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I went with Danny and Sue to take Hobbes to the vet yesterday and it was just about the saddest thing I've ever seen. She doesn't bark when she's scared but her mouth was shivering and she looked completely terrified. Once they drew blood she started whimpering, and then Sue asked the vet to trim her nails because she hates doing it herself, and he cut too far on both back paws and drew blood and then Hobbes started just crying and struggling trying to get the hell out of there. I'd never been to a vet before and I never realized how horrible it is.

Then today they got the blood work back and found out that Hobbes' kidneys are failing, and she only has weeks left before she stops eating entirely or slips into a coma, and that's it. She's 15 so it's not a huge surprise, but Sue and Jon were heartbroken. I went by to see them. And I ate dinner with Danny before that and told him (he didn't want to wait to hear it from his mom) and he wasn't as sad--he was kind of expecting it--but he did reminisce about growing up with Hobbes.

It's weird because I don't even really like Hobbes that much. I mean, she's a spoiled brat. I like dogs well enough (not as much as cats, but I do), but it's her personality--they spoiled her to death and she thinks she has a right to your food... I mean, I don't have anything against her of course, and I would never ever wish her harm. Seeing her scared like that at the vet almost made me cry it was so terrible. But among dogs, she's not my favorite. I feel bad saying it, but it's true.

I'm behind on a lot of stuff. SynTru stuff for starters. I'm gonna go work on that. And then writing... aghh.


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