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Long work week. Not even over yet, although today was considerably shorter than any of the other days I've worked since I started on Wednesday. I've been having trouble keeping up with SynTru as well as usual because of it. I let an application sit for three days, and the applicant was not pleased. I'm not sure how I feel about this--I mean, it's a little presumptuous to comment in the chatbox about how unfortunate it is to not be able to post in some forums without being accepted yet--but I do feel bad for letting it sit. It's been rough though. Yesterday and Friday I worked long doubles. Thursday I worked 4-11:30. Wednesday I worked a double, but a shorter one. Tomorrow I work in the morning, probably a long shift, but I'm fine with that. I've had a rest, and it's not a double. Tuesday is another double, but probably not bad--no graduation ceremonies to slam-pack the restaurant to the point that we're running out of clean dishes to serve with. And then Wednesday, finally, a day off! Two, in fact!

On the plus side, I've made some great money during this work week, and I've got more to look forward to this week before my schedule (hopefully) turns more normal when summer classes start the following week. This coming week is nearly as many shifts as this one--7 instead of 8--but no doubles in a row and with a break in the middle, so not so bad. I'm even considering taking a shift on Thursday... maybe... It would be 8 shifts again, and only one day off in the middle, but like I said, no doubles in a row, which is manageable. I know one of my coworkers is looking to have her Thursday night taken. She almost asked me until she saw my schedule. So yeah, maybe.

Now I just need to write. Argh. I'm planning to use our anniversary festivities at SynTru (it's been nearly a year already!) to actually finish Blood and Heat. One of our challenges is a Completion Challenge for the whole summer. For me it will be like NaNoWriMo times 3, but if I can do it... so worth it. God.


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