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Oh my god I'm going to kill this man.

So of course he's not going to stop posting on Morgan's Facebook completely; this is understandable. Balance would be nice is all, not posting on hers more than anyone else's, you know. (Though he stopped posting entirely after our conversation, hasn't posted on anyone's up until today, and it's Morgan's again, so maybe it's NOT okay. I don't know.)

But what does he comment on? The poem she wrote. "Best poem ever." Fuck him.

I posted on his wall: "Jerk. Way to go reading some other girl's writing."

To be honest, I'm not overly mad. I'm just... I dunno, I can't believe he'd be that retarded. He KNOWS how much it bothers me that he doesn't give a crap about my writing. I could kick him IN THE BALLS. I don't even understand how he can be so insensitive and stupid. Is he trying to upset me?

When will this be over?

It's something new every other fricken day.

I want to go beat the crap out of something.

ETA: Talked to him. Made me madder how much it took to get him to understand why it was an insensitive thing to do. The difference between a short Facebook poem that he reads voluntarily and me trying to get him to read or listen to me talk about my writing without being totally begrudging... blah. It was a Michael Jackson poem, and I understand that that's why he read and liked it, and I understand that if it had been someone else who posted it then it wouldn't have been a big deal, so maybe it's not exactly fair. But under the circumstances, yes, it upset me. And I just wish he could understand that without me having to spell it out.

I also started to express to him that I wish that I could just randomly do something like that that he would appreciate. I meant it as... it bothers me that Morgan just wrote this Michael Jackson poem (composed of an amalgam of his lyrics) for the hell of it and he loved it, but I've never done anything spontaneous like that that he's loved. But he just took the beginning of my sentiment and interjected with, "But you don't! Your statuses aren't anything that makes me want to comment on them!" or something along those lines. Which, of course, doesn't help. I didn't realize my life was so boring to him. He accused me of making all of my status updates complaints about him, which isn't true at all. There have been some, certainly, but also lots of oddball ones and lots of stress venting about school. He didn't even comment on the one about me wearing my Hooters outfit to work for Halloween. I understand that he's so close to me he knows what's going on in my life. Maybe it's not worth commenting on. But whatever. Just... going back over everything--the statuses of hers he has commented on, the ones of mine he hasn't--I can't help but be bothered. Like this is worth commenting on more than anything I've said in the last two weeks?: "Yay for morning rushes. All I want is a sweatshirt and venti latte."

This is going to drive me nuts. I know at this point that I'm overreacting. But it just keeps building. With him saying he's sorry and then going on to do something even more insensitive. FUCK.

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4/11/10 14:38 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] kattius.livejournal.com

I'm pretty bad at comforting in these situations but I wanted you to know that reading these things makes me want to hit Danny as well, which might be a bit extreme but it is just SO FRUSTRATING to watch people make stupid mistakes. I mean, I know people don't always realise how they're being insensitive because it's hard to see the same viewpoint and stuff but ARGH.

I don't know, I guess I'm worried about you as well because what with your education stuff as well, this is just another thing to add to an already full plate and URGH.

Honestly, I don't think you're overreacting. Or if you are, I don't think you're overreacting a lot. It's a pretty shitty thing (especially with the writing thing!) that he's doing, so... yeah.

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6/11/10 16:57 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] keptawake.livejournal.com
I kept thinking I'd replied to this but didn't x_x;

Thank you so much. You are not bad at comforting, you're sweet :)

I'm not going to say I think the drama is over now because every time I do something comes up again. But I've talked to him about everything and I feel pretty good. And we just booked our 4-year anniversary plans. So... it doesn't seem catastrophic at this point, haha.


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