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How much do I fail? Let me count the ways.

1. I'm getting into fanfiction again. Hardcore. Probably just a phase, but at the moment I'm dying for feedback on my LoZ and KH stories, and really considering picking them back up. Which, erm, would probably mean even less productivity on my original prose, if that's possible.

2. Going off the above: I have written very little. It's Spring Break and I've only written maybe 500 words? At most 1,000. -headdesk-

3. I haven't woken up before 11am all week.

4. I haven't used the time to get ahead on my homework.

So. General fail.
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Title: Scheherezade
Genre: Fanfiction
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~ 2,000

For the Fifty Sentences challenge at RCR--this time I actually finished. I found a subject that worked. :) So it's the story of Scheherezade, with what may be a slightly different spin.

Scheherezade is a woman--she needs love like any other, especially when surrounded by a constant sense of fear. )
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Title: History
Genre: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,045

Written for another RCR challenge--a character gets a chance to change a mistake they made in the past. I chose Dumbledore. The story is set just as Voldemort is beginning to gain real power. It is before Harry was born.

Ariana’s crumpled body lies on the floor of his mind, but the Time Turner in his hands could change her fate. )
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My eyes are being spastically refrickintarded. For the last couple weeks, they've gotten really red whenever I wear contacts despite the fact that I've been good and taken them out at night. And for the last four to five days, even taking them out hasn't helped. They're still red even if I wear my glasses all day, and really dry. And today my vision has been getting kind of blurred from time to time in a way I can't blame on the weaker prescription in my glasses. I went to the clinic but she couldn't seem to quite figure out my symptoms, so she gave me a prescription for eye allergy drops but told me to see an optometrist if it doesn't help.

I hope this clears up soon. Today is the worst they've been. Freaking hate it. I keep using eyedrops but it hasn't helped much if at all.

Also, Bank of America cancelled the card of Danny's that I carry so I can deposit my money in a bank. They sent him a new card and said something about the old one being compromised. Which is stupid since the only thing I use the card for is depositing money, and how can it hurt him if I'm adding money to his account? I take the money out via checks, and they didn't say anything about his checks being compromised. I deposited money on Sunday and the ATM took it but didn't actually put it in his account. So we have to go yell at the bank for stealing my $140 and being, in general, idiots.

I finally finished posting all the chapters of Heart of a Werewolf on I started to do it in freaking 2006 and stopped in the middle. I didn't even realize the story was that old! I mean I guess I must have known but wow. I looked over some of my old reviews and I feel bad I disappeared in the middle of stuff. I can't wait to start this mess again, haha. Is that sad? I even had one review on my KH fics asking where Elemental Force went. Dedicated reader...

But yay, accomplishment for the day, I have five stories on FFN and the only two that aren't complete are explicitly stated as kind of... whenever the fancy strikes me, which is okay since each 'chapter' is a oneshot that should technically be able to stand alone.

Well I need to shower. And then I have to pick which story I want to work on at the moment. I started For a Soul, but at the moment I'm leaning toward the KH oneshots or working on Elemental Force.
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So I picked the five stories I'm most likely to work on, made sure each had a neatly formatted Word document, and created a shortcut to each on my desktop. I chose:

The Legend of Zelda: Elemental Force - my old monster of a story. It centers around the idea that when Zelda reset time at the end of Ocarina of Time in order to allow Link a real childhood, an alternate timeline was created for the realm of the living in order to keep Ganondorf sealed in the Realm of the Exiled. The ocarina's fragile magic maintains the dual timelines for the seven years up until the moment time was reset, but then it is stretched too far and shatters, causing the realms to fracture. Din, Nayru, and Farore send out anchors to hold the realms together, but they can't repair the damage until the elemental temples jarred by the fracture are restored to balance. The Triforce pieces go to their rightful Guardians: Link, Zelda, and a thief from whom Ganondorf stole the Triforce of Power, more rightfully known as the Triforce of Strength. The thief has remembered his nightmarish alternate past all along as no one knew to suppress his memories, which made him seem insane; Zelda remembered her alternate past shortly before the ocarina's magic shattered; and Link does not remember, and likely will not now that the alternate history has lapsed.

The Legend of Zelda: The Evil Realm - also one I've tried to write before, but not as many times and not as long drafts. Also set after Ocarina of Time, with time having been reset. Link dimly remembers his alternate past, and clearly remembers his adventures in Termina. It's enough to make life really boring for him since the world isn't in need of saving. He spends a lot of time roaming the Lost Woods, kind of hoping for something exciting to happy. While avoiding a pack of wolfos, he stumbles across a set of giant rusty iron doors and passes through. On the other side, he finds that there are no doors through which to return to Hylia, and this new world severely weakens Tatl, who decided to remain with him after Termina. There is no magic in this new world, and the fairy requires magic to survive. The new world, he soon finds, is our Earth, and he meets Rali, a kokiri who wandered through the same doors seven years ago and aged in the absence of magic. She is his guide to Earth, and through his undaunted insistence that they can find a way back to Hylia, she regains hope in trying to make her way back home.

Horizon - a Kingdom Hearts story set after the events of KH2 and assuming that Axel is Riku's Nobody, and that as long is Riku is alive and whole, Axel cannot truly die. When a Nobody dies but his Heartless still exists, the thin strand of soul still connecting them snaps back to the Heartless, giving it all the Nobody's memories. The new being created, something slightly more than a Heartless but not whole either, is called a Wraith. The Organization's Wraiths after KH2 are Ienzo (Zexion), Braig (Xigbar), Vane (Saix), and Lourd (Luxord). Using the combined knowledge of Heartless and Nobody, Ienzo learns that the Keyblade is really more of a force which manifests physically to hearts that are strong enough to wield the power. He sets about using the remnants of Xemnas' artificial Kingdom Hearts to try to manufacture his own Keyblade, and in the process sends a shockwave through the world that, among other things, separates Sora and Kairi from their Nobodies once more.

For a Soul - original erotica based off of a twisted version of The Little Mermaid, combining aspects of the original Hans Christian Anderson tale, the Disney story, and my own ideas.

Blood and Heat - the rewrite of the Blood and Heat already listed in my writing index.

I suppose I'll post them here as I write. If I get far enough on the fanfictions, I'll start posting them on

ETA: So I remember: Derek and Leara.
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I'm getting to the point where I think writing anything that inspires me to keep going and be happy with my work would be worthwhile, an improvement over what I've been doing. I've still got two full-fledged Zelda fanfic ideas that I could write... and one nearly complete idea, and one semi-formed idea. Plus a Kingdom Hearts idea.

I mean, I can't publish them, but it's still writing. And maybe if I got rolling on these and actually finish one or two, the momentum would transfer over to real work.

I dunno. I'll explore my options.

Work had improved a little but now Jordan's scheduling me Saturday nights when I say I can't work again. I've got to talk to him about that.

In school I have an exam tomorrow and Friday. I meant to bring my comm book home today but forgot, so my studying is limited until after the Hooters promo tonight. I'm not too worried, the class isn't that hard, but I also haven't been paying that much attention for a while so I do need to study up.

In brighter news I turn twenty-one in just over a month! I'm excited about that, at least.
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Finally decided to post this. I don't know when I'll add to it, so for now it's just the prelude and first chapter. Maybe once I beat KH2 again. We'll see.

For this one I'll just post one summary thing.

Post-KH2, this story assumes that Axel is Riku's Nobody. This story concerns Wraiths, the beings that arise when a Nobody is defeated but still has an existing Heartless. Zexion, or rather Ienzo, is one such. His experimenting in an attempt to understand Keyblades leads to a new set of problems, causing a ripple through the worlds that, among other things, separates Sora from Roxas and Kairi from Namine again.

Title: Horizon / Prelude
Genre: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 829(ish)

Suddenly he was Ienzo, but with Zexion present inside him, in memories and in a cold voice curling at the back of his mind. )

Title: Horizon / One : Rupture
Genre: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,353

Sometimes, watching Sora like this, Riku wished he’d been braver back in the beginning, when he still had a chance. )
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So um. I worked 5am to 12:15ish today. There was a water main break somewhere in the county and stores like Olney had no water, so at first we were brewing giant cambros of coffee for other stores. But then around 10:30 or 11 Lucious (yeah I found out it's spelled Lucious, and it's so ridiculously close to luscious that sometimes it makes me giggle) called and said that we weren't allowed to use anything with water in it because officials were worried the water main break may have contaminated the county's water supply. Which means no coffee, no espresso, no mocha, no ice. That limited us to no water chai and green tea lattes, white hot chocolates, vanilla and other syrup cremes, and caramel apple spice. Or any of these cold but without ice. It amused me greatly. I was surprised we were still open, to be honest, and I don't know how long this thing'll last. But apparently it's no joke; on the news they're saying to boil your water before drinking it.

I got an email from freewebs saying I had a website with a one-year anniversary. When I looked at it, I found an old roleplay info website with a bunch of plot ideas and old intros that really gave me some delicious ideas, particularly my Sora/Riku Axel/Roxas roleplay. It's one of those that was really too big to be a roleplay and should have been a fanfiction, but I was worried I wouldn't finish it. I decided I'll probably take a stab at the fanfiction now, but I want to replay KH2 again first because it's kinda foggy. But I stopped replaying KH1 because I know the story really well and it's kind of a pain to play through again with so few abilities etc.

Butch, one of our regular customers who works at the barbershop next door, brought a kitten to work today. When I took my lunch he told me about it, and I went into the barbershop to look at it. It was adorable. He had it in one of those little carrier things, and when I looked at it, it put its paws against the door and starting meowing at me loudly. So cute. I wanted to hold it but I didn't ask.

I also had a crazy dream. It literally made no sense. I dreamed Danny was trying to propose to me in some half-traditional half-inventive way, just the way I'd want him to, but the news was on in the background and some guy who looked just like Danny was found dead/injured or something on the news and it freaked me out so I yelled right as he was trying to propose. And it took him off guard, kind of hurt his feelings, but I explained to him what happened and he frowned and said he'd have to try again Saturday night or something like that.

Weird thing is, I think the guy on the news who in my dream totally looked like Danny actually looked like Cedric/Edward. My brain is strange.
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Found Avatar icons since I was suspiciously lacking.

Also, more picspam.

The picture in the middle? Yeah. That's a bottle of pee. Danny and I do weird things at night. x) Also, I finally got a couple halfway decent pictures of the deer in the neighborhood. A bunch of pictures were added to Photography, a couple to Oddments, and a subgallery with a couple pictures was added to Around the House.

Names is at 2,674 words. Like I said before, slow going, but at least it is going. I add at least a little every day, so far. I'll probably still add more today. I just finished Silk and Aerlun's meeting and Aerlun's near-enslavement... next will be a true introduction and an intro to the Whips, I think. As in, as of now Aerlun doesn't even know Silk's name, Silk just kept him from being collared.

Yeah, that's enough babbling about stuff no one gets but me. I was trying to find this Sora/Riku fanfiction I read a long time ago on, before it was redesigned. I don't think I'll ever find the story again, to be honest, which is a shame since I liked it a lot. I can't remember the name, which is the biggest problem. I just remember it was after the original KH (KH2 hadn't come out yet, I don't think even CoM had come out yet), and upon leaving Kingdom Hearts Sora was caught and enslaved... and Riku finds him, and the only way to save him from his current master is to buy him away. Something like that, only much less lame than my explanation. It was definitely yaoi, fairly explicit boy-on-boy sex.

Uh yeah.

Oh! I saw a picture recently of these tattoos... this guy got the Triforce on one arm and the Deathly Hallows symbol on the other. I thought it was really cool. I wouldn't get the Deathly Hallows tattooed on me; I'm not into that particular Potter concept enough to make it a permanent part of my body. But it makes me really anxious to get my Triforce tattoo. For our two year anniversary, assuming we still want it, Danny and I are supposed to each get a Triforce tattoo... simple, but still managing to highlight courage for him and wisdom for me. We haven't decided yet, though, how to highlight our pieces or where his should go. We've got until November for that. Aside from that, I may someday get one other tattoo... perhaps involving turtles, since they're cute and my college mascot.
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I'm watching an episode of Avatar on demand. "The Beach." So far it's pretty fucking ridiculous and just makes me go, "Why did they have to have this episode? It's retarded." Angsty!Zuko with girlfriend-romance-insecurity issues (is it wrong that it makes me sick that she's not Katara)? (But I guess it's better, if he did that "You like him, don't you" shit with Katara I'd have to say "Grow up and get a life, wangstmobile.")

They all look so different. Zuko's emo-boy hair, Sokka's loose covers-entire-head hair, Aang's... hair... Jeez.

LOL. Iron Rock Man Aang.

Well anyway. I've got 1,500 words so far on Names. Which is better than nothing. Keth just sold Aerlun. Which ends at a break, which may not technically be a good idea in my case, but it's when the main story starts to pick up. I'll begin next time with meeting Silk.

And I spent so much time procrastinating on h_e and poking around ws to see if it was updated =D Gotta love/hate the internet.

Anyway I have a strong urge to fanfic except I'm either not up-to-date enough or have been away too long from my favorite fandoms. Except Zelda, I could always do Zelda, but I have zero plot bunnies there. It would be easy to come up with one but I'm not going to try to get ideas for fanfic.
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I interviewed at the AMC theater at the boulevard today. I was surprised by how quickly they replied, since back when I was looking for a job and got hired at Starbucks, I'd been working there almost three months when AMC finally called about my application. Three days is dramatically shorter. Anyway, the interview went... averagely. I mean, it seemed like it went well, but it was just a typical interview. The guy remembered Egan, though. That was cool. He said they're interviewing 20 people to fill 8 positions, and if they're gonna offer me one of the positions then I'll get a call by 5:30 tomorrow.

My pay from Starbucks is pathetic as usual. I bet at the theater I'd get enough hours to earn more than at Starbucks even if they pay me a little less. And it's supposed to be really fun to work there. We'll see if I get it. If not, well, I put in a lot of applications, so I'll find work somewhere.

Yeah, I think that's it, except Chad, Danny, and I were talking about getting me a fake ID after my interview today, haha. We were talking about fake IDs in general, actually, and how if your ID says you're 21 then it's fake, lol, because no one's 21, they're 19 pretending to be 21 or they're 22.

I should get some sleep though, so that's all.

edit Okay so maybe not. First of all, I was looking at my tags and how egan's is still bigger than Danny's. It's just because I've been spending too much time with Danny to actually write about it regularly, of course, but eh. I was looking through old Egan entries, and jesus, how things have changed. I kind of made myself forget how strongly I thought I felt about Egan until I read some of it again. The thing is, with Tim I admit that I did love him -- not true adult love, but I was in love with him all the same -- but with Egan, I think it was something else. It was the situation. I don't really know.

Danny, though, I love. Like... there is absolutely no question whatsoever. And I'm only getting closer to him, more comfortable with him. For a little while, it bothered me that he would say I love you so readily when slightly inebriated, but not nearly so often when completely sober... but not anymore, because I realize I can see it on his face, and that's far more important. Saying it without words is precious.

Bah. Secondly. I've decided that the writing method that works for me is forming a sturdy skeleton for the story and then writing it, fleshing it out as I go. It's how I've accomplished my most effective writing. Elemental Force, I had the whole framework: the conflict with the realms unravelling because the doubled-over timeline snapped back to one again, the temples they had to right, the biggest challenges they would face. All the major plot elements were already developed, I just had to flesh it out by actually writing it. Heart of a Werewolf, I had a real framework, chapter-by-chapter, which worked well because it was short and to the point. For my 2005 NaNo stuff, I had all the major plot elements in place, too.

Just finding a beginning and a hint of an ultimate conflict and running with it really isn't enough for me.

Keeping this in mind... tomorrow I'll try to build, if I don't just sleep during my freetime in class. Haha.


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Okay, I busted the shit outta my knee. It didn't hurt THAT bad at the time. I felt it, went ow, but I didn't think it would KEEP hurting. But it did. It hurts some when I walk, but it hurt crazy bad whenever I was getting into the car to drive. No clue why. I took Tylenol PM, so hopefully it'll help me sleep and make my knee stop hurting. Two birds with one stone.

I think it's already working on my knee o_O That's some good medicine right thurr.

I turned in job applications. Also applied to two more places. Circuit City and DSW. Hopefully someone accepts me. If not, I'll go trolling for jobs again in June when I know I can work right then.

I got money from mom so I can get a piercing at the tattoo parlor when Aze goes. Yay. ^^; Mom was surprisingly cool about it. She's just like, "Don't get anything hideous."

All the finales! ER tonight, we watched it. And series finale for Will & Grace, which was... crazy. I dunno. It's weird, to see it end. Sunday will be the Charmed series finale, so hopefully I get to watch that. And you KNOW I'm not missing the House season finale Tuesday. I'll most likely watch the Medium season finale Monday too, though I'm upset that they're pretending to take away Joe. Omg I love that dude.

Ummmm. I've been writing fanfic. I'm posting Heart of a Werewolf up on FFN slowly... and I wrote a oneshot for KH, "Can I Kiss You?" And I started two oneshot collections, one AkuRoku and one Riku-centric. The Riku one, "Parallel", has one piece in it so far. "Others" has two. Which means "Parallel" will be updated next, because I want to keep them relatively even.

I'm hoping I'm not murdering the characters x_x; Canon slaughter is my bane. Omg.


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