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Crossed 40k today! And I'm a day ahead again! I WILL WIN THIS YEAR BITCHES! I'm so excited. I donated another $10 today for the donation drive and actually got my halo. I wish there was an option to get your halo without having your name on the brought to you by page, because that's what confused me the first time. And I still haven't gotten my t-shirt, though I haven't checked at Dan's parents' house yet and his shirt should have arrived too. (An unrelated shirt.) Umyes. I think I may donate again and get another shirt when I WIN.

We think Bear has mange, and at first we were worried because it didn't look like Dennis was going to take him to the vet, but he said he scheduled an appointment Friday. So that's good.

Err yeah I guess that's it.
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So Dennis, Heather, Danny and I went to Ocean City this weekend. Danny and I drove separate; we left Friday night at 7 or so, and followed Dennis and Heather. We all made it there around 11 and had time to go down to the Boardwalk before everything closed down at midnight. Heather and I rode the Zipper, but Danny refused. He might not have fit anyway. When we got back to the beach house we drank some, played Sorry, hung out on the beach, and Heather and I saved a horseshoe crab from a pool he'd gotten stuck in (much to the boys' annoyance).

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So that was the weekend. Today I had my first day at my new job, little mom&pop-type grocery store called Country Boy. I'm just ringing... it's pretty simple, although it's an old timey machine where you enter each price rather than scanning items, and you have to memorize what a lot of the produce is and how much it costs. It'll be boring but easy, and everyone's nice. The boss is willing to work with my school hours. We haven't talked pay yet, but the woman who trained me today said she started three months ago at $9.50/hr, which would be perfectly fine with me.

Uh yeah. I guess that's mostly it for now. I want to write some today. There are some new challenges at RCR, so I think I'll enter. Still not much in the way of response to my stuff, but my entries to two of the challenges have gotten a vote or two since they were posted, so that's something.
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Okay few things I wanna cover, better list them first because when I get into one I might forget the others.

* Summer class
* Extreme work suckage
* How writing goes
* Another urge to make a website

School is easy. Basically I had my first summer class this morning. It's small. The teacher has the craziest chalk board writing--by that I mean that she writes fast as hell, but it's all very neat and straight, the letters bold and easy to read. The class is going to be easy--it's like geometric concepts up through 8th grade with an emphasis on ways of teaching them. Which is nice. I'm only concerned about getting bored or deciding I can afford to miss too many classes.

Also, since I'm in summer classes, I can go to the gym! I'll have to make use of that. I've been seriously slacking lately.

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Writing, or more accurately, worldbuilding. )

Writing community idea. )

Um so yeah. Danny's nearly done listening to Mistborn. The first one, that is. It's exciting. He didn't like it much at first, and he still thinks it's kind of slow I think, but he really likes the characters now. He said if we can find the other two to download, he'll listen to them too.

He came to visit me on my crap work night. I really appreciated it. He can be so sweet. And he brought Dennis and Heather, and Dennis tipped me $20 on a $30 bill, which was also really sweet and made me so appreciative of our roommates. We have our issues at times but we're all really great people.
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I made some good money at work this week. And Jordan did some not so assholey things. He made me head wait Saturday morning because I did 95% of the sidework that morning. And he told me to pick out the questions for this week's Are You Smarter Than a Hooter Girl and told me I'd be the teacher this week. Kinda cool.

I'm still interested in my writing but I've only gotten in a few words in the last couple days because of work etc. It's okay though, as long as the desire doesn't wane.

Saw Watchmen. I thought it was crazy, and amazing, and I should really read the comics/graphic novel whatever.

Oh, and we found a raccoon in Danny's parents' back yard today. It was dying. We called animal control and they picked it up. I hope it's okay, haha.

Danny, Justin, Heather, Dennis, and I went duckpin bowling last night. It was great fun. Hopefully we do it again soon. I'll post pictures whenever I'm not too lazy to upload/resize them.
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So I was in a funk up until I went to the gym today, but that really helped. Both the endorphins and John's company. I feel much better now, though a bit tired. And Danny called and said he found a good gift for Dennis and Heather, the kinky ones... we'll be getting them a paddle with a shape cut out so that when they spank each other it leaves a cool print. Not that we'll see said print. Hopefully.

So I rowed for twenty minutes, used this weird new machine that's akin to the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes, and we did some strength training stuff in the weight room (my first time using the weights there). Plus, of course, stretching and sit ups.

Jewels was my secret santa. She got me a Victoria's Secret giftcard. Very nice. She's probably been at Laurel longest of all the girls, she's like the head trainer. I hope her secret santa got her something nice. Mel, the girl I was secret santa for, wasn't there. So I gave her card to Margaret to get it to her when she's there next.

I also chose the girl I like the best in a friendly sort of way who was working night shift and bought a shirt from her, tipped her six bucks, so that I could do something nice and Christmas-spirit-y for a girl I'd actually chosen. Plus I've wanted the Hooters thermal. So she gets the merch sale and the tip, I get another long-sleeved shirt (I don't have very many).
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I'm sick. I couldn't sleep last night because of a sore throat. My throat feels better now (due probably in part to Danny forcefeeding me disgusting DayQuil) but my muscles all still ache from the constant tossing and turning and not getting any rest in general. And my stomach had that empty ache, but I think it's starting to turn into just hunger.

At least I don't work today.

Well anyway. Dennis and Heather brought over his mom's cat because she's out of town. He's fat but cute, very polite compared to a lot of cats. He seems to like people, he's only very very mildly skittish. You'd have to actually startle him to set him flying... if you approach him, he'll sit and let you pet him. When I was eating lunch yesterday he was sitting on my feet sniffing at my sandwich. I gave him little pieces of turkey on my plate to keep him from sniffing and/or licking at the sandwich itself. =)

I need contacts. I'm wearing my last pair and it worries me whenever they act up because I don't want to lose them.

I only made $27 Sunday morning (it was dead, I only had five tables). And I only made $62 yesterday. That's not SO bad I guess. Thinking about it, since I was cut early it was about $10 an hour tax free. I didn't sell any merchandise or Blue Moon or anything like that though. I work my first trivia night Wednesday night, hopefully I'll do better then.

Okay so naps and stuff. I was hoping to pick up my parking pass and maybe go to the gym on campus today but I have to feel better first.
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I'm making mac'n'cheese. Velveeta, the only good kind. It's not a real meal, but there's not much else to choose from in the house right now, and even if I was less lazy I don't feel like spending money. Had The Conversation with Justin (Dennis' proxy, I guess?) about me paying rent. I always thought rent was by the room and then split cable/utilities evenly, but then I've never actually done the renting thing before now, and Justin kept emphasizing that we're paying to live in this house and we should each pay. Danny talked him down to a 250/250/250/150 split since I'm not taking up any of their personal space, just using the bathroom/kitchen.

This means at the beginning of next semester I'll have to spend not just some nights at my dorm, but the majority of them if I don't want to pay rent. I'm sure I'll stay two nights a week with Danny, maybe three sometimes to regularly. We'll see. I hope I get the College Park Starbucks; that would make it easier.

...Just ate the mac'n'cheese.

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I unloaded the back of my van today. There was a bunch of crap back there. I organized and found places for most of it, even better organized parts of our rooms in the process. The desk in the game room, for instance, still had all these magazines and crap in it from Dennis' brother, so I threw them all in a box to go in the attic and put stuff away nicely in the desk. I fit all of my books on the little white shelf-type thing I brought from my dorm... it's like four white milk crates stacked on top of each other, kind of. It also gave me space for all my Starbucks crap... the work pants and aprons at least.

I unpacked the suitcase of clothes my mom gave me when she left and threw a ton of the stuff in it away. I put most of my wintry weather clothes in it along with my bed stuff from the dorm and then put it back in the attic. Then I put a bunch of extra bags, our Halloween stuff, and my DDR pad (it'll be useless here, it sucks on carpet) in this purple tupperware-type container I brought from my dorm and shoved that in the attic, too.

I still need to find a place for my TV, stereo, desk lamp, fan, Xbox, another tupperware-type container, the skiing clothes that were in the back of my van from February, and the multistrips from my dorm.

I also folded all my clothes and laid out all of Danny's hanging clothes from the two clean loads of laundry that have been sitting and the one load I did today while I was working on other crap.

I've been cleaning all the dishes I dirty as I use them, too, so I know none of the dishes piling in the sink are mine, and I don't plan on cleaning them.

Money/rent issues )

I wish Danny would freaking call me back, I want to talk to him about all this.
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So Valentine's Day is this Thursday. Danny, Dennis, Heather and I are going to Medieval Times. Since it's the month of Danny's birthday, he gets in free. I'm going to pay for his beer as a sort of V-Day present... apparently he spent a lot of time finding a really nice present for me. My clues are he's worried it won't fit and he asked what my pant size is. Which... I have no idea. Apparently I said I wanted it once. I can only think of mentioning an open-backed dress, but that has little to do with pant size. I guess I'll see.

Danny got me a corset to wear on Valentine's. It was really luck we found it. We got it for 10% off because it was damaged, and his mom fixed it for me. It's red, very Valentine's.

Next week is Danny's birthday. I've been saving money to take him on a ski trip, but if we're staying overnight we need to book it ASAP. He didn't realize how close it is, so he hasn't even asked if he can have that Friday off yet. As a manager, he's expected to work Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. I guess we'll see. I don't know what we'll do if he can't have that day off. I was really looking forward to this. We can just go skiing for a single day, which is probably what he'll opt for. Or I'll give him the money toward an iPhone - it'll be a huge chunk of the cost.

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Grades were supposed to be posted today -- I checked last night and they were up. I made a 3.28, which is a little close for comfort in my opinion. Danny was trying to convince me that B+s are 3.5s, which would have been nice, but unfortunately they might as well not put a plus or minus for all the good they do. I think I'll do better next semester, though, since I have an idea of how everything works now.

I need to go to the gym. I haven't been since it closed... which is over a week, almost two. I plan to go tomorrow, before, during, or after my probable visit with Alicia -- dunno which yet.

I got my partner number at Starbucks today, and it's the same one I had last time, which is nice. Unfortunately my partner card won't work accept as an ordinary Starbucks card because the card number is deactivated when you leave the company, not just the partner number. I called to ask about it today, and in four months or so I should get my new one. It doesn't really matter; the partner number keyed in works just the same.

I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts. I'm going to play some more as soon as I finish this, just until Danny gets home in half an hour or so. I'm only to Traverse Town; the bad guy there kicked my ass until I get sick of trying. I need to level up some more. I didn't spend enough time wandering the city. I sure as hell spent enough time on the Islands, though. It only took three fights for me to beat Riku, and then I kept fighting him until it was 3 to 2. You get another little item for that, it turns out. Fighting all three of the others is harder, but I did that too.

Um. My dad emailed me from Korea. It was a nice email. I told him a little about what's been going on, and my grades.

My new years was great. It was just Danny, Dennis, Justin, me, Heather, and Alli, and we hung out and played Rock Band and then drinking Apples to Apples. I love that game, and I have a much longer attention span for it than anyone else.

Right, so I better go if I want to have time to play.


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