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Birthday was good. Danny got me an iPad; well, his family paid for half, and we're still hoping my mom will contribute a hundred or so. I need to talk to her about it. We also went to see Iron Man 2, which was amazing. I loved it just as much as the first, though not more than. It's definitely Robert Downey Jr. that contributes most of the love. I was a little disappointed that they switched Rhodey's actor. I mean, I like both actors, I just hate when an actor is changed up in the middle of a series. I was mad about Rachel Dawes in Batman, too--nevermind that Katie Holmes was having a baby and being scientologified at the time.

Mother's Day weekend was fun. I missed the Titman half of the celebration, but Sunday was the one for Sue's side of the family, and there was lots of good food and awesome dessert. Yum.

I'm tired, so I could go on about the yay and the awesomeness of the iPad, but instead I will do a brief discussion of grades and then take a nap.

I've salvaged my PSYC grade. All I have left is the last online assignment (which is a practice test for the final) and the final itself. I have, at the moment, an 87. I aced the third exam and the second paper. So I'm doing good. Might even scrape an A if I ace the exam and that last online assignment.

MATH214 is ... ew. At the moment, it looks like I missed a quiz. I got a 63 on the second exam (...I think that's my first failing exam grade...). If my calculating is correct, I have about a 20 point margin (out of 150 points) on the final exam if I want to get a B in the class, and an A is impossible at this point. That was just estimating on the two projects that I don't know the grades for. I estimated an 18/20 since that's what I got on the first one. (Just checked; got an 18/20 on the group one as well, so looks like a decent estimate.)

No idea on MATH315. I've been getting As on all the work handed back to me? But there weren't class quizzes, which is strange for McLaren's classes, so I don't know if it's just based on exams and projects or what. Probably an A?

EDCI461: I'm still thinking my participation won't be amazing, but I've gotten As on all the graded assignments (aced all but one of them), and we just took the final, which was easy... so probably an A, unless she hamstrings us with our participation grades. And even there, I've done better since mid-semester, so maybe not.

EDMS410: I don't really know. I think an A as long as I don't screw up on the final. It's hard to tell if I'm calculating my grades right from her gradebook, but I got a 93... all I have left is two class assignments, the final piece of the class project, a quiz, an ECR, and the final. Which is a lot for only one more class meeting, but that is the nature of that ridiculous class, I guess because it only meets once a week. Anyway, we'll see.

EDCI391: Definitely an A. I've only missed two points in the class. Only have two grades left for posting, but I'm pretty certain they'll be 100%.

So that's that.
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Quick post from should-be-sleeping land:

So the other day I was talking about how often I miss class and yet I never missed an exam. Erm, tempting fate much? Had an exam this morning. Set my alarm an hour late. God but I panicked. Luckily my teacher was very understanding and let me take it after class. I'm not so confident about how I did despite studying though. Arglebargle.

Fortunately my PSYC exam went much better. I needed an A and I think I got one (ETA: Aced that sucker! -fist pump-). Should hopefully balance out my first two Cs as long as I get a high B or so on the final. My assignments have been good. Wish they would grade the second paper already, though.

Wrote something Saturday night! Highly exciting. And I have an idea for the next challenge, too. Unfortunately it's not on what I really should be writing. But who knows? Maybe doing these 100 Eysuria prompts will get me another Moonfall or Unjoined type of idea to submit to WotF.

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So. My Comm TA fixed my paper grade; that's the yay. I just finished studying for my comm final. I don't think it'll be too rough assuming he doesn't suddenly change the format to short answer rather than multiple choice, haha. Meh.

Work is driving me up the wall. I really want to quit. I tried again at Fridays today and the manager told me to come back tomorrow when the GM is there because he vaguely remembers that she was interested in me. I'm not too hopeful though. Fridays hours are just too long for me. They only have a swing shift on weekends. I'm not working until 2 am weeknights, particularly not this summer while I have 8 am classes all week. I also went to Starbucks but the two I went to are not actively hiring. Tomorrow after my final I might go try some of the ones near campus. It's really what I'd prefer. The money isn't always as good but it's more regular and less heartache. Or maybe I can just do Starbucks (if they even hire me) through summer session I and then try Fridays again for summer session II when it'll be more manageable. Or maybe there's another restaurant I can try. Damned if I know. Maybe I'll apply at Cornerstone and the Thirsty Turtle or something. Anything.

As for what happened at work that was the final straw to break the camel's back. )

So yes. Bucketloads of just shit.
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So they already graded my bio final. I made a B on it, which should mean a B in the class. I made an A on the midterms and a C in lab, so it'll be a low B, but a B nonetheless. And she could still curve (though I'm not counting on it).

So I didn't get around to mentioning yesterday another shit thing about the day: I looked at my grades on Blackboard for Comm, and she gave me an 84 on the paper. As a group we made a 94. If you recall, I was one of only two people who actually showed up to work on the paper the day before it was due; I did my part, I deserve that A. I don't know if it was a mistake or what. I emailed the TA about it, as well as my groupmate who actually showed up with me that day. She got the 94, and she was very dismayed that I didn't and told me that if I need her to email the TA to let her know I did work and I deserve the full grade, she will do it. So I'm waiting on a response from the TA. I mean, I can still make an A in that class with an 84 on the paper, but it would be a much closer thing. I would have to get an A on the final; there would be no wiggle room for a high B or anything like that. I mean, I plan on getting an A, haha. I got As on the midterms. But you never know if something could go wrong.

And in French, she's only put in just over half the grades. Out of 540 points so far, I've got 482.5, which is a very high B. I think I can still pull in an A; I definitely slacked off on homework and such more at the beginning of semester. I don't expect that my participation will be very high, but I have a 42.5 point buffer zone of points I can still miss and make an A. Unless she pulls something retarded, I could still make it. A 4-credit A would be freaking beautiful at this point. I'm definitely making a B in Philosophy; I felt like I did really well on the final, but even a 100% would still put me at a B. Granted, I could probably make a very high C and still get a B... but I think I did well. If not an A (since she grades harsh), then at least a high B. And with the certain B in Bio and the hesitant A in Comm... plus I'm not counting on anything from Writers' House at this point, I'm just hoping it's at least a B but have absolutely nothing to go on...

As long as I make that A in Comm (and at least a B in WH), I'll pull the necessary 3.2 GPA, albeit barely. But if I pull an A in French too, then I'll make a 3.467. Not even Dean's List. I could pull a 3.5 if I miraculously make an A in WH, but I'm certainly not going to count on it. I mean, you'd think she'd grade easier since we never had a syllabus or anything of that sort, but I did miss two classes (one excused), two Writers Here and Now (one excused), and she did get on to me once for checking my email in class (which never goes over well in workshops) even if I was just trying to send her my final portfolio since she'd neglected to tell me it was due.

Ramble ramble. Praying for the best.
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So I had my bio final today and I already know better than to expect an A. I'll hope for a B. I messed up the phylogeny of plants -- not completely, but probably enough to get half credit or less on the question -- which also means that certain related true or false questions are wrong. And I didn't know the difference between conservation and preservation, which will be up to 4 points off, plus at least one of the two related true or false questions. And I may get credit off for the question about accidentally or intentionally introduced invasive species since I kind of... winged it. I can get up to 30 points off and still make a B, so like I said, I can hope for that. But an A's pretty much out of the question. Especially with their damned tricky true or false questions.

And, in addition to that. When I got back to my car I had a ticket. Freaking $75. Because I parked in lot Z instead of lot 1 without noticing. And to be honest, had I noticed, it probably wouldn't have occurred to me that it could get me a ticket since they're both in the same area and I'm not even sure what the difference is, why they gave them separate lot designations. But it irks me because I've never gotten a ticket before. I got a warning ticket, but it was two years ago before I even started at the school. So they couldn't cut me a little break? Danny said to go complain and see if I can get it reduced. I mean, parking at an expired meter is only $15. What's the freaking difference? I don't have high hopes, but I'll try. I tried to do it online but the idiot parking attendant or whatever put my plates as Maryland when they're Florida. So when I put them in as Maryland, it says there's no car registered in the system with those tags (which is true, my tags are Florida). But when I put in Florida, it says there's a car in the system with those tags, but that it doesn't match the citation number.


If I have to pay it, I'll use money out of savings and fuck it all.

So I need to study for Phil and French in the morning, and I will. But I need some destress time because of stupid stupid school. So I'm going to type up some more of my story for a little while, and then let my computer cool (I still think the fan is broken and I still haven't taken it to the store) and read a while, and THEN get to studying.
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Getting so close to the end of the semester. Which means I'm almost 21. Which means I have one week to write a big paper for Comm (with five partners, so not quite the workload, but still big). And like... stuff.

I took my phil midterm. Think it went fine. Probably another B, if only because she's a harsh grader. (The TA. The prof doesn't give a crap, haha.)

I have a bio midterm on Wednesday and it's important that I do well since I bombed the last one (but they drop one). I've been studying on and off this weekend and today, and I plan on studying more... I'm going to write down anything that would be difficult to remember practically verbatim. And look up a couple topics that weren't clear to me.

I gave up on the personal training course. It's more important to do work for my credit classes. And catch up on sleep.

I think the fan in my laptop broke, so I'm trying to use it for brief periods of time and then let it cool until I can take it to a Mac store for service. The warranty is still in effect, so time's the only question.

I'm thinking about picking up a few days a week at Starbucks again. The schedule there is more flexible, so I can get in hours on days I couldn't at Hooters. Plus I just can't bear the idea of working more than two days a week at Hooters anymore. Let Hooters be where I get my extra cash. Starbucks can be my 'main' job again, even if it's only 12 or so hours a week. Hopefully a little more than that though.
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I'm getting to the point where I think writing anything that inspires me to keep going and be happy with my work would be worthwhile, an improvement over what I've been doing. I've still got two full-fledged Zelda fanfic ideas that I could write... and one nearly complete idea, and one semi-formed idea. Plus a Kingdom Hearts idea.

I mean, I can't publish them, but it's still writing. And maybe if I got rolling on these and actually finish one or two, the momentum would transfer over to real work.

I dunno. I'll explore my options.

Work had improved a little but now Jordan's scheduling me Saturday nights when I say I can't work again. I've got to talk to him about that.

In school I have an exam tomorrow and Friday. I meant to bring my comm book home today but forgot, so my studying is limited until after the Hooters promo tonight. I'm not too worried, the class isn't that hard, but I also haven't been paying that much attention for a while so I do need to study up.

In brighter news I turn twenty-one in just over a month! I'm excited about that, at least.
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So I haven't really felt like updating lately. There's plenty of stuff going on, both good and bad. Danny's birthday is freshly over, he's now 26. We went to Dave and Busters for his work tonight. I have two midterms today/tomorrow. I applied at Fridays but I'm not going to pursue it just yet. I start my personal trainer course tomorrow for real; last week's classes were a misprint or whatever. Work has been retarded slow with not enough money. I'm still pretty broke. I haven't been able to add more money to my account, though the level has been pretty steady because I've been spending cash usually.

So yeah, stuff in general. Will try to update tomorrow after midterms/gym/first personal trainer class when I'm more sober.

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Took my last final today. Despite the fact that I was missing notes, spent less time studying, and the test included short answers and fill in the blanks, I felt that it was quite a bit easier than my Scantron-ready comm test. I truly disagree with the focus of the testing in that comm course. To get an A in Theater, I need to make 165 out of 200 on the final. That's a low B. I'm pretty sure I'll be fine there. Probably get a high B/low A on the final.

Comm. Probably a B on the final, no idea whether low or high, I dunno. And in stat I have no idea. Will probably make a B in that class, maybe even B-, but I doubt I could do lower than that considering my three other exams were graded pretty high and I only missed one homework and one group activity.

I went to the gym, did 20 minutes of rowing and 20 minutes on the Crosstrack thing, plus my stretching and sit-ups and such. Got a Marie Callender pot pie for dinner and then found out that it's just about the unhealthiest pot pie you can buy, so I won't be buying it anymore. It actually measures 'servings' instead of just the contents of the entire pie, which is like, what? I'm going to microwave it, eat half, and put the rest in the freezer for later? Don't think so. I hate moronic stuff like that.

Bought a planner today and filled in a little bit. I didn't go ahead too far in case I drop/add any classes next semester or anything like that. But I got highlighters to highlight when I miss school or exercise.

I'm watching "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" and I keep yelling at the TV. Can I go on the show? Some of the questions these people don't know are ridiculous. Like the point a lever balances on -- that would be a fulcrum, stupid, they even gave you multiple choice. He guessed right, but he had to guess. Ugh. -headdesk-
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So I took my stat final Monday night. There were several things I just had no idea about, probably at least 18 points worth (on a 150 point exam). I can miss 30 points and still scrape a B, so I'm really hoping I didn't miss more than that. The problem lies in the questions I thought I knew and any mistakes I may have made in calculations etc. Plus a couple that I didn't really know but I'm hoping my guessing took me in a direction that will get me some points. Ugh. Well, here's hoping. I think I'll make a low B in that class. I'm praying it's better than a C but I can't really know right now; he's the one teacher who gave us no way of checking our current grades in any form.

I took my Comm final this morning at 8. It only took about 45 minutes to complete. I'm worried because they put so much value on the researchers behind each theory... once again researchers were at least 20% of the exam, and this time five of those questions were based on where those researchers came from! Like I know. I went mostly with the country their last name seemed to fit best, which likely isn't a great method, but I had nothing better to go on. So the hyphenated name that included "Neumann" went to Germany, the "Sir ____ Gibben" went to Britain, the Baxter went to the US, the "Ting-Toomey" went to Hong Kong, and the only man who wasn't a Sir went to Jamaica (because I remember there being a man from Jamaica). Funny how I remember their names now.

My French final is at 11:35, just a 7 minute oral. In a minute here I'll review for that. And nap. Sweet napping.

Oh, well I worked yesterday morning, got cut early, and so ended up making $91 in 4 hours. Can't ask for better than that! I work Friday night and Sunday morning as well, and I'm going to try to pick up a Friday morning so I can double instead of risking working until 2am and then getting up at 8am to go back to work x_x;
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Okay so. As far as school goes... I finished my French homework today and looked into the questions for the final a bit. I know I should prepare at least a bit. My French isn't too bad for my level, but it still takes some thought to put it into words when speaking aloud.

I've been working on my HONR239F final. There are three parts; I just completed the first part. I'll probably at least start on one of the other two tonight, but I also have tomorrow.

In Comm, I figured out that because of my low midterm, I'd have to get pretty much 100s on the three remaining grades (including the final) to get an A. But I will make a B easily assuming I don't fuck up on the final, and I assure you, I will be studying hardcore.

I'm expecting an A in my honors seminar. This will be my last honors seminar, I already applied for my Honors citation, and assuming I'm right about the A, I'll have gotten an A in all my Honors classes. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the participation grade, which is 200 points. I missed a number of classes when other kids were doing their presentations because he doesn't seem like the sort of teacher who takes attendance, so I don't know. But the days I was there should make up for something, I did participate.

I'm also expecting an A in French, probably in Writers' House, and even probably in Theater despite my poor quiz scores. At least, from what grades I can calculate currently, I've got an A in that class. Have to worry about participation in that one, too, though.

In Statistics I'm hoping for a B. I got As on the first two exams and a high B on the third, so if I do well on the final I should make a B, I think. Even accounting for the one homework assignment and one group thingy I missed.

So maintaining a 3.2 or better shouldn't be a problem. If my guesses are accurate and I only make the two Bs, I should make a 3.647. Dean's list! I think.

Now for work shit. )
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Coming up for school:

  • Turn in comm theory chart I forgot about by tomorrow
  • Stat problem set due Friday
  • Print out comm group paper for Friday (but at least it's done)
  • French homework done by Friday (though by the end of the weekend is probably fine)
  • Stat review session sometime on Sunday
  • HONR239F take-home final due by Monday

  • Exams: Monday night is stat, Wednesday I have 8am comm and 11:35(ish) French oral, and Thursday I have my 1:30 theater final. Not too bad I suppose. Not ready at all for stat yet, though.
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    So lots of stuff. My nano died... I mean, I'll work on it, but I'm not expecting to make 50,000 this month. November's just a crap month for college kids trying to speed write. I had an exam tonight (I hope I got an A, and I don't think I could have done badly at all), and I have a project due Thursday, and I have to usher at Between Trains tomorrow night, and I have to go see some thing in Hornbake for theater for the quiz Wednesday... And I have to write the response thing for Between Trains... And I don't have anything to wear for ushering! It said no jeans, I just realized I only really have jeans here at the dorm. I guess I may have to go back to the house and grab something, laaaame. It'll be alright.

    Anyway, tomorrow is Danny and my two year anniversary. Yesterday we got Triforce tattoos and went to Medieval Times (will post pictures at some point), and also watched the Skins game (wtf?). We went to Ambrotos in Silver Spring for the tattoos. They're really good, but very strict. They're serious about the no cell phones in the parlor thing, which I think is slightly dumb (just say silence your phones and where's the problem?). We couldn't even watch each other get tattooed, they only allow one person back at a time.

    Medieval Times was cool. We were yellow again, but our knight was gone. I think it was some rotation guy, like it was our knight's day off or something. It was disappointing because the new guy wasn't nearly as good. But we sat in the front row and the food was delicious as always... and I bought a sweatshirt that was on sale as a souvenir (Danny got a nice beer stein type thing).

    Forgot Redskins stuff to change into when we got to his parents' house so I stole Hobbes' collar and freaked Danny out by wearing it. :)
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    Went through my old writing notebooks. Found lots of interesting stuff. Sad thing is that the fullest any of the writing notebooks is probably only 10% full. I love notebooks too much -- I would buy a new set. Blah. But anyway. I was looking for mostly stuff relevant to Blood and Heat, of which there was very little. In the future if I need to look for Eysuria stuff I'll have more to look through, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

    I found these notes I took... I think partly from watching some discovery channel type special and partly from reading through limyaael's rants. Like "Aim for the neck and groin for quick death, heart shielded by ribs and hard to get. One swing taking an enemy's head unlikely," and "False perception in teenagers and adults. Thinking someone is trustworthy and being wrong, that sort of thing. Not all are freaking empaths, they make mistakes, remember that." And lists of things that grow in certain climate zones and what types of alcohol come from which crop.

    Which is broadly helpful to any of my writing, Blood and Heat included.

    I also found an explanation of several magic systems I've invented, including that of Eysuria, that of Somnion (Blood and Heat), and two extraneous magic systems that don't have a home. That in particular really made me happy because these are things I could build into new stories after Blood and Heat. I think I'm relatively decided to stop trying to merge all my plot ideas into Eysuria and just let Eysuria rest until it lets me know it's ready.

    I'm debating whether to start NaNo early. As long as I maintain the spirit of the thing. And mark the start of November to separate my word count during the official month from my total word count. But I'm not really that worried about it yet. The urge to start isn't overwhelming yet.

    Uh. Oh yeah. I got a low C on that midterm I was worried about. Which really and truly sucks, but I can still get a B in the course easy. I still have this irrational urge to drop it and start over next semester but I guess it's just my perfectionism rearing its ugly head. I would totally drop a C class, which is bad enough, I bet most kids wouldn't. But there's no reason to drop a B, I mean really.
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    Still getting over the last of my cold. God it's a long lasting bugger. I don't feel like crap anymore, I just occasionally cough uncontrollably and sometimes still have a bit of congestion.

    We're about to watch How I Met Your Mother, which we had to download because the DVR flipped out and decided not to record it. Which is weird; it's ranked first in priority, so it should never have a problem. Oh well.

    Had my stat exam tonight. I feel like I did fine, only one problem that kind of stumped me at the end. I had to use my iPhone sneaky-like because it was the only calculator I had.

    Posted some pictures of Bear and of squirrels on campus. I'm too lazy to do my normal preview thing.

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    Roche played this song when I was driving to my final that made me smile. I really loved the message. It wasn't like a normal song, it was like a speech put to music, but it was awesome.

    Baz Luhrmann: Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) )

    But yeah, I'm done with finals now. Danny bought champaign for me. I have to move out of my dorm and sell back my books tomorrow, but that's about it.

    I was the first one done with the final tonight. It only took me a little over an hour. It made me a little nervous but at the same time I have a realistic idea of what I do and don't know and when it won't benefit me to go on BSing. The final essay, for instance, specifically said 200 to 300 words, and I know just how short that really is, so I didn't babble on forever. There were a couple things I didn't really remember, but I'm sure I did fine. Everybody else felt unprepared too.
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    DUDE. The new male American Gladiator they revealed today, stage name Zen, is Urban Ninja. Like, no shit, Urban Ninja who's famous on youtube. His name is a mouthful: Xin Sarith Azuma Phan Wuku. Ha. Danny and I totally called it when he made his appearance, too. They were about to do the men's rock climbing event and I said, "I bet it's Rocket and Zen." (Rocket being the winning contestant from last season, a speed rock climber.) And Danny said, "Zen's thing is going to be flips." I wasn't convinced since most gladiators are muscly, flipping around just doesn't look practical for them, but sure enough he comes out and does about seven backflips XD

    The event was awesome, too. Rocket straight passed his contender on the wall and was looking down at him gesturing like, "Come on, what? You can do it, come on!" And then when he came up some more yanked him the fuck down. Zen, on the other hand, came up next to his contender, slipped in between his body and the wall, and then grabbed his handholds and just pushed him off the wall. It looked slightly gay and freaking awesome.

    Season finale of How I Met Your Mother tonight. And House! I'm excited =D

    Also, I finished my take-home final. The teachers said to prepare as much as we want, but when we actually sit down to write it to time ourselves and not go over two hours. So I put my start time (6:30) and then started writing, and at 7:40 I was done. I was like, "Eh. I can't think of anything more to add." So I read through it... 7:45. I was like, "Oh well." I put the end time as 8:17 so it wouldn't look like I rushed or anything and then emailed it. (Hopefully she doesn't pay attention to the time I emailed it because I realized afterward that I emailed it before I said I'd finished it.) I mean, when I'm done, I'm done, and I write quickly. It would have taken longer on paper, which is probably the major difference.

    Oh, and I started my LJ scrapbook with the pictures I took around the house today. There are some others I had stored on my computer already, too.

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    I'm procrastinating again. I need to do my take-home final for HONR267. Tomorrow I need to study for my last final, which will be tomorrow night at 6:30. So yeah.

    Oh, and I forgot to report on the ending of The Ruined Map. It was... very, very weird. He didn't find the missing husband. The wife's brother was murdered. This one weird coworker of the missing husband had led the detective to believe that the husband was dabbling in nude photos, weird ones, but eventually admitted to being a liar... lied poorly a bunch more... then called the detective and committed suicide while on the phone. The detective went to a cafe where a hushed up below the radar meeting of drivers was going on, and they beat the freaking stuffing out of him I guess out of fear that he was a cop, then threw him back in his truck. He went back to the wife, stayed the night there... tickled her, they may have fucked, I'm not entirely certain... and then all of a sudden a chapter starts that echoes the book opening word for word for a while, and we find out that the detective has gotten complete amnesia of some sort. The craziness. He calls this number that has been present throughout the story but never actually dialed and the wife picks up, only of course he doesn't recognize her... he begs for help, for her to come get him, but when she comes he hides in the shadows and chooses to disappear to make a life of his own choosing. THE STRANGE.

    Work yesterday wasn't as bad as I expected. It was long as hell, sure, but I got all the dishes, mopping, etc that we couldn't finish Saturday night done by 9am when Amy came in.

    I took some pictures with my camera and emailed some to my mom and some to Danny's mom; my roommates went to my mom so she can see who I live with, and the pictures I took of Hobbes went to Danny's mom. It was rainy yesterday so my photography was limited, but later this afternoon I'll probably take a break to take some pictures outside the house, and at some point I might post some.

    Hogsmeade is over. I didn't do as much as I'd hope, but I still participated. =D Also, a couple days ago I ordered sigtags from [ profile] wildmusings' Diagon shop, and she already finished them. Wow, she's quick!

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    I got my paper back in my evening honors seminar! I got an A+! He only marked on the paper itself once, and at the end with my A+ he wrote "Outstanding!" I'm very pleased. It's 30% of my grade, and it's the first A I've gotten on a paper this major... in college, that is.

    The final's looking kind of daunting, though. He put 60 names of people on the board who we need to know for the final. And at least ten of them are "Ibn" somebody-or-other, or "Al-" somebody-or-other. I'm sure it won't be that bad. I was the one who asked him to name people we might need to know from the course because on the midterm the one question I totally blanked on was identification of Ibn Hayyam or something like that, who ended up being an Arabic/Muslim scientist whose method of study in optics revolutionized science. But I'm sure most of the test won't require remembering specific names, or at least not the weird ones. People like Einstein, John Locke, Newton, Aristotle, and Plato won't be difficult to recall. It's the Ibns and random little dudes I'm worried about.

    Oh, and Bear ate the temporary license plates off of Danny's new car =D
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    I am so annoyed x_x; The honors seminar on the solar system I signed up for next semester got moved from 11 to 12:30, which made it conflict with my French class. Stupid fuckers! Make sure the schedule is final before you allow us to add shit! Now I'm going to have to take a "current issues in biology" honors seminar from 3:30 to 4:45, later than I wanted to stay in school. But I guess seeing as that makes my Tuesday start at 1 and my Thursday at 3:30 it isn't all that bad. I would have time to work before or after school if College Park takes me.

    Still, it's frustrating to have your nice, beautiful schedule screwed around with because some idiot went, "Ooops, that time's not so good for me, let's move it an hour and a half." I. Shoot. You. In your foot.

    I collected a crapload of ASOIAF icons yesterday when I should have been doing homework. They're awesome. Someone in my lovely common room directed me to [ profile] fanmoot, which looks amazing so far. Too bad I have to do a crapload of homework now instead of exploring it and [ profile] hogwarts_elite fully. I'll have a little time this weekend, probably, but before then I won't be able to play with them without feeling at least a little guilty.

    Anyway. I still have to read The Ruined Map, go see two Japan-related events/exhibits and write reflections on them, write the 8-page paper on the two weird books, study for/take my geo final Thursday morning, do my take-home HONR267 final, and take my HONR219V final next Tuesday. And I close tomorrow night. It's only four hours, but the time is really inconvenient because those would have been pretty ideal studying hours. And if I stay with Danny tomorrow night then I have to get up at 6:30 Thursday morning to make it to my final... but if I stay at the dorm, I have to go there after closing at 9 Wednesday night. And I'd probably have to go home and shower first. Basically it sucks.

    ETA I FORGOT TO SAY. House last night was amazing. Weird and amazing. I've missed crazy ass episodes like that. ♥ Like, so good that I can't bring to mind what How I Met Your Mother was about last night, and lately I've been liking that more.

    Note to self: assistant undersecretary of only okay


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