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So I begged Danny to help me figure out my Blood and Heat plot, and he actually gave me some really amazing ideas. It resulted in having to turn what was a duet into a trilogy, and I mean that may be a little cliche, but I think it'll be worth it because the overall plot makes more sense now, is more moving, and actually has a natural conclusion that isn't just "Let's get the hell out of this place so we can't be used anymore."

Unfortunately, it probably means I'll be changing the title. For now I'll leave it, but later on... not so sure. Blood and Heat as a whole with the two parts or books (Dragonsbane and Dragonsblood) was great symmetry, but I don't know what to call the third one if I stick to this pattern. I'm thinking about maybe naming them after the swords in Grey's life, though, because there are three... I actually just named the second of them (technically third in his life) accidentally when writing the opening scene again. I realized that he's not the sort to have "my sword." It would have a name. So I named it, and the name came to me immediately and felt perfect, so I went with it. Backstory and everything, though for that I had a bit of help from Danny again.

So. Three books. I have the opening and climax for each, plus 8 other major plot events for book one (going off the ten-event plot outline).

I'm waiting on a validation email from Ally's Creative Muse Society. I totally joined just to respond to a single conversation about protagonist gender. Haha. -headdesk- Still need to email her about the random Chatango email I got from her site.... gah.


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