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So last night I had the first ever dream that I would actually consider a nightmare. It wasn't scary in the sense of a horror movie, but it was still pretty terrifying and damn realistic... as in I really thought it was happening until Danny turned on the lights and I woke up.

Since it was totally and ridiculously based on both the House and How I Met Your Mother finales, I'll be cutting it for anyone who didn't want them spoiled.

Nightmare... )

So yeah. Scary stuff.

I finally got fed up with the telemarketers constantly calling the house and put it on the do not call registry. I put mine and Danny's cells, too, although I don't think either of us has been bothered on there by telemarketers yet. I've heard that soon it will be allowed, though, for cells... Have to wait thirty days for the full effect to kick in though. After thirty days we can file a complaint if a telemarketer calls.

Okay so I'm starving. I need to shower, go get some food, and then study for my final tonight.

Although after my final I'll be able to really worry about the [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite contests and stuff! I really want to enter. Even if I don't win a single one, it's participation points... and fun, of course. Looks like all the deadlines are June 1st so I have some time.
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I'm procrastinating again. I need to do my take-home final for HONR267. Tomorrow I need to study for my last final, which will be tomorrow night at 6:30. So yeah.

Oh, and I forgot to report on the ending of The Ruined Map. It was... very, very weird. He didn't find the missing husband. The wife's brother was murdered. This one weird coworker of the missing husband had led the detective to believe that the husband was dabbling in nude photos, weird ones, but eventually admitted to being a liar... lied poorly a bunch more... then called the detective and committed suicide while on the phone. The detective went to a cafe where a hushed up below the radar meeting of drivers was going on, and they beat the freaking stuffing out of him I guess out of fear that he was a cop, then threw him back in his truck. He went back to the wife, stayed the night there... tickled her, they may have fucked, I'm not entirely certain... and then all of a sudden a chapter starts that echoes the book opening word for word for a while, and we find out that the detective has gotten complete amnesia of some sort. The craziness. He calls this number that has been present throughout the story but never actually dialed and the wife picks up, only of course he doesn't recognize her... he begs for help, for her to come get him, but when she comes he hides in the shadows and chooses to disappear to make a life of his own choosing. THE STRANGE.

Work yesterday wasn't as bad as I expected. It was long as hell, sure, but I got all the dishes, mopping, etc that we couldn't finish Saturday night done by 9am when Amy came in.

I took some pictures with my camera and emailed some to my mom and some to Danny's mom; my roommates went to my mom so she can see who I live with, and the pictures I took of Hobbes went to Danny's mom. It was rainy yesterday so my photography was limited, but later this afternoon I'll probably take a break to take some pictures outside the house, and at some point I might post some.

Hogsmeade is over. I didn't do as much as I'd hope, but I still participated. =D Also, a couple days ago I ordered sigtags from [livejournal.com profile] wildmusings' Diagon shop, and she already finished them. Wow, she's quick!

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So today is really very mixed good and bad. )

Also, Hogsmeade's running at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite now. I even made time to enter a couple of the contests already. There's no way I'll be able to do any of the more time-consuming ones, but I might get to a couple shorter ones tomorrow too.

And starting next Monday my work availability will be any time but Wednesdays, Sundays, and after 4pm on Saturdays. I made sure George had seen it, and he said yes and he'll be making the schedule for that week on Monday. Technically I have about the same number or more available hours as before, but it's awesome for me since it means I won't work Danny's days off or close Saturdays, and it'll just be work, no school. For the summer, at least...

And I really have to work on transferring to College Park. I guess it's not so pressing for this summer, but during next semester it'll be much more convenient working at the College Park Starbucks.
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Found lolcat icons. Danny does not approve. I never thought I'd run out of space with 112 icons, but I'm getting there. Now every time I find new icons I try to go through and prune ones I don't really use but didn't really want to get rid of just to preserve the space I have left.

I've been reading The Ruined Map today. It's really weird. It's definitely more similar to American reading than that crazy Dunes one, but still... odd. It keeps mention of names to a minimum; the only ones mentioned in the narrative so far are I think the guy the detective's looking for and this coworker of the guy who the detective has talked to. Even the missing guy's wife doesn't have a name mentioned in the narrative, or her brother who dies.

I'm 2/3s of the way through so far and there's been a main character death, a raping, an organization of homosexual runaway boys... and various weird trains of thought. Also the narrator's wife popped up randomly in the middle of the book with no previous indication that he even had a wife.

But yeah. I need to finish it tomorrow and write the paper. I believe in class the moron teacher told us we could email it by Monday, but the original due date was Friday so I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. I did procrastinate today... I got the most productive part of the reading done in the last two or three hours before Danny got home. But I did, however, write the reflections on the exhibits I had to go to. Which I did go to -- yesterday, at the Freer and Sackler galleries in DC. They were cool. We also went through the Smithsonian for fun, and I really wished I had my camera already. It should arrive on Saturday.

Danny thinks the Hufflepuff chat is "loser"ish. I visited for a couple minutes to see what it was like. I think I'll go more during Hogsmeade this weekend if I can do it when Danny isn't there to tell me how I'm a loser. Also, mentioning him in a post it much harder when he's actually paying attention.
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I am so annoyed x_x; The honors seminar on the solar system I signed up for next semester got moved from 11 to 12:30, which made it conflict with my French class. Stupid fuckers! Make sure the schedule is final before you allow us to add shit! Now I'm going to have to take a "current issues in biology" honors seminar from 3:30 to 4:45, later than I wanted to stay in school. But I guess seeing as that makes my Tuesday start at 1 and my Thursday at 3:30 it isn't all that bad. I would have time to work before or after school if College Park takes me.

Still, it's frustrating to have your nice, beautiful schedule screwed around with because some idiot went, "Ooops, that time's not so good for me, let's move it an hour and a half." I. Shoot. You. In your foot.

I collected a crapload of ASOIAF icons yesterday when I should have been doing homework. They're awesome. Someone in my lovely common room directed me to [livejournal.com profile] fanmoot, which looks amazing so far. Too bad I have to do a crapload of homework now instead of exploring it and [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite fully. I'll have a little time this weekend, probably, but before then I won't be able to play with them without feeling at least a little guilty.

Anyway. I still have to read The Ruined Map, go see two Japan-related events/exhibits and write reflections on them, write the 8-page paper on the two weird books, study for/take my geo final Thursday morning, do my take-home HONR267 final, and take my HONR219V final next Tuesday. And I close tomorrow night. It's only four hours, but the time is really inconvenient because those would have been pretty ideal studying hours. And if I stay with Danny tomorrow night then I have to get up at 6:30 Thursday morning to make it to my final... but if I stay at the dorm, I have to go there after closing at 9 Wednesday night. And I'd probably have to go home and shower first. Basically it sucks.

ETA I FORGOT TO SAY. House last night was amazing. Weird and amazing. I've missed crazy ass episodes like that. ♥ Like, so good that I can't bring to mind what How I Met Your Mother was about last night, and lately I've been liking that more.

Note to self: assistant undersecretary of only okay
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Yesterday opening with George wasn't so bad, although I didn't get off as early as I was hoping.

After I got off work, Danny and I went to go get his new car. It's a copper red Mazda 3 hatchback, truly sexy... although it was a horrible shame that it was raining the day Danny got to bring it home. It took forever to get through everything, though. Danny was convinced buying a car didn't take long at all, but I told him he was wrong. He was. (Apparently buying his Trans Am in Tuscon was really quick because it was used and it was, well, Tuscon.)

I like it a lot. It'll be weird never looking for him in his little green Saturn again, but it's a beautiful car.

Also, shortly after leaving work yesterday )

So I have quite a bit of schoolwork to do today, but I don't think it'll be too bad. The most time consuming will probably be reading The Ruined Map, which I don't have to finish quite yet.

I was accepted at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite as a Hufflepuff =) I'm excited.
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Sooo I picked out my schedule, but only two of the classes I originally intended to select weren't waitlisted already. PSYC200 looked open, but has a huge hold file. I fully expect to get into COMM250, but I'm not so sure about PSYC200 and BSCI106. So I went ahead and picked a filler schedule that will also work should I not get into those two. The filler includes a philosophy class that counts as a math strategies CORE, intro to theater as an HA CORE, and a nonlab science CORE that's also three Honors credits (about the solar system). I waitlisted for a stat class because I have to take one for comm, so I'll need it if I don't get PSYC200. Unfortunately it would make me take the philosophy class off my schedule, which is actually the filler class that seems most interesting to me.

Anyway. Sorting at [livejournal.com profile] sorting_elite is going well. I'm getting almost all puffs, which is great. I thought of myself as a huge puff except when I wrote the application, when I thought, "Well, maybe the Ravenclaw is stronger..." so it's nice to see that my initial instincts were right. I'm actually getting no claws. A couple of Gryffindors, which surprises me quite a bit.

So yeah. Homework now. Bad me procrastinating.

ETA It's now 2 in the morning and I'm just editing this to say Iron Man was awesome. Get thee to a movie theater and watch it. Right now I have to say it's my favorite hero/comic movie, though once the glitter fades I'll have to compare it with Batman and decide.
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I just realized how much work I have to do in very little time. I have all tomorrow to do work, but Saturday and Sunday morning I work (hopefully, I need to call Bre to see if I actually get to work Saturday morning instead of evening) and then have family stuff in the evening with Danny's family. Monday I have lab and psyc section, then work. Tuesday school all day, naturally, it being my birthday. Wednesday we were going to go to King's Dominion for my birthday if it's nice, but I might have to decide against it to have time to finish work.

So that's the time I have. Now for the work I'm supposed to do, and a rough battle plan. )

ETA My stupid cell just went off in class. I swear, it never goes off when it's on vibrate, but I forget to silence it one day and hey! Someone's trying to call me! -headdesk-

ETA 2 App's up at [livejournal.com profile] sorting_elite... Let's see how it goes.
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So I'm planning on joining [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite now. I've been thinking about it for a while, but with the end of the semester approaching I think that soon I'll finally have time to really participate. I figure sorting will take a while, so I may very well be into or even done with finals by the time I'm accepted/rejected. If not, I can just keep up with sorting until summer starts. Anyway, I expect it'll be awesome. The community's been around for ages and just looking at it shows how well organized it is.

So. If you haven't, Go join [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite, or at least check it out.

Anyway, I found out today that my psych prof will be dropping our two lowest quiz grades from section instead of only one, which means my 60 and 70 will be dropped. I have a few 80s, several 90s, at least one 100... plus the three free 100s during exam weeks. Even before the extra credit, now, I think I can expect to make an A.

Well anyway, I have work in about 45 minutes, so I'm going to keep this short. Oh, the schoolwork I still have to do...


6/2/06 23:14
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-was not accepted to diagon elite- -is more disappointed over the fact that Noah hasn't posted hogsmeade results STILL-

I'm so obsessive, agh XD I'm scaring myself. Night you guys.


5/2/06 14:12
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I would totally apply for temporary prefectship at h_e if I had at least a term under my belt. But I don't think I'm familiar enough with h_e yet to attempt something like that. Too bad, because I have more than enough time on my hands for responsibilities and such. One might even say that I have (gasp) too much time on my hands.

In other news, I watched Corpse Bride. It was enormously musical and highly predictable, but still adorable. And is it just me, or does Helena Bonham Carter actually look like the Corpse Bride a little? XD Anyway, the whole time I was watching it I kept being struck by how innocently grim it is. I mean, marrying a corpse? Agreeing to commit suicide to stay married to her? The movie was hilarious, though, and put in such a way that it didn't seem nearly as grim as it really was.

I'll tell you one thing. Christy and Ryan would never let their little ones watch it. They'd be highly disapproving of it and maintain the view that the movie was made to corrupt young minds in such a way that they don't even realize it's happening. Then again, Christy and Ryan wouldn't even let their little ones watch Disney's Pocahontas and Atlantis: the Lost Empire the last time I saw them, so that's not saying much, is it?

I should wrap this up before my typing pisses Mom and Cris off. =D


3/2/06 15:03
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I think Dad and I are going to go for a walk here in a few minutes, but I'm not sure.

I should be working on Literature. I've just determined the real reason it took me so long to finish Lit III: I let the essays sit. Sometimes for as long as a week I put off writing them. Particularly if I've got more than one to write, which I do right now because James Madison sent back my Lit III novel project because they fail at making clear instructions. I have to write an essay on symbolism in the Scarlet Letter and a review of "The Rocking-Horse Winner", the latter being my current Lit IV assignment.

So yes. Must do that.

I've been working on Candlemark. I've got a layout up and I think all of the basic info I need. Hopefully I'm not neglecting anything. I suppose I should add a 'To the Admins' forum for questions or whatever. -ponders-

Mmm. Waiting for MECA and Hogsmeade results. I check my h_e filter far too often. It's ridiculous, really.


1/2/06 12:10
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Go Ravenclaw! =D We won the House Cup... -feels sad she missed the posting of the end of term feast-

Wow, we really kicked ass at Hogsmeade =o Good job guys ^^;


29/1/06 18:59
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Holy freaking crap.

SIX people are tied for third place in one of the Rosmerta contests. SIX. I have a feeling it's going to stay that way since it's 6:59 as I type this and so Rosmerta is closing in one minute if Noah's on time.



What's worse: two are tied for first, as well. Only second place has a clear winner.


edit Noah was on time.



29/1/06 18:30
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[livejournal.com profile] ziri wins at life. -still giggling over the fic- If you're in h_e and you haven't read it, shame on you!

Okay, so, oddish dream last night. I don't remember it that clearly. I just know it involved a boy I've never met before -- of my brain's invention I suppose -- who resembled Tim somewhat in that he was tall, skinny-skinny, and had dark hair... but yeah, that was about it. Of course, the dream wasn't that clear on what Mr. Imaginary looked like. Anyway, a lot of odd imagery and happenings aside, it was sweet and romantic. Just wishful thinking I suppose. And then when I was getting dressed to go to base with my family, I was figuring out which finger to put a ring on (most of my rings are too big, I dunno), and I tried it on the ring finger of my right hand... it reminded me of something in the dream I'd forgotten, moving an engagement ring from that finger to the same on the left hand... I'm not sure exactly what happened in the dream, it was just a vague deja-vu type feeling/memory.

Mmm. I think the dream was brought on by wearing Tim's necklace again during the SAT yesterday. I dunno, I just felt I needed to. And then I bought a new necklace at spencer's, a thorny heart-shape with roses at the center, and wore it too, and took off Tim's from underneath when we got home. -kicks subconscious for being weird-

I guess that's it. -frownfrown-
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Okay, so, a little over an hour (or is it two hours) left of Hogsmeade voting I believe, so I'm going to attempt to work on this journal entry and vote at the same time... haha. Well, for some Hogsmeade communities. -isconfused-

Okay, so that didn't work out... I ended up voting my little heart out and then coming back to this x) Ah well. I got it all done, so that's good.

I think I stand a chance at placing in one thing. I checked maybe 3/4ths of the things I entered to see whether I was placing, though, so I don't know about any I haven't checked... whatever. And in one I made the most ridiculous mistake in the world XD Still get participation, though.


Okay, so, got up early this morning for SATs. The getting up was fine, surprisingly enough. Shower, Cocoa Puffs, brush teeth, check email while waiting for mum to do her thang so we could go. Went up to the test center. It all went smoothly, really, aside from our proctor being late and some guy who wasn't sure what he was doing stepping in until she arrived... but the guy was amusingly adorable, so it was okay with me.

I'm used to having 45 minutes for the essay portion from the FCATs x_@ So yeah, I didn't quite finish. I got in a good three paragraphs and would have been pretty finished if I added a conclusion, though given the 45 minutes I was trained with in Florida I would have ended up with 5 paragraphs, an extra stuck in before the conclusion for good measure. So. I finished my sentence and everything, and the essay went onto the second page, so I shouldn't have done too horribly despite not finishing it. I hope. (Anyone know if not finishing is unusual?)

I wish that you could work on any section you like during the testing time instead of being confined to one. I was cutting it extra close on the math, but I always had like ten minutes left over for reading x_x; For my first section I didn't finish filling in the two final student-answer ones or whatever, but I ended up remembering the problems and solving them mentally on break, and sneakily filling them in later -shame- Oi. Then on the second math section I skipped one that I didn't have time to go back to, and there was another from the first section like that. The third section I finished, though. Which means that out of the three sections, at least two I missed simply for not completing them. Completed everything on reading though.

So, yes. That was the SAT for me.

Then we went to Arundel Mills to watch The New World. We got there exceptionally early and bored ourselves silly wandering around the mall... I got a new necklace and shirt, and a necklace for Ash in Alaska from Hot Topic / Spencer's. Mmm... So yeah, then we went to the theater and I waited in line for concessions... the whole theater was running about 20 minutes late because someone had pulled a fire alarm earlier, so our movie was going to start later than scheduled as it was. A guy testing movie previews on a bunch of laptops recruited my brother and me to watch the previews and fill out a survey about them. Ice Age 2. Meh.

People coming out of The New World mostly said it sucked. Dad thought it may have just been because it was interrupted by the fire alarm so they were in a bad mood, but we discovered that it wasn't the fire alarm's fault. At all.

The movie was slow. Sooo slow. I spent the first half of the movie wondering when it was going to start. I spent the second half wondering when it was going to end. And the narration was annoying. Aaaagh.

High points: Colin Farrell looked pretty damn good in the movie. I never thought much of his looks before this movie and couldn't understand why people fawned over his hawtness, but now I don't think I can look at them with quite the same look of nervous uncertainty on my face. Oh, and the previews were cool. I love trailers.

Low points: ...everything else. Yeah.

Yup, that's about it. -iztired-


25/1/06 23:15
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So I forgot to mention in my SAT-wtf that a water main in the area broke and we didn't have water today until about 3 or 4, and it wasn't clear, clean water until about 7. So that's when I took my shower. Blah. I hope they're done with it and didn't just go home for the night, because I don't want them stealing my water again.

Cris is watching (I think) Big Momma's House in the background... And I had to look at the guide to make sure I spelled that right.

Claws for the cup! XD Err. I'm graphicking, and earlier I made this spur-of-the-moment, so:



24/1/06 14:37
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I finally finished my second math exam. It took me three days, not counting skipped days. I took it online and got a 75, and it disappointed me so badly. I do believe 75 is the lowest grade I've gotten in James Madison aside from the miserable 68 I got in Lit III... but I didn't really bother myself over that one since according to the school it's passing and it wasn't the first grade I got back for that class, so I knew it was just a one-time fuck-up. But it's incredibly disheartening to find that the first grade you get in a class is a 75. I mean, I don't know what I got on the first exam yet since I went retarded and mailed it in... I suppose I could take it online anyway since they haven't received it yet... -goes to do so, apprehensively-

Oh my god I feel better, not much better but better. I got a 90 on the first exam.

Still. I had such trouble with the second exam, and then when I looked back a couple mistakes were stupid ones... -resolves to check work much more thoroughly (read: check it at all) from now on-

-sigh- Now I have to do Physics. I should do the first exam for that class online too since it's another I stupidly mailed in the first test for... and I got an 88 on the second... which isn't good either. =(

edit 96 on first Physics exam, much better. -relief- Also, anyone know why people sometimes mark edits on entries with ETA? Doesn't that mean estimated time of arrival? And for that matter, what does the NB! on some [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite contests mean? (I've been meaning to ask for a while XD)


22/1/06 21:52
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Okay, so Hogsmeade has killed me. I've entered... 14 contests, usually just one part, though once or twice I may have entered more than one on the same contest... And I've participated in both House Challenges, though apparently the Gryffs beat us bad in the second because they had like 20 people on it at once and an organized system or something.

I'd enter more but Mom says I'm going to bed at 10 (in fifteen). I don't feel like I entered enough... I mean really, there were so many and I missed the first day, and like 3/4s of what I entered were quick and easies like trivia and caption.

So blah. Some of my entries were pretty good, others were crappy... I didn't enter Yen's contest and I feel kinda bad about it XD But I think she'll forgive me.

Yeeeaahh. My first Hogsmeade. Maybe I'll be there for the entirety of the second, y'know, and be more productive.
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Hogsmeade = time consuming.

I'm taking a rest. I'll probably end up sleeping til noon, but hopefully not. XD

I haven't gotten much done, but, eh, hopefully I'll get more done later. I think my computer's all but telling me to go to sleep, what with Rotten Tomatoes down, bethy's head girl contest images down, and PSP shutting down my image in the middle of everything.

I'll have to post about my weekend outside Hogsmeade once the crazies go away.


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