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I realized yesterday that Danny and my four-year anniversary is in less than two weeks. So we talked about what we wanted to do. It's too cold for anything major like sky diving, which we've mentioned wanting to do for a long time. And hot air ballooning is, um, stupid expensive. Of course I try to go overboard :)

So Danny suggested that we just have a nice night out and stay in a hotel. And we decided to stay at the hotel closest to Fur nightclub in DC. I booked the night already last night on Expedia. Wasn't even that expensive! $99 at the Courtyard Marriot. If we want to park there it'll be $30, but it's also close to Metro--that'll be a game day decision.

I'm super behind on NaNo. I don't want to give up, but being this behind with my crazy schedule doesn't look good. Especially with all the homework I have to do. I'm not even sure what's due this week. I haven't looked, which is bad considering my internship days are already through so if I had to do anything there, that ship has sailed. OH, plus, my story idea for Mirage Games is due... I think next Friday, and that's 5,000 words minimum by itself. Need to start on that one soon.

Went to the zoo yesterday morning for math methods. It was kind of lame. I thought we'd be basically imitating some sort of math project you can get kids to do as they explore the zoo, but we spent the whole time pent up in a classroom in the visitor's center getting a presentation on educational aids the zoo has to offer teachers and schools. A woman from Bridging the Americas showed us a bunch of dead stuffed birds. Blah.

I was thinking about how as a teacher I would set up a website for the kids to go to if they forget what their homework is or whatever. And then I thought, I could let all the parents know about it and put up newsletters and basic schedules and stuff so they know what's going on.

And then I thought... what if there was a website where teachers could sign up and have their own space to do this? I don't know if it already exists--I've never seen anything like it for public schools, just universities. But I bet it could work. I bet if you set up a nice automated website for it, you could get schools to sign up for a reasonable yearly fee. Even something as low as $50 per year per school could probably turn a profit, and be something they'd be willing to budget.

I don't really know how to go about something like that though if I wanted to. I don't have the savvy to make it all automated, at least not at this point. I might be able to figure something out... maybe... but I'm not sure. I could talk to someone more savvy though. Maybe John would know a little about it.

I think I'm going to look into it. First it'd be important to make sure it doesn't already exist. Hm.

ETA: Of course it already exists--but then again, not quite. This site called SchoolWorld offers teacher and school sites, but the prices are much higher than what I was hoping to offer. $40 per teacher per year is kind of steep, you know? My initial thought was $100 per school per year with as many teacher pages as they want. Plus, I was planning on targeting mine as a whole school thing, not individual teachers. You can go to your school's page and from there find any teacher's page you want. Not that every teacher will use their page, since I'm sure they won't. But yeah, cluster everything together to make it easy to find.

So I messaged John to see what he thinks, since he seems like the most likely person I know to have any realistic view of this idea.

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6/11/10 20:16 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] misadventure.livejournal.com
Blackboard? Lol. We used that in high school and I know pretty much everyone uses it in college.

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6/11/10 20:28 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] keptawake.livejournal.com
Yeah, we use Blackboard at UMD. I didn't know it was used in highschool though. Hm.

That's kind of what I mean, but at the same time not. I'm looking for something... not necessarily with a login. Something parents can access easily too.

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6/11/10 20:33 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] misadventure.livejournal.com
Yeah, they always told us to share our login info with our parents, but I don't think anyone ever did, haha.


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