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He says, "If there are three sides to an argument and you aren't on mine, I don't care which side you're on. Understand?"

Well, you know what? If you're going to be a narrow-minded prick who can't even see the other sides of an argument, maybe you deserve not to have anyone on your side. Not that I was taking sides in the first place. I was just pointing out that there could be more to it than just what he says.

Basically, he's mad because my work doesn't open until 11:30 when the website says the locations open at 11 (keeping in mind, of course, both that it's a website for multiple locations and that I've worked here since February and he had no idea when we open). He told his boss they would meet at 11 before actually going to schedule it, and when he got there today he found out we open at 11:30, and now he's upset that he'll have to convince my boss to let them in at 11. Yeah, instead of just moving the meeting back to 11:30. Men.

So he turned into an asshole because I didn't immediately agree with him that my boss is a lazy idiot for not opening when the website says he should. Now, I'm annoyed with my boss at the moment, but that doesn't mean I'm going to jump at the opportunity to bash him. And, for Danny, not agreeing with him is being "argumentative." Douche. He got upset because I told him that if he's going to try to convince my boss to let them in at 11, he needs to make the request early so the restaurant has time to prepare. "My point is that they won't need time to prepare. We'll be there until 5, we won't need food right away," he says. My point is that whether or not he needs to be prepared, he's going to want to be if he's going to let people in his restaurant early. And he's mad because apparently I made it sound like I think he's an idiot who would come knock on the door at 11 the day of and demand to be let in. Well, maybe not, but if you knew it was a problem when you saw the hours today, why didn't you discuss it today when you booked the reservation?


In other news, one of the hostesses at work tonight had a seizure. Apparently she's epileptic, so it's not entirely unusual for her, but it freaked the hell out of everyone else, especially since she fell and hit her head pretty hard. (ETA: She's fine, just embarrassed--not that she should feel embarrassed, but you know how it is. I swear I'm not a callous excuse for a human being, but I already knew she was alright so concern didn't make its way into my entry when I wrote this. It was, after all, one in the morning.) It was a long night, but I made $129, and I needed it. We're looking at houses now because Dennis' brother is raising the rent to $700 plus the $200 we pay in electric for this craphole we live in, which just isn't worth it for a house with no central air or heat and with a leaky ceiling.

Also. Synopsis for Homesake:

"In Somnion, men don't have magic anymore. Legends say that they displeased the gods, and that their magical gifts were taken away as punishment--but the gods left magic in nature as a reminder of what mankind lost. This world is home to Grey, a deserted soldier from the King's Steel in Lumina, and to Kayden, who defies legend with the dragon blood that runs in his veins and gives him the ability to control fire. When these two men come together, Kayden's need for protection on his journey north provides the perfect cover for Grey to hide from any who might try to track him down after his desertion--but what starts mostly as convenience turns into a cause that Grey is deeply entrenched in. Together, these young men will awaken the lost dragons, and along the way discover disturbing truths about the king Grey deserted and the kingdom where his loyalty still lies."

I went to a writing meetup in Columbia yesterday evening, and it was fantastic. It's for writers of YA fiction, which Homesake is even if I don't always write YA. The people are great, and atmosphere really fit for me, and I'm excited to go back. I don't think I'll even bother with trying the Silver Spring group again now that I've found a group with such great chemistry.

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The Columbia group sounds amazing! Can you tell me more about it? (Columbia is pretty close to me, I'm in Olney (haha a place only MoCo kids would know about :P)

I've looked into a couple writing groups in the area, but haven't found a YA one yet!


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Ooh, you should come! Everything you need to know is here:

But to summarize: Every first and third Thursday of the month, 7pm, at La Madeleine in Columbia.


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