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Day 5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

By age, this is a tricky question to answer. Aerlun and Daemien are both young at the beginning of their stories. But by the end, they're the oldest in a way; they live three lifetimes, hundreds of years apart. Aerlun is ten at the beginning of his story, and Daemien is around fourteen. Kayden is the youngest at the end of his story; he'll be about twenty after the events of Blood and Heat. And once I finish the current short story I'm trying to work on, I'll start a book centering around the main character Roren's kids, but I haven't developed them yet; I just know they'll be in their early teens, they'll be named Rory and Darian, they'll be male and female twins, and Rory (the girl) will be the source and Darian will be the channeler. As for the oldest by age, that could be Aerlun and Daemien or it could be Grey, who is 26. And that's not including fandom characters. In Elemental Force, Naizhen is 16, so she could also count as youngest.

Youngest and oldest in terms of creation are much easier. Aerlun is easily the oldest still in use. Roren is the youngest who has been actually developed, though his kids are sort of twinklings in my eye, lol -- I guess you could say they're still in the womb, so to speak.

Yeah I'm weird.

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