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Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day :D Danny and I celebrated Saturday. Just stayed in with alcohol, video games, Magic: the Gathering, and movies.

I've made lame money the last few shifts at work. Here's hoping the weekend will be better, because we'll need the money. Haven't heard back from Baka, our real estate agent, in a few days. Last we heard, the bank's figuring out the amount left due on the loan for the place so they can come back with a counter offer. I hope they get to it very soon. We need to get the heck out of this place.

School is hectic. Well, life in general. Internship 8-4 Monday through Friday, with an hour-long commute--though I do tend to leave around 3 fairly often to get to work/uni class/mandatory seminars. Three days a week at Hard Times--generally Monday and Friday evening, plus either Saturday or Sunday. Tuesday evening class at the university. Tutoring Shane on Wednesday. And a seminar about every other week on Thursday in a random location.

Teaching is good. I vastly prefer math and reading to science or social studies. I look at science and I'm just kind of like... "What am I going to do, exactly?" There's so much to choose from, but so little time to teach it. I'm taking over science now (slowly), so it's... blah. But reading is really good. It's so freeform you can do almost anything. And the kids are really taking to their writing journals. They love getting feedback.

I had to leave early today for my IUD appointment. I am the proud owner of a Mirena IUD that cramped like a bitch for the first couple hours. It wasn't super painful, just like really heavy duty menstrual cramps. But really gross since they had me come in and get it done on my period; apparently it hurts less then. I guess it's nice of them to consider my pain over their probable preference to not have to stick their hands in a bleeding vagina. For the next week I have to use backup protection, but then I'm good for five years. What what.

Also, I'm getting published. Alt Hist picked up Death in Theatre for its second issue. It's a new magazine, but it's been reviewed by Locus, among others, so it's getting good press. So that's looking up. Not that I've been writing. I'm really busy lately and feel pretty drained, and I'd rather not write unless I really feel like it because forcing myself to in the midst of all my other crap would just not be pleasant.

And I thought I did terribly on my Praxis II tests for Middle School Math and English, but I passed with flying colors. So I'll be qualified to teach middle school, either math or English--in theory at least. I'll be applying everywhere in Montgomery County (and possibly Howard too... or maybe Anne Arundel... depends on where we're living and such...) and then weeding through my options to figure out what I want to do. Because I really don't have any desire to teach science or social studies, but I want to teach math AND reading, so... blah. Makes a choice between middle and elementary school complicated.

Guess that's it for now? I mean, I've been reading--the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld and now I'm working on the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare--but eh. That's it. Overall life's good, just hectic and somewhat stressful.

Oh wait! Mirage Games accepted my response to the first work order they sent me and sent me confirmation of the credits earned, but I haven't heard about anything else forthcoming. So that's kind of sad.
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So I fail at updating, but meh.

The holidays were fun. I spent them with Danny and his family, as usual. We both got lots of good stuff, but his parents always take way better care of us than we deserve. Danny actually went into a bookstore to get my gifts, which is like a present in itself.

New Years Eve we spent in Virginia with Aaron, Matt, and Claire. It was Aaron's birthday, too, so double the celebration. Morgan was there, but she's completely different... she was dressed very nicely, if maybe a little skankily, and flirting with two guys most of the night, dirty dancing with another, who subsequently took her home. Matt knew the guy apparently; he got a text something like this: "Dude I'm with this chick Morgan, she's so drunk, I'm getting lucky tonight." I didn't see it, but Danny did and told me afterward. I think Danny tried to avoid thinking about it. It's hard for him to see her like that when he wants to take care of her. I asked him, if they were still close friends, what he would say to her. And he said he wouldn't have let her get this far. (How he would stop her is beyond me, but eh.)

New Years Day, Danny and his dad went to a Redskins game (which made everybody else go D: but his dad had been gunning for them to go to a game together all season so I found it hard to be more than disappointed) while I stayed home and had dinner with Sue and her side of the family. Which mostly consisted of old people talk.

Over the holiday season, I went on a lottery playing streak. Very disappointing, haha. I was relieved when the jackpot finally broke (it got pretty high). But Danny and I did have fun imagining what we would do with that much money.

We're looking for condos because the living situation here is just... going downhill. Roy insists on raising the rent for real and says if we don't pay the new amount next month he'll keep us out of the house with a shotgun until we pay. Someone broke my glasses (or at the VERY least found them on the floor broken) and didn't own up to it, so now I have to wear contacts all the time. Everything's a mess basically.

I was looking through Danny's email to find the VA approval letter he got for our home loan once we find a condo we want, and found two emails he sent himself in his notes back in October: Morgan's number in one (around the time he insisted on deleting it from his phone) and a half-drugged/asleep text she sent him around that same time. I can't really be mad because that's all over now, but at the same time, it's another thing he kept from me. Stupid, stupid man. Sometimes I wonder if I ever got the full story out of him. And if he'll ever stop keeping things from me "to protect me" or because I "really don't need to know". What a jerk.
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I kicked the Praxis II's ass. 198 out of 200 on Content Knowledge (Recognition of Excellence notation on that one) and 172 out of 200 on Content Exercises (only needed 150 to pass). I'm done with all my semester work, except I need to send Tracy a resume, and now that I know for sure that I passed the Praxis I need to sign up for the January Middle School Math and Middle School Language Arts versions of the test so I can be certified there too.

I already know I have an A in Reading Methods. I need one more A (assuming the rest are Bs and there are no Cs to worry about) to maintain my 3.2 for my partial scholarship. Now, I've had no trouble maintaining at least a 3.2 so far; in fact, I've made Dean's List every semester but my first. But I slacked a lot this year, so we'll see.

SynTru is taking off again now that I've put it into the loving, dedicated hands of Assirra and Zap. I'm still nosing around quite a bit, but officially my only duty is running the Ezine, which I'm hoping to get out by the last day of January. I reactivated my portfolio on Red Carpet & Rebellion and entered a challenge. I'm hoping I can attract more people to check out SynTru that way; I have the ad banner for the site in my signature.

Ummers. Christmas is coming up and I haven't bought any presents. Well, except the one Danny and I split for his mom. I'm not sure how I'm doing on money since I haven't paid rent for this month yet. I have the money sitting in my wallet, though.
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I realized yesterday that Danny and my four-year anniversary is in less than two weeks. So we talked about what we wanted to do. It's too cold for anything major like sky diving, which we've mentioned wanting to do for a long time. And hot air ballooning is, um, stupid expensive. Of course I try to go overboard :)

So Danny suggested that we just have a nice night out and stay in a hotel. And we decided to stay at the hotel closest to Fur nightclub in DC. I booked the night already last night on Expedia. Wasn't even that expensive! $99 at the Courtyard Marriot. If we want to park there it'll be $30, but it's also close to Metro--that'll be a game day decision.

I'm super behind on NaNo. I don't want to give up, but being this behind with my crazy schedule doesn't look good. Especially with all the homework I have to do. I'm not even sure what's due this week. I haven't looked, which is bad considering my internship days are already through so if I had to do anything there, that ship has sailed. OH, plus, my story idea for Mirage Games is due... I think next Friday, and that's 5,000 words minimum by itself. Need to start on that one soon.

Went to the zoo yesterday morning for math methods. It was kind of lame. I thought we'd be basically imitating some sort of math project you can get kids to do as they explore the zoo, but we spent the whole time pent up in a classroom in the visitor's center getting a presentation on educational aids the zoo has to offer teachers and schools. A woman from Bridging the Americas showed us a bunch of dead stuffed birds. Blah.

So I have this idea... )
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I am in such a slump. I just have no desire to write. Or at least zero motivation. Or, well, I'm not sure how you describe it--all I mean is that no writing is getting done, and I'm super stuck.

I took my final yesterday in MATH111. I skipped SO MUCH class--honestly, out of 28 days I only went for around seven or eight, including exam days. I took two quizzes (got a 10/10 on each) and got some form of participation points for one day, so I'm optimistically hoping that I have 25 quiz/participation points. I got a 95 on the first exam, and I'm not sure about the second exam but I know I got one question set wrong so I'm estimating an 85. IF that is correct, given that I need 360 points to get a B in the class and the final is worth 150... oh crap. Okay, so I'm pretty much guaranteed a C. Bah. That'll be my first C... ever. D: I mean, it's possible I got higher on the second exam, but even still I'd have to ace the final and I know for a fact that I made a silly little rounding mistake that will probably lose me at least some credit on a couple questions.

Blah. Oh well, I guess.

Back to writing... I'm changing Blood and Heat around, putting more focus on Grey and changing the locale to Duos instead of the west. But that involves, well, a lot of change. And development of Duos that I hadn't gotten around to yet. And my phobia: making a realistic kingdom. It's hard for me to figure out how to make a king evil when he still has enough respect to BE king. -headdesk- Plus, I'm thinking about starting earlier, maybe even back when Grey was accepted into the king's guard, but I'm afraid of putting that much of a gap between the beginning of the book and introducing Kayden. Grey's becoming more of the main character, which is cool, but Kayden is still supposed to share the spotlight.

And then there's how in the hell to introduce Kella. I want Grey to meet Kayden first, and Kella could complicate things. Unless I did something really out there, like making Kella a friend of Grey's to start with--which would introduce its own problems but could be a lot of fun if I worked it out right... It would make Kella even less trustworthy. It would be very difficult to do well though. -headdeskheaddesk-

Danny and I are going to Ocean City tonight. It keeps getting shorter; bad timing all around, and as mad as I am at his work, it would have been easier to work out if I didn't have summer classes to limit my own time. But at least my limitations were solid, they didn't move around or appear out of nowhere. We originally scheduled a vacation for this Tuesday-Thursday and paid for a hotel by the beach, which would have been amazing, until his work decided to announce that his inventory would be on Thursday. So we moved it to this weekend, but then his FIFA tournament was moved to this weekend. It was supposed to be Sunday, so we were going to leave yesterday after my final. Leaving around noon, we would have gotten there with PLENTY of time yesterday and then all day today. But then he realized, no, his FIFA thing was today, so we have to wait for him to get home so we can go to Ocean City, so we'll be lucky if we get there while it's still light out... We can stay tomorrow, but it's still less time, and it pisses me off. D:

Eh. We're watching True Blood, and I'm really enjoying it. I really like Eric now and I'm basically rooting for Bill to disappear or die and for Sookie and Eric to end up together... lol.


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Birthday was good. Danny got me an iPad; well, his family paid for half, and we're still hoping my mom will contribute a hundred or so. I need to talk to her about it. We also went to see Iron Man 2, which was amazing. I loved it just as much as the first, though not more than. It's definitely Robert Downey Jr. that contributes most of the love. I was a little disappointed that they switched Rhodey's actor. I mean, I like both actors, I just hate when an actor is changed up in the middle of a series. I was mad about Rachel Dawes in Batman, too--nevermind that Katie Holmes was having a baby and being scientologified at the time.

Mother's Day weekend was fun. I missed the Titman half of the celebration, but Sunday was the one for Sue's side of the family, and there was lots of good food and awesome dessert. Yum.

I'm tired, so I could go on about the yay and the awesomeness of the iPad, but instead I will do a brief discussion of grades and then take a nap.

I've salvaged my PSYC grade. All I have left is the last online assignment (which is a practice test for the final) and the final itself. I have, at the moment, an 87. I aced the third exam and the second paper. So I'm doing good. Might even scrape an A if I ace the exam and that last online assignment.

MATH214 is ... ew. At the moment, it looks like I missed a quiz. I got a 63 on the second exam (...I think that's my first failing exam grade...). If my calculating is correct, I have about a 20 point margin (out of 150 points) on the final exam if I want to get a B in the class, and an A is impossible at this point. That was just estimating on the two projects that I don't know the grades for. I estimated an 18/20 since that's what I got on the first one. (Just checked; got an 18/20 on the group one as well, so looks like a decent estimate.)

No idea on MATH315. I've been getting As on all the work handed back to me? But there weren't class quizzes, which is strange for McLaren's classes, so I don't know if it's just based on exams and projects or what. Probably an A?

EDCI461: I'm still thinking my participation won't be amazing, but I've gotten As on all the graded assignments (aced all but one of them), and we just took the final, which was easy... so probably an A, unless she hamstrings us with our participation grades. And even there, I've done better since mid-semester, so maybe not.

EDMS410: I don't really know. I think an A as long as I don't screw up on the final. It's hard to tell if I'm calculating my grades right from her gradebook, but I got a 93... all I have left is two class assignments, the final piece of the class project, a quiz, an ECR, and the final. Which is a lot for only one more class meeting, but that is the nature of that ridiculous class, I guess because it only meets once a week. Anyway, we'll see.

EDCI391: Definitely an A. I've only missed two points in the class. Only have two grades left for posting, but I'm pretty certain they'll be 100%.

So that's that.
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Maybe I should make resolutions?
  • Write 200,000 words on various projects (for that one community)
  • Finish Blood and Heat
  • Write something every week. (I won't say every day.  It won't happen.)
  • Don't mutilate my liver. (Drink less, or rather get drunk less, since I don't drink that often but when I do I usually get drunk.)
  • Keep Stories growing.
  • Stay on track in school -- dean's list definitely, and try for 4.0
  • Submit real writing to something, especially if WotF is a bust this time around.
I think I'll leave it at that.

TO DO LIST for today:
  • Demitri's story
  • Find a story of the month nomination
  • laundry
  • reply to princess round robin
Erm, I guess that's all.  I started rereading Ella Enchanted. Finally bought myself a copy while I was Christmas shopping.  I love that book.  It's weird how it's in like... the early readers section.  I always thought it was a young adult book.  Whatever though.  And I really want an eBook reader now.  After research, I want the Nook.  I'll have to wait for my birthday though.


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3.8 this semester. Score. It's sad though because it could have easily been a 4.0 if I'd just gone to my math class more often. Well, there's always next semester I guess.

I made my Secret Santa gift for Stories. I also drew a Christmas card for Danny's parents.

I think I'm going to pull it down tomorrow and make the eyes more even, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased. They haven't looked at it yet (unless they peeked).

Erm yeah. I guess that's mostly it except I'm seriously excited for Christmas and I can't convince myself to go talk to restaurants about a job. Blah.
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I spent more money on Danny for Christmas :/ Naughty me. But it'll be worth it, he'll love it all. I can't wait for Christmas. After getting the presents, the waiting is the worst part.

I don't work until Saturday, and while that's nice, it also sucks because it'll be less money. As soon as I unbury my car from the snow drift at the bottom of our driveway I'll head to Hooters and talk to them. For real this time. I mean it. (Lectures self.)

Stories is doing well, but I'm starting to worry that maybe I'm always suggesting too many changes, haha. I'm just an idea machine. But anyway, we're getting new members. Our tournaments/battles are far more popular than our normal challenges, it seems. But that's cool. We've got some new things in the works. Like featuring a member portfolio every week for all the members to read through and offer concrit on. Stuff like that.

Ehm. There was a huge snowstorm. All very exciting. My car is stuck, Danny's car is stuck.

The semester's over. I got a B in a class that should have been a retarded easy A, but I think the rest will be As so it's okay. Erm. I think I had more to say but it's all gone now. Woohoo.
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I went Christmas shopping! And I got awesome stuff. For Dan's mom: a photo family tree in a metal stand shaped like a twiny heart thing with "The Titmans" engraved. For Dan's dad: a redskins mug with his name engraved. For my brother: a light up board you can write on with a blacklight-type marker. For my mom: a snow globe with a cross in it with some sort of prayer on it, with "Mom" engraved on it. For my dad: the Mistborn series (but I still have to get the second book, it was out of stock). For Dennis and Heather: a game, Dirty Minds. For my grandparents: an ornament with a place for a picture that says Good Dog. And stuff for Danny that I won't post in case he reads this. It is my homepage, after all.

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43390 / 50000

Day ahead going into Thanksgiving. YES. So I'll try to write anyway of course, but if I can't find time, I'm okay.

And and and. I forget. Oh right. I'm going into the scene with the sirens, so I should have plenty of material next I start!
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So Stories is going well. There are nine active members right now (including me). 16 total members. One is my staff testing account. The other six nonactives are just... well, one is John. One posted a welcome but is still listed as Validating and hasn't done her application. The others, dunno.

I'm not sure where else I should advertise. I've done lots of forums. I'm thinking of neopets, but I'm not sure the quality of the members there anymore, haha.

Lots of general activity, not as much as I'd like in actual craft-related activity. Few stories posted, but very little development discussion or reviewing or anything. I'm sure it'll pick up.

I found a cool critique website for fantasy/scifi/horror. Critters. Looks very well put together. I joined there but I'm not submitting a manuscript right away. I did, however, send a preliminary email to a beta on PI for Unjoined.

All this other stuff I've been doing means I haven't written in the last few days though. I've gotta get back into it. I think I'll focus on that in any freetime at Andy and Jenn's wedding this weekend. I'm not sure I can count on having the internet. I hope Stories doesn't suffer. It can probably survive as long as I review/accept any applications, and if push comes to shove I can do that on my phone.

Yes! Two day wedding starting tomorrow! The crazy. Should be fun.
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So Dennis, Heather, Danny and I went to Ocean City this weekend. Danny and I drove separate; we left Friday night at 7 or so, and followed Dennis and Heather. We all made it there around 11 and had time to go down to the Boardwalk before everything closed down at midnight. Heather and I rode the Zipper, but Danny refused. He might not have fit anyway. When we got back to the beach house we drank some, played Sorry, hung out on the beach, and Heather and I saved a horseshoe crab from a pool he'd gotten stuck in (much to the boys' annoyance).

Just in fairly brief summary... )

So that was the weekend. Today I had my first day at my new job, little mom&pop-type grocery store called Country Boy. I'm just ringing... it's pretty simple, although it's an old timey machine where you enter each price rather than scanning items, and you have to memorize what a lot of the produce is and how much it costs. It'll be boring but easy, and everyone's nice. The boss is willing to work with my school hours. We haven't talked pay yet, but the woman who trained me today said she started three months ago at $9.50/hr, which would be perfectly fine with me.

Uh yeah. I guess that's mostly it for now. I want to write some today. There are some new challenges at RCR, so I think I'll enter. Still not much in the way of response to my stuff, but my entries to two of the challenges have gotten a vote or two since they were posted, so that's something.
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So, much to Danny's dismay, I'm currently rereading the Mistborn books -- and I'm once again struck by how much of a genius Brandon Sanderson is. I just finished the first two, and they're amazing enough without even taking into account the levels I know book three adds. The reread is so much better than even the initial read, so I can't wait until I finish this final book and see what little details I've missed. Ahhh!

And it really makes me want to write my own books. Bah. I could finish Blood and Heat -- it's a good story, lots of potential, though certainly not fleshed out all the way. I have to believe in myself and remember that even my favorite authors, who are completely brilliant, make mistakes. Martin making mention of Jaime doing something requiring two hands after having lost one, for instance. Or Sanderson writing that Vin had Clubs -- a Smoker Misting, meaning he can only burn copper -- burn bronze to try to sense Allomantic pulsings from the Well of Ascension only she could sense anyway. It took me about two paragraphs (on the second reread!) after reading that for the lightbulb to go off -- wait! He can't do that! Haha.

Anyway yeah. So rereading these books is quickly elevating Sanderson. He was certainly top five before, but distinctly below Martin and Orson Scott Card in "rank" so to speak. Now though... I feel they're all fairly evenly matched (not that I can really judge, eh?). Hell, the Hero of Ages (third book, which I just started) has praise from Orson Scott Card right on the cover, so I shouldn't be surprised!

Um so. In brief, beyond the writing. I'm taking Danny to dinner tonight when he gets home. I feel bad because I upset him last night (well, his version of upset, more mopey and irritated) by resizing a bunch of pictures on my computer and uploading them to Facebook, then reading a couple chapters of the Well of Ascension. There was a movie he wanted to watch, but I didn't realize he wanted to watch it right then and he wanted me to stop what I was doing to watch it. So I'm trying to make up for it, and I'll try to be less oblivious in the future. Plus, it'll be our first time at Fridays when I can drink too!

Speaking of, my 21st birthday was great. Perhaps I'll detail that one later. Pictures on Facebook!

My classes still aren't posting my grades. I know that as a group my comm group made a 94 on our paper, which is great, but I don't know if individual scores were weighted differently. I'll keep checking Blackboard.

I'm hungry.
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So I haven't really felt like updating lately. There's plenty of stuff going on, both good and bad. Danny's birthday is freshly over, he's now 26. We went to Dave and Busters for his work tonight. I have two midterms today/tomorrow. I applied at Fridays but I'm not going to pursue it just yet. I start my personal trainer course tomorrow for real; last week's classes were a misprint or whatever. Work has been retarded slow with not enough money. I'm still pretty broke. I haven't been able to add more money to my account, though the level has been pretty steady because I've been spending cash usually.

So yeah, stuff in general. Will try to update tomorrow after midterms/gym/first personal trainer class when I'm more sober.

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Well I already posted my resolutions, but now I have to try to stick with them. Already slept until 11 today, so the sleeping less one isn't going so awesome. But Danny's not going to let me set an alarm when one isn't needed, anyway, so on days when neither of us work in the morning, I guess it's whenever he wakes me up. :)

Anyway. New Year's was fun. Some of Danny's work people didn't show up but four of them did, plus Tom and his girl (friends of Dennis and Heather), so we had lots of fun. I ordered pizza at 9 and by 11 it hadn't come so Danny had to yell at a pizza guy on the phone and then we had to go pick it up, but it was free, so whatever.

I'm thinking about going to Bally Total Fitness today because I got a free two week trial inside one of my Christmas presents, but the fact that I'm still sore makes me hesitate. The Maryland gym doesn't reopen until Monday though, so if I want to work out before then Bally will have to do.

And now I want to brainstorm how to improve the start of Blood and Heat. Feel free not to read further, this is just for my benefit.

Wandering ideas... )
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Bleargh. Hooters is getting ass-retarded again. )

But anyway, I'm seriously thinking about trying to become a personal trainer. They have a class for it at Maryland, it's 8 weeks, two days a week, only $160. Not for credit, but it does give you all the materials you need to study for ACE certification, plus a 20% discount on taking the ACE certification. I'd do that instead of trying to buy a rowing machine, haha, since I can't in good conscience spend money on both.

Anyway, the class starts February 16th, and it meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to 6, which is something I can manage. Then in the middle-end of April they have open interviews for joining the gym staff, so I could apply to be a personal trainer (they website says personal trainers are students who are often either certified or in the process of getting certified). I think I'd stand a better chance at that then I did before just going for something general and not even getting there early. I'd get there so early this time... Anyway, I'd be done with the personal trainer class, though whether or not I'd have taken the certification yet I have no way of knowing.

What I'm wondering is how much student personal trainers make. I know the rate for one training session is $32 for a student and $40 for a nonstudent, but I imagine the gym takes a good chunk of that. It'd be good, though, as something extra on the side. It's not like a real job where you get scheduled in four hour chunks or more; I'd just be available something like Tuesdays and Fridays before class, Mondays and Fridays after class, and maybe Sundays. No interference with my planned Hooters schedule at all (assuming I'm still working there). And if they had room, I'd gladly also work as weight/fitness staff.

It'd be awesome though. It'd give me extra motivation to go to the gym. For starters I'd already be there for class next semester and then for sessions assuming I get the job... and also, you can't very well be an unfit personal trainer!

I think that once the gym reopens I'll schedule a fitness test thing. It's $20 and it's with a personal trainer, so it'd be good on multiple levels. I could talk to the trainer about the job, see what my level of fitness is like, and probably get some good tips for staying healthy and fit. Woo!

Of course, the interviews in April would be for summer and fall work, which means my current schedule wouldn't apply. But that's okay. I'll endeavor to make the best schedule possible for work next semester. I may even be able to have class only three days a week because by then I'll be done with French. We'll see.

But I'm so excited! I just need a chance to talk it over with Danny.
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Now on to a weekend of work. Blah. Danny had to get up at 5 this morning to get to work, where I don't work until 4:30 and won't get off until like 1:30. Then tomorrow he opens again (though not as early) and I close again (and probably stay later, it's UFC). Sunday morning I work the early shift. Danny may or may not work, but if he does work, he'll be home probably by seven at the latest, not much later than me.

But Christmas was fun! I was tired the whole day from not sleeping enough, but the family, food, and celebration was awesome. Danny got me namebrand Ugg boots. I suspected he was either getting me boots or a Redskins jersey but I didn't expect he'd spend so much on super nice boots. They're furry and soft on the inside. I just wish my feet weren't so huge, I think they'd look better on me if I had small feet. But Danny loves them and they're super comfy. I just have to figure out how to take care of them properly because apparently Danny got all sorts of take-care-of-them stuff.

I also got skinny leg jeans to go with the boots, and flare jeans just to wear so I have more pants that fit, and makeup stuff in my stocking (along with blessed gum and chapstick), and a Redskins scarf, and a Bally resistance band-slash-rowing type thing which I'm going to give an honest try to see if it'll work as a substitute for an at home rowing machine as long as I'm still going to the gym regularly. And of course gift cards and such. It's amazing how Danny's family does more for me at Christmas than my own. My grandmother sent me a $25 check, but that's it for my family. I sent them all presents (except Cris still hasn't picked his yet). Danny's family who we didn't get presents and who I couldn't even convince him to get a card for, though, got us giftcards and such.

Of course my parents are going through a tight time financially so I understand it. It's just very ironic. I just feel very lucky to have a second family that loves me so much. And feeds me so well. x)

ETA: Oh yeah, final grades all went up for me. Four As, two Bs, 3.647. Woohoo!
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So I was afraid I'd lose my job today at work. I went to the image class meeting assuming, hey, there are forty of us, someone will be able to cover my shift for me this morning. But no one could. Jordan had me call Margaret (he wanted me to tell her I was disappointed that she didn't handle it better finding me coverage) but she just said that if someone would work a double for me she'd try to let them go home before the Cowboys game tonight. In the end, since there were six of us scheduled, Jordan said if all of us showed up he'd let me go home and run a five floor.

So I stayed to wait. Not that I would have worked, but I figured that if all five of the other girls showed up and I stayed until then, it would look better to Jordan. And if they didn't, I'd deal with it then. But they all did show up, and he let me go home, and for my trouble waiting I learned an awesome card trick from the bartender Monica.

Last night I got very little sleep because I got far too much sleep yesterday: I slept until almost 2:30. And while I was lying awake being unable to sleep until 4 in the morning, I decided to go ahead and come up with some serious resolutions for the new year.

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Also, I need to find gifts for Justin, Alli, Dennis, and Heather. I'm thinking something Yoshi for Justin, maybe a plush or some funny Yoshi pajamas. I'm thinking a board game for Dennis and Heather, just address it to both of them, but make sure it's a fun one. And I'll consult Danny for Alli. I also need to get presents for my family. :( I think maybe a giftcard to a nice restaurant for my parents, and then something from Spencer's or Hot Topic for my brother. I don't know where the closest one is down there so I think I'll let him pick something off the website that's $35 or less.
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I'm in GEOG201 right now, clearly not paying enough attention to taking notes; the TA is lecturing today, and I don't think she's quite as good as the teacher. He's better at putting key terms and phrases on the blackboard and making them clear, in my opinion.

After this I have PSYC100, and then Danny and I are going to 7 Springs to stay the night at the resort and then ski all day tomorrow. It's my birthday present to him. We're both really excited. We're going to stop by his mom's work on the way and trade my van for her car because she wasn't comfortable with us going in his light little car or my big, heavy, traction-control-and-anti-lock-brake-less van. Haha.

Work is being stupid. There's some nationwide Starbucks training session Tuesday from 6 to 9 at night - all the stores are shutting down at 5:30 for it. And I can't go because it just had to be on a Tuesday, the one day I can't work at all because I have school all day. According to George, if I don't go he has to take me off the schedule until I talk to the district manager. Hopefully they change their minds. I don't want to lose my hours, and I can't help that they put the damn thing on a Tuesday. Why not a Wednesday? I don't have school at all on Wednesdays...

I want a bagel.


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