deactivated when you leave the company, not just the partner number. I called to ask about it today, and in four months or so I should get my new one. It doesn't really matter; the partner number keyed in works just the same.

I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts. I'm going to play some more as soon as I finish this, just until Danny gets home in half an hour or so. I'm only to Traverse Town; the bad guy there kicked my ass until I get sick of trying. I need to level up some more. I didn't spend enough time wandering the city. I sure as hell spent enough time on the Islands, though. It only took three fights for me to beat Riku, and then I kept fighting him until it was 3 to 2. You get another little item for that, it turns out. Fighting all three of the others is harder, but I did that too.

Um. My dad emailed me from Korea. It was a nice email. I told him a little about what's been going on, and my grades.

My new years was great. It was just Danny, Dennis, Justin, me, Heather, and Alli, and we hung out and played Rock Band and then drinking Apples to Apples. I love that game, and I have a much longer attention span for it than anyone else.

Right, so I better go if I want to have time to play.
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I'll keep this short because I have things to see and people to do, but Merry Christmas (eve)! I'm working at Starbucks again, decent hours it seems like, pay rate will be worked out next week... Only thing that sucks is having to go through full training again when I worked there seven months up until January. But it's not so bad.

I gave Justin and Alli (roommate and his girlfriend, who happens to be Danny's cousin) the Christmas present I drew them, and they loved it. I also drew a picture of me and Danny as Zelda and Link for Danny's Christmas present. He likes it, though Justin and Alli are way better at showing enthusiasm over theirs. Makes me want to stop drawing stuff for Danny on holidays.

Well, that's all. Hope everyone has a terrific Christmas!


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